Relatives are divorced to buy a house, and the 300,000 full amount will take me, I only give it a request, she is no longer entangled.

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About the borrowing money, the old saying: "There is still a borrow, it is not difficult."

When you fall, you must hope that someone can take your handle, this is the time to test your past character and friendship.

First of all, you have to have valuable, let people see you have the ability to pay, and too many people and things let us see the sentence "standing and borrowing money, squatting to debt", making people between people Have trust is a luxury thing.

Friends Xiao H and I told me that she recently bored: she is divorced, and the house has become a tricky problem. She wants her house, her family says that she will pass her house with 300,000 houses in one time.

Then, this cousin without stable work found Xiao H, holding a unclear owner, requiring 300,000.

The little h is actually eupulent in the phone, but this cousin is still looking for a door. And, with aunt and aunt.

I saw the birthday of the cousin, and I said with a crying, my heart was very distressed. The elderly will not think so much. I only feel that Xiao H will have a good day, and the family should help.

The little h is also grievable, and you will have a dot every day.

Xiao H now regrets that he doesn't know Tibetan fortune, people ask, they will tell themselves, and the results are invincible.

Several people's speech pulled in the money, during the period, not stopped, which made the little h sat.

Seeing the little h is not moving, my aunt who didn't speak very much step in step, said that I can't help you, you can't help you, you have not borrowed, then you look at her unclear, Is there a set of houses?

Instead, this is the moral kidnapping of this on-line, and a punch is awake. Xiao H said, borrowing, just a piece of paper writes a note, no legal utility.

Aunt accuses Xiao H, a family also pays attention to the heart, but not, there is no family. Small H is going:

"I am careful, then when you are in the air, the house is transferred to the house first writes my name first. When I pay attention to the money, I will turn the house to the cousin. During this time, she still lives. I asked the cousin to agree, I will borrow."

The cousin and my aunt were stunned. See Xiao H iron, I haven't stayed again, I am angry. When walking, I also take the two bags of fruits away.

Things to borrow money, let the two people have completed the beams. Small H is not good, we comfort her, your cousin doesn't have the ability to pay attention to money, this money, if you borrow, you will not be better.

Borrowing money, there is a good mentality, you have to do it on the amount: even if the other party will not return, you can afford it.

There are many problems that can not borrow money to others, there are many problems that need to consider, and the problems involved are also very wide. How to determine, more is different from person to person.

But in general, it is necessary to face two problems together.

Borrowing money to others, many times, not only money, but also love

Shakespeare said: "Don't borrow people, don't ask others to borrow money, the result of borrowing people is often the world."

Not who borrows money to you, you must promise him, you have to learn from person to person, but also learn to refuse.

Borrowing some people money, actually changing yourself. Pulling to the end, everyone does not even do the relatives and friends, the feelings are lost, and the money is gone.

Too many people patted their chest when they borrow money: I will give it to you. Deliberately alienate, delay, and even stupid when waiting for money.

There is a statement in psychology called "loss of disgust", refers to: a person who has got something, far more than losing the level of pain.

This is the case. The joy of getting is far more than the pain.

In mostth, we borrow money is money, it is hatred when you come back. And the resentment of this, even more difficult to fix more than the initial biting, it is difficult to fix.

Knowing money can be tested, and you should understand the most heartless

"Hamlet" mentioned: "Don't borrow money to others, bring money to others, will make you lose your saga; don't borrow money to others, you will not only lose our gold, you will lose your friends."

No permanent friends, only permanent interests. You borrow money to others, you will be cold; you will borrow money to others, and you will be chill.

Some people will say that it is very worthwhile to see someone, but in fact, people are not trying to test. Try to last, no friends.

It is better to learn to increase the Xianwen, and the guest does not leave the goods, the financial is not white.

Humanity is uncontrolled, so we must better protect yourself and reduce unnecessary trouble. After all, in this world, most people's lives are not so wishful.

Less to show off, more precipitation, don't explore people, is the survival rules that adults should comply with.

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