"A few times, I don't guard my woman, this wedding is tied." The bride transferred 20,000 lottery to the top.

Hello everyone, I am Yu Yu, welcome to Yu Yu and love. Write an emotional text, I hope to use the temperature of the text, bring you some spiritual comfort.

What is low self? The low self-respect of intimate relationship, refers to a person who has a negative core belief, for example, thinking that it is not worthy of love, can't match the companion, is not happy, and so on. The most important marriage is not from the partner, but use the pursuit of high-quality marriage life to inspect your self-esteem.

People who maintain low self-respect in marriage have a deep style. They are not self-defeating in front of their partners, because they are worried that they can not match, they will use an extreme form to force each other, including the restrictions on the other person's words and deeds, and people's ways and so on. But the more this, the other party but the more you want to rebellious and resist.

The two people join hands into marriages, only one common purpose, that is, create happiness together, let the partner happily because of you. Because of the inferiority, the other party will do anything according to your thinking logic, will undoubtedly let the partner want to break free and escape, which not only lost the original husband and wife's emotional foundation, but also let you fall into a strange ring: I doubt it.

And people who are suspicious, will not get any sense of security. Even if you already have your own lover, you will always fantasize him (she) will leave you, and there is always a feeling in the marriage. I have lost their disappearance, I can't put it on my uncomfortable emotions.

I have said such a paragraph of emotional consultation: I haven't divorced, my ex-husband has always thought that I have a woman with a man, I seem to live every day in the surveillance environment, I can't breathe, I was suspected all day. I feel that I can't worry and live. I also produced a illusion, as if I did wrong, the ex-husband did not trust me. But after returning and now I will understand that your tolerance and compromise are suspicious of people who don't have a self-inferiority. A mentally healthy person does not confirm that the other party will get a sense of security from the time.

I am deeply awkward, marriage is not dependent on the other party, but you can make yourself better, but you don't need to use anyone to hear, you will meet better. people.

The 24-year-old netizen, Yixin, ended a nightmare, she and the man who realized the only half a year of the man, now she is very happy, I am very happy with him. "He is an extreme Feel man ", she said.

Yan Xin and Hu Zi's understanding process was very flat. The two were known. At that time, the girl thought that this young man was working in the library, and it was very real for people, I can try to interact. After three months, she found that this person has a special place: always like to use the bluff to cover up their own shortcomings.

For example, he said that he was not high, so he wore a high height every day. After being discovered by the girl, he did not admit it. He also accused the girl to take his height to joke, see him, then say that the income of the two is contrast, he More than a thousand dollars more than Hao Xin, the girl is not more than, but he will eat every time I will eat, and I still say that I will not spend money every month.

It is undeniable that he is with your girl. But among the two, the girl always feels his inferiority. On the appearance, obvious Yan Xin is relatively good, the focus of work income and family background, and it is better to be better. These unavoidable facts let men think that they can don't match girls, so I want to take hard to let myself.

In the period of love, the boy relied very dependent on Qixin. Always want to figure out the girl's going and traces, short losing contacts will make him very angry, which makes girls who don't have experience in love, she thinks this is A deep performance.

Because Hu Zhe's inferiority, girls and his love can feel his strong unconfident. As long as the girls and other alien chat times have been more than a long time, he will impose interference with the identity of "boyfriend". Occasionally jealous between couples is a taste, and the number of vinegar will make people feel disgusted.

Yan Xin is a girl who is slow and slow, did not talk about love, but did not hinder her good people. Whether it is a previous classmate or a colleague, she can make a piece of men or women. Sometimes the two are dating, the opposite sex is called her call, as long as the call time is long, my boyfriend Hutcho will be very unhappy.

Once the most fierce, the two were in the street because of a former classmate, the girl just greeted the male classmate, interacted with WeChat, Hu Zi two words did not say that they ran away, put the girl A person is on the street.

Afterwards, they will be too close to the girl and the opposite sex. First, it is not enough to be self-love, and the other is not to put him this boyfriend in his eyes. Hu Zhe believes that women maintain a certain amount and distance from the opposite sex of the low-key relationship, and the chat, chat, chat, not a sage, there is no one.

He said that he said that the girl is ridiculous. She thinks this is my boyfriend's expression of love, indicating that he is ourselves. However, her mother advised her that such a man was not only careful, but also selfish. The girl is still nothing serious.

Perhaps, love blinds the girl's eyes, although she has seen the boy looks like a vinegar, but she still thinks that this is the reaction that loves a talent, I don't think this will affect the future marriage. Until the morning, the groom was in the same manner, she made her truly awake: Self-hell talents will take love as an excuse to vent the emotions. Yan Xin invited a lot of colleagues and friends to participate in their weddings, and some friends who can't come, they will call, these are people's temperament. When the groom came to pick up the relatives, she received a lot of jokes. She repressed to everyone one by one, and she will add a word to the new home to play.

But there is a phone until the wedding car, the girl did not hang, because this person is a schoolmer before her, and the two have passed a collection of cooperation projects. In addition to blessings, the seniors have mentioned the work on the work, the girl holds the phone and only chats with the seniors and did not pay attention to the emotional changes of the groom.

Just after the girl just hanged the phone, the wedding car suddenly stopped by the groom, but I didn't know what the bride was hit by the groom. He pushed the bride and said a word: "This is you and me Wedding, when my face and other men do you think about me? I don't want to keep the woman several times. I don't want it like a woman! I still have a gift, this marriage is doing! "

The girl gradually understood why he made such a big temper. She quickly calmed down from angry and grievances. I took out the mobile phone on the spot, I gave him the 20,000 lottery gift of Hu Zhe, and then took off the gauze. The word does not drop the head.

Just after the bride was full of tears, the groom felt over the ridiculous jet vinegar. After all, the wedding of the two people today, he is not really wanting to break up. So he let the driver return to the re-ad hoc. It is unfortunately, I know that the mother who is in the dragon deraille will take the bride again to take the bride.

At the same time, Hu Zhe was notified by the girl: the wedding has been canceled, the afternoon, the Civil Affairs Bureau met! Yan Xin has understood a thing from the boy to lose rational behavior - never try to use your kind people to wake up a sleep. I have no travelers of yourself and any other men, and I have not entered marriage to limit freedom to yourself. So really launched a marriage life, I don't know what he will go to treat themselves.

The man's inferiority undoubtedly caused a haunt to their love, and the excessive manner on the wedding also made the girl completely lost confidence. Because in inferiority, the communication of love people will not only let the other party want to escape, but also expose his narrow chest.

The girl is finally divided with the boy, she also regrets that she has not even wondering the mother's advice. I inferior is not ill, but the negative emotions that are spreading will make the love of the two people will make the gender relationship become abnormal. When the man said, the man said, it also brought a deep harm to her: What is the woman? It is clear that the boy is deeply rooted. If you chat with the opposite sex friends is also a bit wrong, then such a man is not going.

In addition to yourself, no one is obliged to accept a series of negative emotions of your inferiority. It will make your subconscious love to make your subconscious love, in order to protect yourself not hurt, so that there is a behavior outside the scope of rational intelligence, but these behaviors will hurt your feelings. Base.

Learn to appreciate yourself, and your relationship between you and your lover, you can make you don't have a colored glasses when you face your love and marriage. If there is a loss, the other half is not justified enough, and anyone does not want himself to suffer. Change the original negative beliefs, facing your lover and your inconsistency, don't easily derogate and give up, this is the right marriage and love.

Listen to thousands of stories, know that people are warm, I am Yu Yu. Use the text record a little bit of love, welcome reviews, leave a message, talk about your heart.

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