35-year-old woman married disabled men, dry security, Jie Yue, into 2000 yuan, Yang Po family ten people

Destiny is sometimes very unfair, some people have a golden key, and there is a life in a lifetime, but some people are a bit of bitterness and tragic.

01, 35, Xiaohui finally married, the team of recently came to the village early, put a few firecrackers, scared the chicken duckling dog in the village, and the whole village squeezed to the door of Xiaohui family, I want to see Look at the unlucky groom grows.

Xin Niangzi is sitting in the lobby, wearing a big red jacket, and his face is wiped out of the white powder. The eyebrow painting is also painted, and it is painted with a big red lip. Red flowers, originally a festive picture, but with Xiaohui's idioty appearance, some funny, everyone laughs, she also laughs.

"Your big brother sells you, you are still happy, it is a fool." The Auntie next to him is angry with his finger, and I can't help but wipe my tears. Think: big scorpion, you are gone, Xiao Hui will suffer.

Auntie is a wife of the partner, with Xiao Hui almost, she is married, Xiaohui is already this discovery.

It is said that Xiaohui is not stupid, he is intelligent, but he has a big illness, burning a brain, seeing people laughing, doing something stupid, everyone is teasing, she is not annoyed.

Fortunately, Xiao Hui parents are good, keeping her, the general people's daughter, there is someone to go to the door, Xiao Hui is 25 years old, one is coming, I don't say, I don't have the old. The man wants to take Xiaohui, and the parents are refused. How do Xiaohui in the eyes of others? Does it, in their eyes, can not let the daughter have been suffering, but there is a winter in winter, one The cold flow is a rain, the second is old, and it is not allowed to go, and no one protects Xiaohui.

The family, Xiao Hui, the first standing, go out for a few days, come back to Xiaohui to find a personal family, the house in the town, the man is 35 years old, the two legs are disabled, there is no way, have not been married, The male family gives Xiaohui's five thousand lottery gifts, this pro is become.

Auntie is in addition to Xiao Hui parents, the second person who is really good to her, but for Xia Hui's pro, she can't intervene, only to pray that Xiaohui has been married, after hot, only The seven tongues in the estuary and the hot are busy celebrated the celebration of the little ghost of the mildew.

02, Xiaohui does not know the concept of marriage, but the big brother told her that there were her family. I won't come back. Xiao Hui remembered it. She said with her, and a family must love each other. After that, she tried his best to serve her husband.

However, her husband has a strong temper, and she will fall again, and her mother-in-law blames, she didn't take care of Xiaohui, and the trustee found a cleaning work, 2000 yuan a month.

After the salary of each month, the money gave her mother-in-law. My mother-in-law said that the family should eat, there is no money, Xiaohui husband also wants to buy medicine to treat legs, and they need money, only hope Xiao Hui dry again. If you are fine, the supervisor can make a good time to rise.

Xiaohui is rare to go home, wearing still the old clothes, the family is very indifferent to her.

There is no one care about her. Xiaohui will go to the Auntie. I bought some sugar-handed pockets to the children, and Angyi knows Xiaohui's situation. Looking at Xiaohui, I don't know what I don't know, I will be smirk. Heart is not a taste.

In the mother's home is not from the brothers and sisters, they are not popular in the mother's family. The family is a big family, the husband's dismissal, and a few brothers are not lazy is gambling addiction, and the wife is not a few people, my mother-in-law is also eccentric. , A family didn't have a money to earn money, relying on the life and Xiaohui's 2000 yuan over the day.

Holding Xiaohui, this child, not knowing, all the long history is long, the shortness is short, I only hope that Xiaohui can vote for a good family, no longer suffering from this world.

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