I am pregnant with you, when I eat, my mother-in-law is coming two dumplings. After bitten, I will smash the dinner table.

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In life, we can often hear a word "eccentric". But the heart is biased, so naturally, there will be a bias. No one can make absolute fairness, even if it is the same for your child. After marriage, the woman must face the contradiction between her mother-in-law. In the family with two sons, it is not only the contradiction between the mother-in-law, but also between the contradictions. Among the two children's family, as a parent will always have some preferences and care for a child. This performance will be brought to their other half after they have been married. This is what people said. "Love House and Uu".

But although people always have preference, as a mother, although it is impossible to reach an absolute fair, it is also necessary to balance the attitude of the two sons. Especially after my son is married, I have to achieve my colleagues, otherwise, my mother-in-law is only more intense.

After Han Wenjing and her husband got married, I bought a two-bedroom and lived alone. Han Wenjing's husband Wang Zhiyong also had a brother Wang Zhihao. The two people did not have a lot of age, so soon, when Wang Zhiyong was married, Wang Zhiyong's brother was married. After two people get married, they will return to their homes with their mother-in-law every year. But every time I go back, Han Wenjing will always be angry with her mother-in-law. Because Han Wenjing is a rural girl, the mother-in-law has always been a bit of pain, and the attitude towards her and the 妯娌 is also the difference.

Every time Wang Zhiyong and Han Wenjing returned home, Han Wenjing always went to the kitchen to help her mother-in-law to reduce the burden of the mother-in-law, she felt that this should be, her mother-in-law did not refuse her kindness. But every time I come back, I always sit on the sofa and watch TV, play mobile phones, wait for eating, never enter the kitchen to help, but mother-in-law always say, Han Wenjing helps, do not need Wang Zhihao's wife Then come in and make your hands. Every time, I returned to my home, I'm busy with Zhang Luo, and my brother and my brother are just waiting to eat. This made Han Wenjing very unsatisfactory, but she and her husband have said many times, Wang Zhiyong also has no choice but to the mother's eccentricity.

Although Han Wenjing is very dissatisfied with the practice of mother-in-law, it is good to have such things when two people don't live together. She didn't care again. Soon after, Han Wenjing found that he was pregnant. She quickly said this news and Wang Zhiyong. Wang Zhiyong is also very happy. Han Wenjing knew that he was pregnant, the first thing I thought was, and I finally didn't have to be taken away if I returned my mother-in-law. But I didn't expect it, I was pregnant.

I know that the two daughters are pregnant, Wang Zhiyong's mother is very happy, she quickly called two sons, telling them to come back to celebrate it, I have to give don old dumplings. Han Wenjing listened to this news and very happy. She felt that she returned to her mother-in-law, and she would be completely different from before, so she also expected.

After Han Wenjing, Wang Zhiyi drove to pick up her and went to the mother's home. When they arrived, the younger brother had not come yet. Han Wenjing saw that her mother-in-law dumplings have not been finished, and they will be busy with their mother-in-law. The mother-in-law listened to Han Wenjing, and immediately handed her a apron and put chopsticks in Han Wenjing. It also turned his son: Wen Jing is a girl from the countryside. It doesn't have a shelf, and the rural girl is different. Although he listened to the mother-in-law, Han Wenjing was uncomfortable, but she did not put this thing in her heart, but celled to pack dumplings.

After Han Wen Jing and his mother-in-law, after all the dumplings were all included, they sat on the sofa to start rest. The mother-in-law also gave her a glass of boiled water for the first time. Han Wenjing just sat for a while, 妯娌 and your brother arrived, just heard the sound of the door lock, the mother-in-law will welcome the past, see Wang Zhihao and the daughter-in-law come in, I have been attentively on the ground, I have I have received my daughter-in-law. Then pulled the daughter-in-law to the sofa. Watching a series of operations of my mother-in-law, Han Wenjing is stupid, she thought that it was a good treatment for my mother-in-law, but I didn't expect to compare, I was a little witch.

This is still not, Wang Zhihao and his wife have just sat down, mother-in-law will immediately come out from the kitchen, the second child, the most like to drink, and cut the fruits you bought. Looking at the treatment of the eyes, I looked at the white boiling water in my hand, Han Wenjing suddenly didn't feel the taste. When I got to eat, Han Wenjing felt that her mother-in-law did not have any differences. After all, it was the same meal. But let her not think that even more differences are still behind.

Han Wenjing always likes to eat dumplings, but she and her husband came to her mother-in-law, her mother-in-law won't pack dumplings, mother-in-law always said that the dumpling is too much, so Han Wenjing will buy a quick-frozen dumplings to eat, then Easy and cost-effective. Han Wenjing, after pregnancy, has always been a hand-made meat dumplings, but she really and her mother-in-law will not be eaten, so I didn't say it.

But I didn't expect Han Wenjing just sitting on the table, and her mother-in-law gave her a plate of dumplings. This makes Han Wenjing very happy. She just want to ask how her mother-in-law knows that she wants to eat dumplings, but she hasn't opened it yet, and I will talk. "Mom, I just said that I want to eat a meat dumplings, how do you really have a big package? Too much trouble." Hai Wen Jing knows that this dumpling is not prepared for himself. But she didn't say anything, just silently launched a dumpling, but she bite a bite and found that this is not a meat dumplings, but the food! She turned her eyes. The dumplings in the brother-in-law bowl are meat! In the case, Han Wenjing stood up and overturned the table, and the mother-in-law was also scared by Han Wenjing. After the slowedation, she directly reprimed Han Wenjing asked what she was crazy. Han Wenjing looked at the mother-in-law couldn't help but ask: Mom, the same is the daughter-in-law, how can you treat this way? I will also eat meat dumplings, I will also sit on the sofa watch TV, I have to cook! After that, she did not pay attention to her mother-in-law and her husband, pick up the clothes and ran out the door.

Wang Zhiyong did not say anything about his wife's practice, he understood his wife's mood. Later, Han Wen Jing and her husband have lived their own little days, but also is also pleasant. Soon after, Han Wenjing gave birth to a big fat child. My mother-in-law didn't come to serve Han Wen's moon. I just gave two thousand dollars to wait for the two daughters. Han Wenjing did not say anything, but did not return again. Mother-in-law.

In life, we often encounter such eccentric mother-in-law. For the eccentricity of your mother-in-law, what we can do is only doing your own things. The eccentricity and distinction between others is the fact that we can't change, we can change their mentality and attitude. If we encounter such an eccentric mother-in-law in life, we still have to look at the other half to decide what to do with your attitude. After all, people who want to spend a lifetime of my life are not my mother-in-law, but my husband. So in the face of the eccentricity of the mother-in-law, don't tear too early and my mother-in-law, after all, as long as the relationship between my mother-in-law is broken, it is always the most difficult man who is clipping between two people.

If we encounter such an eccentric mother-in-law, our things that we have to do is to match the mentality, don't compare with the comparison. Since you live in the family of two children, then this kind of thing is almost inevitable. When we face an eccentric mother-in-law, we can do our own obligations. We can't control other things, so they are the best choice for this matter. The relationship between people and people will always be mutually mutually, as long as we do what they should do, do their own obligations, it is enough.

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