Honest husband is married for 7 years, the first home is storm, because my mother wants to be married.

I marry my husband because he is honest. Seven years, I have a good one with my husband, my mother-in-law relationship is also good, I thought that the days were like this, until my rich mother said that she had to marry, I have always lived in the wolf.窝 里 ...

"This man is full of heavy enough ... The model is only zero and n times."

When I came out from the emergency room, the doctor came back to the doctor faint.

That's right, so I must leave this marriage.

Although this is a marriage in the seven years of Zhu, he called me for the first time, but he touched my bottom line.

Women who have not been homes will not understand, the first feeling after being hit, not hate, not sad, is humiliating.

I was destroyed by his fist, but I also have the courage to live. If it is not for your daughter, I really want to jump from the upstairs.

Zhu You saw me, carefully wakes up, his wine has awake more than half, I have realized what happened.

"Don't touch me." I opened his hand, now I thought about holding my daughter back home, never see him.

The mother-in-law is sitting in the living room, see us coming in, and welcomes it.

"Xiao Min, how? Is it hurt?" She said with my hand.

"What about Rui Rui?" I didn't care about her, I only asked my daughter.

"I am afraid that you will come back and make a call, let Xiaoya take the Rui Rui, waiting for you to be calm and send it back."

"What? Why is she takes away Rui Rui?" I am going to anger.

Xiaoya is a mother-in-law's daughter, that is, she has no right to do my family.

"Xiaomi is angry, this mixed kid is crazy, dare to hit you, see me for you!" Mother-in-law said, in the past, I took a few times, I was too lazy to see them, turned to the bedroom .

At this time, my phone rang, I took it, and I prompt my mother to be with you.

My mom habits every night to see me and granddaughter, I have a heart, just have to pick up the video, the mobile phone will be taken away by Zhu.

"How do you video this?" He pointed my face.

I am busy looking into the makeup, and I took a breath. Just now I just listen to the doctor's nurse saying that my trauma is very heavy, and now I know how terrible, one eye is almost sealed, heated half of the face, and a blood porton is grinned on the lips.

This is that my mother saw it, and he flew from thousands of miles away and killed him.

"You see you, this is not understanding, this is not to add a relax to your family! I will apologize for Xiamin!" My mother-in-law came, pressed Zhu Youzi.

"Don't I miss it wrong? I apologize for you." Zhu You suddenly shorted half a short, but this tone is a bit reluctant.

"Xiao Min is not angry, I will get some potato chips to apply it, ah." The mother-in-law is still marking me.

I took my face in the past and silently flowed into tears. This is the disadvantage of far marry, and I have been helped.

I am not an impulse, first to endure, pick Rui Rui and then say.

I have been in love to marry in front of Zhu, which is the first time I first hit me.

In fact, with my other pursuits, his condition is the least good, I see that he is honest, and it is a hundred.

I grew up from the small family, I started to start a business in four years old, I opened a beauty salon because she was very good, the price was cheap, and the beauty salon business was very good. This also caused her to take care of me, when I was small. I also have a complaint about her. After gradually growing up, I will start to understand her, this is the sorrow of single-parent families. I know this, but I can't control my heart to love my affection.

Until Zhu Youqi and his mother's appearance, Zhu Youqian's attentive preparation is a warm medicine to ask his mother's cold, cure my warmth for many years because of the rest of the family, once the warmth is, After packing, I don't care about my mother's discourse, resolutely marry, I have returned to my hometown with Zhu.

Others say that marriage is a woman once again tire, must polish your eyes, don't blindly jump into the fire pit, I just felt that those people were a little exaggerated, because after marriage, Zhu Yong and her mother-in-law are still the attitude towards me. Didn't change, this makes me feel comfortable, I feel that I am marriage, if not because of the things tonight, I may have been immersed in this happiness.

I really don't understand the reason why I am playing. It is clear that everything is normal.

A few days ago, my mom just came over to see me.

"Amazing, my mother is getting married." My mother talked about this thing, the happiness of his face, I looked at her, I can't say comfort, I always feel that my mother has suffered for so many years, finally hard work. .

When I left, my mom left me with my children. I was very happy, but I found that my mother-in-law and Zhu have seem to be unhappy. Especially Zhu Youqiao, drinking a lot of wine, always looks at the children.

I started to think that he was a work, and he didn't take serious things until he slammed his female.

This sentence is stabbed.

I took a word: "" Limited is also paying my money, you can't say it. "

I am just a kind of truth, my mother is a special woman, and the small beauty salon has also been from only one bed, and she has also become a famous entrepreneur. In order to make up for it, my mom has been economically compensating for me.

In this seven years, she spent the money on my small house, there is more than one million.

I don't want to be old, I will find a job after graduation, but Zhu You and my mother-in-law have been doing my job. When I pregnant for three months, he is hard to use my body, forcing me to leave. After having a child, my life and Zhu Youqi are more honey, and my mother-in-law is also very active to help me bring my children. A family of four is happy, see I can happiness, my mother is willing to pay. I will happen to happen to usually, he has not refuted, but I don't know how to get his lung tube today.

I haven't understood what happened, I was taken by him.

The daughter was scared and cried.

I tried to protect yourself, but in front of the absolute power of men, the woman is too weak, his fist is intensive, when the mother-in-law rushed over, I have been knocked down.

"You are a small child, let it die!" Mother-in-law gathered with Zhu Yang's ear.

"My wife, I want to play, I'm doing it?" Zhu Youqian, who is still in the mouth.

"You can't stand the guy, white live! Let her send her hospital!" The mother-in-law is forced to bring me the hospital before, and I didn't think of it. When I came back, Rui Rui was taken away. .

The next is a few days of calmness, this meal, cold, my heart, although this mother started to adjust the pattern, I can't go back.

Although I have not mentioned the divorce, they are not stupid, and I can't see the mother's family.

Rui Rui is not sent back, I will change the topic, and I am happy, but I can't wait.

This day, my mother-in-law said that I have dinched with my hometown relatives, and Zhu Youqian is working overtime. I have a number in my heart, my mother-in-law should look at Rui Rui.

I looked at the mother-in-law, I was chasing it out. Although Xiaoya is not far, it is the old community, secretly tiered the same color, I went to a time.

I carefully follow my mother-in-law, afraid that I will find it, and I will lose people.

I am hesitant to go, listen to the green belt, someone chats, depending on the sound is not the rock.

I almost fell to tears, but I didn't wait for me to get around, and I was firmly bored in the back of them.

"Xiaoyay, you can insist for a few days, now you can't send Rui Rui, she has not died of divorce, afraid that she ran."

This is what my mother-in-law is talking.

"You are also in front of you, how can you have a hand, this is not a crazy snake.

"This is not that I can't stand, her mom is going to be married, then the woman makes men, and we can't get anything." Zhu has angelica.

"It's really not enough, how old is a man who is still looking for!" The mother-in-law said.

Is it a illusion?

Every time I see my mother, my mother-in-law is pulling her hand, the parents are short, how to say not to face, and then say this three views, my mother is so many years, is it wrong?

I am a wooden chicken, the amount of information is too big, I have to sort out the way.

"It can be dotted, it is better than not good, you will bear it again, this has been tolerate for a few years, and it is time to do this time? Just bitter little ..." Mother-in-law continued.

"I am fine, for you, I am willing to do everything. As long as the front brother is happy, I am good." The little elegant mouth wiped honey.

I almost spit out.

Dried daughters, dried sisters, I seem to have discovered something that I have.

What do you have a daughter going to do this time to intervene in other people's family, what do you have to be close to your own buddy?

I have also opened a joke with Zhu You, why don't you marry Xiao Ya? Whenever I mention this, Zhu You is very uncomfortable, then three words are confused, I can only want to talk about this topic. Twenty words, I have been letting him, now I want to come, it turns out, I am the joke.

In the past, all things in the past were combined with today, I have to start thinking about Zhu Youqian family including Xiaoyuan to my heart.

These years, my mother loves house and Wu, I bought a lot of things to Zhu You and my mother-in-law, spent a lot of money, but these pairs, there seems to be just nine bulls, maybe, even my mother's beauty The hospitals are already in their accounts.

If not my mother is married, they may have been so disadaled, now they find the fat fat, angry. And I am just a fool in the drum, a toolman, their bills.

I am absolutely can't sit.

I have eaten me, I want them to spit out, and I can't be inevitable.

Now hard to grab Rui Rui, I can only suffer, I suppress trembled a non-stop body, and I will return to the original road.

Now I can't hit the snake, I want to stand.

I took out my mobile phone and wanted to pull my mother's phone and put it back. Since Zhu You have been accounting me, it is estimated that I have given me a set. I rapidly, maybe I will lose my daughter.

I have always been a place to be a family, it turned out to be a wolf nest, a black shop, and people did not spit bones.

Now I need a revenge alliance, this person can only be my mother.

My mother touched the business game for more than 20 years, and I have seen more than the world. Although it is still surprised, it is still sorted out.

"I will fly right away, we don't want anything, as long as you and Rui Rui is good, you will grab me back."

My mom is only for me, as long as I am fine, she doesn't care much about the loss. "No, I am not willing to." I used to be a fish on the board, but now I am awake, they will pay the price.

My feelings, my seven-year youth, everything I have encountered, I have to come back.

I am destroyed, I have to go back.

I have made a plan for my mother.

Before being trained, it is just chills. It is now discovered that Zhu Youqian's betrayal and the use of my use, it is absolutely unforgivable. Now hatred let me get more calm, outsiders look, I don't have been angry.

My mother-in-law saw that I was fine, and this took the Rui Rui back.

I have not mentioned the divorce. Life retreats into the right track, the mother-in-law is still very good to me, but Zhu has more greed more than before, and more and more people have to ask for money.

I only see can't see it, my mother is also the people who don't refuse, and I have a lot of money to give money.

I am afraid, soon, I will let them be prototype, which is coming to the head.

It turned out that I was afraid of being a heart, I checked, my heart was fired.

Zhu You is really at the end of the end, I have been thinking about me. In order to seek my mother's property, he is really agency. I don't blame him for my mother's remark, because of this cost of chess, the four-storey beauty salon, it is the ear offered in the bag.

I have evidence now that Zhu Youqian's overtime will go with the little elegance.

Take Xiaola to my side, this is the first step in the plan.

This way they can be fully alert to me.

Xiaoya is a typical white lotus, the work is steady, and the wind is the wind. Previously, she called me a nephew, from I here to take cosmetics, brand-name bags, various clothes.

Reporting mine is her careful, sometimes a hand-knitted shawl, or a piece of cake that baked with a baked cake.

I accept her in the principle of peaceful coexistence with Zhu family, it is also half a girlfriend.

I am excused to thank Xiaoya to help I take into into Rui, please drink milk tea.

I am talking, her cell phone rang, she is aiming at me, I pretend that I have not seen it, and I have a shake.

She took the phone to answer the phone and came back, and there was an excuse to go in advance.

I naturally know that she is going to be with Zhu Yong, can't, and Zhu Youqian's phone will come, and Zhu You have comforted me before the phone, and then put forward at night to work, I understand how to work hard. I have a look at it at home.

Hanging up the phone, I fell asleep, and I turned out another mobile phone, there is a live broadcast of my carefully prepared. The content is the real-time playback of Zhu Youqian driving recorder.

The small elegant rental house is too bad, suffocating individuals. It is ridiculous that Zhu Youqiao is like a mouse, fear the hotel to leave evidence, each time you drive on a hill.

However, Xiaoya feels not stimulating enough to go to the garden.

The garden will be a new network red tourism project in the local area. The theme is the night line of Jinyi, and it is a lively and extraordinary, and people are crowded.

It is just that Xiaoya is here to work, it is very familiar with the terrain.

The parking space of her is also very powerful.

There will be a scenic spot in the garden. The front is a few Tang girls putting a model. There is a background wall behind ancient pavilions, blocked the latter two-story parking lot.

Zhu Youqou stopped the car on the side of the second floor parking lot. Here is the performance and crowd. They were blocked by the billboard, although they could not see each other, they can be stimulated.

They are not the first time. It's just that they are too excited, not to pay attention to, the previous billboards are replaced with advertising paper.

Two people can't wait to begin performance, and Xiaoya is called a powerful, subverting my awareness of her. No wonder Zhu Yusi is like this, I am a selfishness.

At 9:30 in the evening, it is the peak of the garden will garden. It is also their most exciting moment. I have to admit that under the stimulation of small elegance, Zhu Yong is super-frequently played.

Just then, the priest was staged.

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