Let us have a best love together.

[天大 爱]

When we were young, love is a big thing, and the big things are brave.

I said to Xiali: This monthly test you exceed me, I will promise to be your girlfriend.

Xiali laughed, put on the pencil in his hand, looked at me seriously: "If I exceed you, you give me a long life wife, not allowance!"

I nodded.

He didn't exceed me, and the last English test didn't come, no, accurately said that he has never been school.

The class teacher said that his family has something, it is, so, we didn't do it. From then on, there will be a few people who are annoying every day, but I don't know how to fall in my heart.

After he left, he gave me a card, and the card was written on the card: the agreement, waiting for me to come back.

This is two years.

【Two people】

We have grown up to two years old. I remember the summer of 2015. At the ceremony of the high school, the class teacher stood in the latter rules and regulations, and the sputum spurted in the mouth could drown someone.

He introduced the class of the class to a student. I didn't care about it, but that person is Xiari.

I can only lament in my heart: my family is narrow. In this way, after two years, we two, actually in a classroom.

Xiali came over after class, reach out for me: Hello, I haven't seen you for a long time.

I am old and autumn: Yes, I haven't seen you for a long time.

"What is the agreement between us? This monthly test me more than you, be my girlfriend."

"Number, but the conditions change, wait for you to do college again!" I tried to express indifference, afraid that he will evaporate in a certain day.

I don't know if a boy is big, the exam is released, and the results are released. I am shocked, the second place, two black 体 我 my eyes, Xiari put the 16th of the age, I am awkward. Behind.

[Outside the light years]

2016 high school, let go of the session, I am divided into the same class with him, and sit in parallel with him.

I found that I started habits his existence. He didn't have to say anything, just sit there, I feel very peaceful.

I started to see him every day, and I am afraid to see him.

He asked me: "Where do you miss the university in the future?"

I said: "Is it not the same as you."

"Hey, be my girlfriend! It's not the same as it." He chased it after me, the sound slowly spread, and outside the light years.

At that time, we all like to listen to Deng Ziqi. "You stand on the left side, but it is like a Galaxy," Some love us know the same thing, but I have never dare to take the step.

Because in my heart, the stars should be glow in the sky, he is the stars, but he is not me alone. On the day of the college entrance examination, I got a meal, I got, Xiali chased it out, accompany me for a long time, I have been talking about the future, it is closed, I don't talk about love.

When I left, he said: I know that you are not ready, but I can wait, when you feel suitable, we will be together.

Saying that it is fake, I will tears, and he likes my favorite, timid and weak makes me dare not respond, he will encounter better people, and I should put this Like hidden in the heart.

In this way, Xiali took a northern 211, and I am in a small college in this city. Without the stars, my life is too low.

[God loves the world]

In 2019, I met Xiali, and his side has a beautiful girl. He said: Your school is very beautiful! Take me stroll.

Thank you, we are not familiar. I put in the heart of the inner waves, I said this kind of indifference, turned and left. He called me behind him, the wind is too big, I can't hear it.

Do my girlfriend! His voice got bigger, even took a little crying, he took the beautiful girl to chase it up, and grabbed my hand.

Do you want to be so embarrassed? Have a girlfriend? Still looking for me? It is disappointing.

He listened this sentence and laughed out, showing the expression of the past: She is not my girlfriend, just finding the play with me, I just want you, who makes you always, I am not a heart, not forced Can you tell you the truth?

God! help me! I really can't help this time, I want to be his lover ...

On the day of birthday, everyone gave Xiali point candles, he seriously closed his eyes. What is the wish? Someone asked

It is a very simple wish, and some people can help me. He looked at me whisper: Be your girlfriend!

It turns out that there is really a person who will love you for a long time, it seems that "Don't forget I love you" Lu Yu and star.

Don't forget, people who love you will repeat your love.

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