The opposite sex is good, don't talk about these three topics in private.

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"The sense of the inch is the logo of mature love, interpersonal communication, to understand the necessary distance between people and people."

Half-born has passed, there are countless people, there are several relationships of almost sex friends, and it is not very good.

But must have a sense of inceptive, maintain a reasonable distance, not crossing.

Even if the relationship is good, don't talk about these three topics in private.

Don't say any half of bad things

People have not finished, everyone has shortcomings, but people with wisdom will be in short enough.

Small disadvantages, more tolerance; big problems require patience between partners, and solve problems together.

Try the other half of the other, there is no problem, if you know the problem, if you are known for the other half, you can easily get rid of, make a delay, and the crack of marriage is therefore.

There is a breakfast shop in the community, and the boss is doing things. It is wrong from time to time.

Once, I got a cage of leeks, and I came up with the boss. I ate a bit: I have been wrong.

Said with the boss, the boss took the leek buns, and smiled did not, and did not blame the boss.

I comforted him, it's all old acquaintances, I couldn't help but say: "You have a good temper, never seeing you to send a fire."

The boss laughed: "She is a heartless person, but she is good, I am good for me, I can't bear her."

When the partner misses the mistake, don't blame it, when others accuse it, you still have to maintain it in time to justify the partner.

The so-called "home is not out" is not a contradiction, but the bad words of someone who own people are easy to manufacture.

The husband and wife are one, a glory, and a loss. Feelings, more important than anything.

Don't hurt your feelings because of your mistakes, don't talk about another half of bad things with other opposes, causing unnecessary misunderstandings and harm.

Don't talk about topics

After getting marriage, the passion gradually faded, and it became the main melody.

Life is in the world, temptation is everywhere. It's a long time, many people want to find some stimuli.

Slowly to resist freshness with other heterogeneous contacts, as well as the topic of opposite sex friends.

As everyone knows, once the topic becomes embarrassing, the friend's relationship will become a taste.

In the TV series "Thirty," Maxi Mountain is not a moment of derailment, he is a bit of a bit.

When the woman is giving him a place, buy expensive fruits, he does not know the suspicion, and accept it.

Later, there was a meaning to him, he didn't keep a distance, and even gave a ice cream together and watched fireworks together.

In the face of another step, a step is close to, and the Magic Mountain does not decisively refuse, but gives the opponent's chance to try his opportunity.

Lin has inserting someone else's feelings, but fly does not seamless eggs.

People with people are close to far, they have a distance. The topic of chat will be more and more, the distance is getting closer.

Any health relationship must have a bound sensation, and you want to talk.

Destroy the boundary sensation, the relationship is no longer pure.

There is no boundary of the border of other opposes, is the killer of intimate relationship.

Not chatting late at night

There is a saying: the life of the gentleman is like water.

Really friends don't need to contact frequently, nor will they bother to disturb each other's lives.

However, all of the opposite sex friends still talk in the middle of the night, there is a laughter, the family is cold, which means that the relationship between the opposite sex is no longer simple.

The opposite sex is good, and there are also their families. The best phase is modeled, and it will not in depth or disturb each other's lives. Learn to add trouble to each other.

Chatting late in late night is the taboo between opposite sex friends.

People to middle age must be subtracted.

Leave unnecessary social, don't touch too much from the opposite sex friends, don't make a rumor, don't do it.

Many people are in a distance from the opposite sex friends. It is afraid that it is afraid of love, hurts others, so there is a difficulty, things are more complicated.

For the behavior of damage boundary, simply refuse, keep the distance is the highest in the emotion.

Do not consume others, don't delay others, is a truly kind.

Then put the time, focus on the true and important person, and cherish them.

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