The 23-year-old woman bought up with his boyfriend. When moving, he looked at a few bags of bags. The woman wants to cry without tears.

Recently, Guangzhou, Guangdong, a 23-year-old woman broke up with his boyfriend, and a moving video caused a hot discussion of netizens. In the video, the woman has been packaged in several large bags, ready to leave this house, but there are too many luggage, one person can't move, look at these items, the woman has a feeling "Don't live before". "

Netizens saw that this is the discussion, some netizens said that it is recommended not to marry, don't live together, the house has no time to live. This is equivalent to the second marriage, don't you know the future husband mind?

Some netizens said, use the man's money to buy things, who wants to cry without tears

There are also netizens say that only girls who are hurt before marriage. I don't have a marriage, I suggest not to live together, or it is really good wolf!

I am supporting the same residence, so you can better understand the understanding of the other party as a person, and then think that you should not have a lot of people. Of course, unmarried first pregnancy is free, it will suffer. Don't care about those messy words, just do yourself.

Now most of the love is living together, when you love, you will think about it every day. I have seen it early to see if I have children after marriage.

In fact, this is always better than divorce. You don't live together, you don't know clear, after marriage, then the chicken fly dog, divorce? Besides, people in the same time are also rushing to marry, but the middle is not suitable, and the breakup is also very good. As long as it is not intentional to lie.

It is necessary to have a good time before marriage, a lot of saying that it is not good to see how, wait until you get married, then discovery, this man is in the family, do not do, this time is divorced again? That's really two married. Try married morning breakup, better than divorce.

The same is now quite common, but don't get pregnant before marriage, really pregnant pregnancy is very affected to women.

I lived with my girlfriend, and I also had contradiction in the middle, but I also thought about it, but calm down, it's nothing more than a critical contradiction. Since I live, if I can't move, I will lose my hand. It is too slag. [脸], now She has become my wife, the child is 6 years old, life is flat.

I personally feel that the same benefits are greater than the bad place. Two people live together to reduce a person rent, can also open fire to cook (a person is too lazy to cook), and it can also share the life of the family after marriage, can also look at each other There is a bad habits, of course, before living or see if you really want to be with this person.

The benefits are good, the benefit is that you can see a person's life habits, know more about someone.

Why is it a girl who is moving after breaking up? Do you agree with the leader before marriage?

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