Men's African workmanship is divorced because of lonely, blackmeal, and after returning to China, the wife collapsed on the spot.

The woman in the fierce quarrel video in two people is the protagonist of this issue. After his husband came back from Africa, he had a change in its own attitude. I also doubt that I have to commit suicide, as my wife, he is always accompanying my husband to check her, then what happened? She said that his husband went back from Africa to Zambia, he went to AIDS, then his husband has experienced it in Africa, what happened, let his character have changed so large. He said that his husband is a gentleman man before going abroad, but everything has changed after returning, he said that he has been married to her husband for six years. Her husband is an excavator staff to subsidize home, and he will run to African workers and the money to play in Africa will be handed over to his wife. If this is the same, this couple is also a It is very harmonious. In order to live a small couple, how can she suddenly become like this, her husband suddenly retired from the company from the company from Africa from the company, but this time is very unusual. He believes that he has a terminal illness refusion and anyone. This also makes his wife feel very strange to have such a few times before, why is this a look? He asked his husband her husband to express his own HIV, then how did the government who works well before infecting HIV? This makes him very confused, and he now this matter, his family clearly knows that the reporter is clearly investigated by many questions, in order to understand more. The reporter began to inquire and investigate her with his husband.

First of all, the reporter first found her husband's brother to understand the situation and the younger brother who often went to Africa to make money. Every time they came back, the family was also happy, but this brother came back from Africa. I became very unusual, even my brother didn't see it, this also made him very worried about his brother, now he did not figure out, what happened, for understanding the situation, the reporter let him contact himself Husband, his husband also agreed to see the previous side, they decided to meet at the train station. Now his husband is also working outside and listening to his wife, he wants to meet JE. He thought about it. What happened to his husband in Africa? Why don't you say more? After you see the reporter, he said that he doubted that he had a HIV poison, because he often felt that he was very weak, it would be like a normal person, then the truth, Is it true like he said, let us look down.

Men's African workers have made a divorce with their wife after being born for loneliness. After returning to the country, she said to her husband, I have repeatedly going to the hospital for a check, but I found that my body didn't have any, even It also shows very well, so very doubts, because he often has a variety of problems, headache nausea, and the body's bones are like being squeezed, he also reached out to the reporter to see the tongue, both sides Cracks have already appeared, which is really not normal, plus his description, how can the body like this? And his husband also said that he had heard some symptoms of De A AIDS in Africa. He would feel that he had to go to the hospital for HIV, but every test result is the same. There is no AIDS.

And he said that he has been to the African medical team before, after inspection, the result is that he has a HIV, which makes him very panic, so treating his own injury. This idea is that he is very convinced that his husband has become this. He is also very uncomfortable, because the husband has always been the top pillar of this home, whether it is an economy or something, it is a government in overtaking. And he also traveled in this home to the unfamiliar Africa now became this. He also hopes that his husband can get better soon, because his husband has paid too much for this family.

But because of the sexual part of the adult, the feelings of husband and wife have a little feeling. It is not like the birthday of the class. After the happiness of the class, his husband also hates himself, because it will be lonely in Africa, loneliness is yours. I have a relationship with the girl, and finally I have been checking I have read AIDS, so that he was shocked, and because he got HIV, he didn't know how to face his family and The wife chose to go out. Finally, in order to solve this matter, let them take back home to solve this. He also took it out at home, and the husband's inspection report wrote inspection. The result is to welcome, and when he also took a lot of inspections, the result, the above results are negative results. He said that his husband is unswervingly of hearing AIDS. He believes that his husband has a psychological shadow in Africa, and because of the problem of psychological problems, we will think that he has got AIDS, and now you only need to solve his psychological problems, you can help your husband out of the sea. But his husband believes that his psychology does not have any problems as normal, and he believes that AIDS has an incubation period, and has not checked it out, it must be in the incubation period. He has always believed that he was impossible to cure it. This also makes him and his wife's ideas have been divided into order to help him solve this matter. The reporter took to the local disease control hospital intended to make a comprehensive physical examination, hoping to check his body through this time, let him completely let go of the heart, but there is still other deeper contradictions, If these contradictions are solved, even if there is no such problem, the husband and wife still have a separation. Just as the reporter intends to take his husband to the hospital to check, he suddenly regrets and ran away, and the mobile phone is not found. No one can find it. He is very confused, why he will make such a move, clearly break his own use in a scientific way, now he is going to escape, there must be any other secrets behind this, he is going to African workers all year round, because I will find this African girl in my own, but I was isolated from AIDS and was sent back to China by the company. I learned that the wife who learned this situation immediately took her to the hospital for examination, but the results were more negative, then what kind of secrets did he still tell reporters? What is the motivation behind this? Let us look down.

Men's African workers have bored divorced because of loneliness to find black girls. After returning to the country, they have divorced, and their wife has collapsed. His wife also said that it will be the company to make this AIDS inspection report. Let their husband become In this case, in fact, he is now believed that his husband will not do anything. In order to investigate the truth of the matter, the reporter and his wife went to the labor company where her husband was located. This company is that the company went to Huizhou's work. The company wanted to learn through the work in the work, his husband has experienced what has experienced in Africa, and he only did a lot of homework, but faced His wife's questioning staff said that he didn't know, so his wife was very doubtful to his husband why did the company be sent to work without knowing?

Then, in order to disperse his husband's doubts about his body, he took the government's inspection report to the disease control center for investigation. The staff of the disease control person said that after the time calculation, coupled with the content on the inspection report, he can rule out his husband is an AIDS patient has no incubation. This saying, because Africa is a high-risk area of ​​AIDS, so their inspection methods are different from us, the government may just be a suspected AIDS patient, but for so long, his husband has believed that he was A HIV patient, his psychology and body suffering from the body now truthfully, he also wants to tell this information to tell his husband, after all, is afflicted. He is a wife who is honest in his eyes and is very sad.

The last chapter also said that now he should go to see a psychiatrist, after all, let him live in depression. If you don't have healthy psychological problems, then there are more inspections, it is useless. So his wife found his husband said that she would like to take her to see a psychiatrist, but her husband did not agree with his wife. He said that there is no problem in his own heart and his wife wants to take yourself to see a psychiatrist. If there is any detrimentary sister, any wife is very sad and grievances, it is clearly a good idea to take her to check, let This family has become better, and he also dispelled his doubts to find the husband's accusation. He is very sad, and it is sad.

In the face of his wife, he cried, as a husband, he did not have any movements at all. He accused his wife to do this, definitely because he hurt himself, because he returned to the foreign worker all yearners, he The wife is still hiding from himself, so he must be sorry outside of his own, but is this a wife loudly? I have made so much care for this home. This family can't get a suspicious husband who has a child's recognition. Because of returning to China, I often hear the neighbors' rumors, so he does not agree what happened to what the wife said? Now things are more and more confusing, and the reporters don't know which direction should be investigated? Then, will then develop, let us look down. Faced by his husband's duty, the Hu Huang Ting, who is a wife, is also very wronged. After he coming back, he often gives his mobile phone to his husband, which also proves that he is coming in, but his husband From Africa, I was infected with AIDS I didn't blame, and he often took her to check and solve the problem. Now he turned over, he heard the wife's rebuttated husband did not make any response, he felt that he did not have any problems. Now that this family should go to everything to be confusing husband is very suspicious to his wife and a wife. He also hopes that his husband can get better soon, don't worry about such a child, and the entire family will fall. Finally, his wife said, if he got AIDS, his husband will definitely abandon him in the first time, but he will not be like his husband, I have been taking care of her for him.

After listening to these blame of his wife, he did not make any response, but it was proposed that there was no problem in his own heart. He won't agree with his wife to take yourself to see a psychologist. Now he does not change and change, and the wife who heard the here is also an angry, and the two sides then burst fierce quarrel. The reporter also proposed that the two sides are now calm and wait until the emotional stability will be negotiated. In fact, after he knows that he is AIDS, his psychology suffers from the fear of death, which also caused her to his wife and son. Suspect. He suspected that his son may not be his own. Now this family is also involved in innocent children because of the cause of the couple. How do they solve this thing?

In fact, the couple have had a crack because of the feelings of this kind of object, in fact, the normal people face these differences in their husbands, I have long been divorced by him, but I don't want to maintain it in a family. Complete, he also eats yourself to think of your husband and want to threaten your husband to do psychological guidance through divorce, but this is determined that there is no key effect, and his husband often comes to threaten the letter tells him, aunt Children are not their own parent-child identification, here will become actually very angry, you will be much better than this home. Now he also doubts to his son's avatar, and finally he also told his husband. If he doesn't want to do psychological guidance, then he will divorce him.

After learning this idea of ​​his wife, his husband immediately rushed home, but after returning home, he broke out the fierce quarrel and his husband also said that he was going to divorce his wife, see After your own attitude of your son, the husband's mother is also immediate persuading his child to make him calm, and the relationship between husband and wife is not suitable for this point. Subsequently, his wife also said that she can do a parent-child identification with her children, but if the child is their own. The child did not recognize his husband for his father later. This is what he doubizes his own price. He has also sent a poisonous vow. This child is their own biological flesh, but his husband is not stopped at all.

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