45-year-old older girl lamented: I have encountered blind date is middle-aged and old people, I am not willing!


I don't know when we start, we have more and more women around us. Many women are still married 30 years old. There are still many women who are still single after 40 years old. The older women are increasing, which has become a serious social problem.

Some women delayed marriages because of work and academic; some women have too high, pick it to pick it out of the right candidate; there is a part of women think about a new wave, they want to be a non-married family, intend to be single, one person, This kind of person is difficult to understand and accept.

Lu Ayi is a member of the winner. When she is young, she is very happy. Now she is 45 years old. She tasted the lonely taste, she wanted to marry her own, but she found that she didn't eat in the marriage and love market. She's blind date will make her quite disappointment, she felt very unwilling.


When Lu Ayi is young, it is a recognized beauty. She has a slim, sweet, and a pair of eyes are very attractive. She is a lot of men's dreams, and the pursuit of her guy is quite.

At that time, Lu Auntie was arrogant. She scored that she was beautiful, and no one could match her. She learned a unmarried family in the heroine of European and American movies.

She thinks that marriage is the grave of love. Once the woman is married, it will be around the pot bowl. There is only family and children in life, but also in the relationship between her mother-in-law, it means endless Trouble. She felt freedom, what she wants to do, I want to go where, she would rather sing up, don't marry.

Under the guidance of this kind of thought, she only talks to the man. When she arrived in marriage, she immediately pulled away, she enjoys the process of falling in love, enjoy the sweet taste of being loved and loved, but she absolutely And any man walks into the marriage.

She began in love from the age of 23, her love objects had at least two or thirty, their conditions were different, and the number of years was also very obsessed, they did not have an exception, and they were very obsessed with Lu Ayi. They all want to marry her for their wife. As a result, Lu Ayi did not marry anyone in them.

Lu Ayi gave thousands of pets, she dressed up to be drifted every day, and the days were very happy. Those who have never been lacking around the annuities, she has accumulated a fairly rich experience, and she can say that she is very proud of her love.

However, her approach has caused the dispel of the surrounding people, many people finger her point, and later some people rumored that Lu Ayi did not get married because they could not be married. Of course, this is just a rumor, many people know that she just doesn't want to get married.


With the increase of her age, the men around her are getting less and less, and she talks about the last love in 36 years old. Her boyfriend is a 45-year-old divorce man. He is a company's deputy, his income is quite abundant, there is a car, there is a lot of deposits, and his son work abroad, he is a perfect marriage object.

The man was very attentive to her. He often took her into a high-end place, giving her a variety of luxury, his purpose clearly, he hopes to marry her, two people live together.

That year, Valentine's Day men prepared a diamond ring, he was very happy to Lu Ayi, and Lu Ayi was very happy, but she quickly calm down, she said to men: "You can marry me, I am honored, but our relationship only Can you come here, I will only talk to you, I will not marry you, I want to be single for a lifetime. "

The words of Lu Ayi made a man quite angry, he shouted: "Since you don't want to get married, why do you want to interal for me? You are wasting me in white, you are too unparalleled!"

The man did not let Lu Ayi feel sad, because she will say the same thing every time she refuses others, Lu Ayi has learned.


Since then, Lu Ayi has never been in love. At the time of leisure, she went shopping on the street, watching the movie, or to the field to travel, although she didn't have a man's companion, but her life still has a lot taste.

During this period, her parents had reminded her to marry, in the face of the marriage, aunt smiled, and finally her parents compromised, they threw a sentence: "Where is the woman get married? Wait until you are old, you must Will regret it! "

Talking: Don't listen to the old man, if you lose your eyes, a few years later, there is a regret.

At the age of 43, her classmates were married. She was invited to participate in the wedding. She cried in the wedding. She thought she was touched by the love story of her couple. No one knows that she is actually because of others. After marriage, cry, the small couple of love touched her most sensitive area in her heart.

She then participated in the wedding of many classmates, and she still drank a few children's full moon wine. Every time she went to participate in the banquet, she was quite sad. She became more and more strongly generated to get married.

She started blind again at her 45 that year.

After a few times, I have been in the back, and the conditions for her blind date objects are too bad. They are mostly 50 years old, they are middle-aged and elderly people, and they are widowed in addition to divorce, which makes Lu Ayi difficult accept.

She is a unmarried middle-aged woman. She thinks she should find a man who is equally unmarried, so she matches, she is not willing to marry a man with married history.

She said: "There are so many men in the young man to pursue me. If I want to marry, I will pick it up. Now I am old, but I am still single, this is my advantage, I am looking for A man who is quite in our condition is married. I will never be! "Lu Ayi is a persistent person. Now she is still on the way blind date, she is disappointed again, but she firmly believes that she can find itself. In half, this makes everyone helpless.


For a normal person, marriage is a step that must be completed in life, and life without marriage is incomplete. However, in reality, some people don't want to get married. When they want to get married, they will regret it.

The old saying "What is the age of what age, I have to go to school, I have to go to school. When I am working, I will talk about falling in love, I will get married at the age of marriage. Everyone knows this reason, but not everyone will do this.

Lu Ayi's experience gave a lot of older women, and the girl should cherish his youth. When you are young, you will go in love. When you marry, you will get married, you miss the best time will only leave regret.

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