All derails are both men and women

Now people have this feeling:

First, the man in this era is particularly easy to derail;

Second, the proportion of men derailed is much higher than women.

Men derailed is required: money, have time. However, these seems not enough, but also lacking a particularly important one: derailed object.

So what do men go to the track?

To discuss these problems, we will go see, what kinds of women are in the end of the man -

Marriage derailed small A:

Marriage is not happy, I want to be loved.

At that time, when Xiao A did not marry my husband, parents did not agree. Because husband is a child taking out in rural areas, some problems may occur after marriage. But the little A feels that the husband is very talented, and the long-term phase is also good. Of course, the most important thing is that the husband is very romantic and can always give himself some surprises.

However, after getting married, Xiao A found that husband's talents are nothing more than the file writing is better, and the circle of friends is more refined.

However, in the work, the husband is full of strangeness, and the relationship with the leaders is not very good, and the pattern is not big. Therefore, there is no good development in the unit, and the promotion is always without him, four or five thousand dollars per month, just enough to make a mortgage.

Xiao A wants to use some good cosmetics, buy a good bag, but also have to make money by your efforts. But my husband seems to be not concerned, every day, after dinner, take a child, play the game, and the little days seem to be very satisfied.

Moreover, the previous romance, nor, her husband said: "The biggest romance is a few decades."

On the one hand, small A is dissatisfied with your husband. On the one hand, I can't feel love, but she still has a girl's heart, eager to romance, eager attention. So she will come and have a very upward, and there is passionate customer.

The other party is also a married man, and the relationship between husband and wife is cold. However, when you are with Xiao A, the other party is a very well-active man. This makes the little A more feel that our husband is really unlike a man.

"For the child, I don't plan to divorce. But I need to love, so I need to be with him. I also know that it is very dangerous, but I can't take much."

Small A. Women in marriage, is considered to each other with each other, with each other. This type is more and more, but it is still much more than male derailed than marriage.

This kind of woman, like a child's greedy candy, the feeling of being loved. As long as you have a chance to get this kind of love, you often don't have a hurt.

Once found, the consequences are often very serious, and the society is not high for such marriage derailment.

Little B:

I am more and more want to replace his wife.

Xiao b was resolutely divorced after discovering his husband.

Women who have just been divorced are often in the heart of a fragile period, and if there is a man who is better, care about it, it is easy to get her good feel. This is also the same, when she started, she didn't think much. The other party is willing to give yourself some care, willing to send some gifts, let her feel very intimate.

But slowly, small B found that the other party will consider the family more in holidays. Occasionally, I saw a lot of imbalances in my friends and my family, and I had a lot of imbalances: Why do you enjoy the fun at home, can I enjoy gentle? And when I am happy in others, can I only be alone?

So she began to call him more, let him say good night every day, let the other party accompany himself, start asking when the other party is divorced ... The other party began to support my - until the wife of the other party discovered this Segment relationship.

Although the wife of the other party did not want to give up, it obviously did not control his emotions and made a lot of pain to men. The final man is nearly net home, marriage. Small B is with the other party.

Small B, single, inner heart still eager for the third party of marriage, is the greatest for marriage destruction of derailed men.

When I started, the other party often didn't show this kind of demand, very restrained. But as relationships, the requirements will be more and more, and they are more compared to the wife of the other. In the end, it will be discovered by the wife of the other party, let the man make a difficult choice.

Ultra-single small C:

Let the rich people pay for themselves, is a kind of addiction

Xiao C witnessed the tragedy marriage of his parents from a small, and rarely felt warm from his parents. So she never believes in marriage, and I don't believe in men. In contrast, she believes that men are willing to give her money and substances.

Because small C is a beautiful emerald, he has never lacks male pursuit. However, she has been suspected of pursuing these pursuits.

"Which men are because of my pouch? Which men are love my soul? - I can't distinguish, I am too lazy to distinguish. The kind of love from the heart, maybe occasionally, but it will never last long. So, I am more willing to accept, those who have paid more substances for me. After all, these people are frank, not white accounting. "

Small C replaced a few boyfriend, there is a woman. These people are successful people who don't care about small C. But small C has never put down the high-cooled gesture in front of them.

Perhaps, it is this kind of cold, attracting those rich men, but also wants them to conquer this 桀骜 桀骜 女 女, the most direct way, to buy a house, buy a car, send a lot of cash. However, this did not let Xiao C more believe in men. She never thought about replacing the wife of these men, because she clearly saw that the men had a wife. She is not willing to be the sad role that is either deceived or put.

Small C doesn't care about itself is a woman who doesn't care about the name. It is a prey with a lot of money. These men don't want to destroy their marriages. On the one hand, these men are often big, and divorce will bring great losses.

On the other hand, most of these men are also a very strong man, although they want to share more women, but they don't want to destroy their families. They are eager to have a complete family, enjoy the secular success; at the same time, the golden house is His complaints, enjoy gentleness.

With more and more rich people, there are more and more men derailed in marriage, and this kind of single female, which is not familiar, and more and more. Therefore, this combination will increasingly impact the marriage of rich people.

In addition, there is a very small number of women engaged in special industries, becoming a man derailed object. Because this one-to-many service relationship is easier to be a way many men derailed.

All derailed, all men and women

I can't blocked it more stronger

From the above situation, the object of the man is married, only a small part is a woman in marriage. Therefore, the proportion of men's marital deractions is more than women, this feeling is not wrong.

However, another fact that follows: There are more women's third parties, their own single, but choose the way men's wealth and care.

These women, with men in marriage, seriously hurt the innocent wife in marriage.

So, when we know who is excavating the wall of the marriage, is there anything?

1. First, you have to carefully choose a marriage partner and make sure you can bear the consequences of the choice. When you choose a partner, when you use the other party's social status, wealth as an important option, you will know that this means that you have to face the risk of a larger excavated wall.

Because in this era, many derailed channels are tailored to rich men.

2, those who have to replace their derailors, if they can get their hands, first, you have to know if there is a reason because your marriage itself is not high.

When a family is broken, a man will be disappointed with marriage. When men don't care about this family, the possibility of derailment will become large.

3. If the husband has a chance to adjust in the business, try to allow the husband to avoid some industries that need complex interpersonal relationships, need entertainment, because men are more likely to become.

Sometimes, I have to say that the distance will not have the beauty of beauty, but the husband and wife have a distance, two local separation, or often go out to entertain and return, is a sharp edge of harm to marriage.

4, in fact, the wife has become more beautiful, paying attention to their growth, and it is also important in marriage.

Of course, I don't say that my wife go to the face, but I want to invest my inner and future. To contact the outside world, keep yourself fresh; learn more, let yourself go.

When the spiritual world of two people in the husband and wife is in synchronous state, then marriage will become more beautiful and stable.

5, you have to have independent economic capabilities and better social adaptation, so you can balance your husband.

Before all husband derailed, he had silently evaluated its own strength. Even if it is impulsive, the man will first quantify the risk. Therefore, the strength is compared to determine the balance of relationships.

This is already a long talk, and if you want to keep your self-esteem, you only have your back book. Other, like a commitment, responsibility, social public opinion, etc., it is not reliable. If you want to balance your husband, you have to work hard. This is lazy, stealing.

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