After marriage, my husband is derailed, and the small three goes to the divorce. I am very happy after divorce, but he is very painful.

Marriage is the grave of love, no matter how screaming in front of men's vows, once he feels that there is no freshness with you, then he will go outside to find fresh feelings, and the marriage will eventually be destroyed.

01, I am Chen Xiaoyu. I am 30 years old. It is a mother who is away from the Yang, with a two-year-old daughter, live with his parents, my daughter's parents, I am now freelance, there is a studio, specialize in video With the online live broadcast, it is very hard, but the income is very objective, enough for me to use the flowers and raise daughters in the lower half.

This is the state of my divorce. Before the divorce, I never imagine that I have this ability, because our university graduated, I weddably, only one job, less than half a year, and later did not come out.

With the forefrilla, he chased me, our university four years, became a model couple in his friends, the forefoot, gentle, his mobile phone, his mobile phone is completely open, in addition to the chat interface I don't have any other girls. Every holiday gives me a gift. I love me very pet. After graduation, he has planned a romantic marriage ceremony, and I told me to cry. I love me my life. In the future, he is responsible for making money, and I am responsible for the beautiful spending.

After marriage, he did done, and the salary of each month was paid, I have also found a job, but because of my accident due to my accident, I will publicly criticize me. I have been looking for me, I have been very annoyed. I have been very annoying that he can't see it. His woman will not be fierce. How can he bear to endure it outside, let me Resign your work, and only at home later, he raised me.

Friends have envied, saying that I have married a super-invincible man, I used to think so until I gave birth to a daughter, I found some problems with him, and he was very frequent, overtime. Going home no longer hugging me, and there is no careful care.

I don't want to pass so many years, we have used to have each other's world, suddenly refreshing, I don't think what is the reason until one day I saw all the clues in the chat interface forgot to switch.

Just turning the ten-page chat history, I understand, his heart is not in me, he is derailed, the woman is his subordinates, the company internship staff, brought him to him, with it Bringing out feelings, bringing out the so-called true love, young and beautiful, women's friends circle also have a variety of tourism photos played out, they have already called the opponent's husband.

His enthusiasm for me is also transferred to another woman.

02, I am not a person who hides emotions, soon, he knows, I found out that he derailed, I thought he would confess, but he said sorry, I met her, I know what is true, I have no love. Any feelings, if there is, that is, the family, I am willing to divorce, he pays 200,000 as compensation, the daughter can also pay for me, he will bear support.

He proposed divorce, I panicked, because in the past few years, my life is around him and this home. I have no work, I have no friends, I don't have friends, what I want to do, I don't want to leave, but mentioned After the divorce, the foreigner almost never gone home, no matter how I called him, I can't find it.

One day, a delicate young woman finds the door, compared with her, I am really like a clown, there is no young, there is no beauty, no she will dress, and there is no energetic, I lost very bad, woman said if I Agree to divorce, she can give me 100,000, I certainly won't want her money, just that I really feel gray, I don't have anything more than women, I have no charm and then attract the ex-husband, this time is reality I woke me up, I finally calm down and agreed to sign the divorce.

After the divorce, I took my daughter back home. After half a year, I gradually walked out of the failure marriage. In the invitation of my friends, I made a network operation with him, and I also opened a studio behind him. I never understood it. Live betting, it is a little slow, and there is also a very considerable effectiveness. I share my experience in the network. I got a lot of fans's support and love. I also became some visibility. Net red, you can ask for a photo.

03, later, the woman once again appeared in front of me, I thought she came to provoke, did not think, she actually said a thing that made me feel very unexpected, she said that she did not want to follow his husband, just When I entered the company, I took her with her, and there was a company gathering, because I couldn't refuse her drink more wine, I can't get drunk, and the ex-husband sent her home. When she was half-drunk, I took a relationship with her. Afterwards, I said a pile of whiten words, saying that he only saw her for the first time. He used her for her to divorce, and he was only a good one for her. The woman has just been touched, but the ex-husband is constantly saying that I am bad in front of her, saying that my body is not good, I am in the family all day, just like a village, he wanted to vomit. As a woman, she felt that I was very poor, and she also thought of himself, if one day she was old, it is no longer young, is it to give up and abandon it before, she recognized the man's face, it is only a picture Freshly, even if you give birth to a child, he will not be touched, then she has made a decision, pretend to threaten me, wait for the ex-husband to divorce, she will break up, even if the forever is hard, she is not Move, resolutely break up. She is now looking for me, I will express her apologies, come to honor her promise, to give me 100,000 yuan, I don't want anything, I even thank her, let me know the true face of the ex-husband, decided to divorce Otherwise, there will be no current achievements.

Short long after, she came to me, the essence of the gods totally, people were slim, he said that he is very painful now, he regrets after divorce, I miss my and daughter, if I give him a chance, he I will double your love and cherish us later.

If you don't hear a woman, I may believe in the forefront. Which is a regret, that is, both hands are empty, I want to come to me.

I documented his careful thinking, after I poked the lie, I was ashaped, and I yoo.

I finally believed that the wicked people had the same sentence. I will take him, take care of my parents to give birth to her children. He doesn't know how to cherish it. I don't want to go back. I still have a shame, I don't have every woman. Men can live, sisters, we must first confident, there is a self-care, life is independent, don't let men think we can't don't leave him.

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