Men will ly, especially the middle-aged people, no exception

Three ladies chatted together, they were a classmate in junior high school to high school, and occasionally sat together to chat. Talking today, my husband is lying. The first husband is a little boss. She said that her husband never lies, because she can see it from his eyes, but the most is a collection of private houses. Thirty twenty-twenty, like smoking, this is hobby, basically I don't have to ask him, all the economic power is here.

The second husband is a small staff of a company, the salary is a bit low, but there is time, every day is fine, do a takeaway little brother. The days of the family have a little nervous, two children have to make a lot of money. All the salary is all over, the money earned to the child to go to school, go home and obey, please teach me if anything is, no matter where he does not do his own decision, even if you have a lot of money to apply, no more than a month Three hundred pieces.

The third husband is open, at least 12 hours a day, you don't have to say it every day, but you will pay the money every day, your parents are rural areas. The child is reading high school, not can't do it, never Dare to lying, any little thing will tell me, give him a parent of his parents every year, it is not less, smoke is quit, the mortgage is still not finished, if you dare to lie to me, there is no way. He doesn't dare.

The three families will gather together to eat a meal together every year, once a year. The first lady puts forward a suggestion, this year, I came to my house, the place was big, convenient, put the food, let's eat, then go out to play, put the monitoring of the family, put it on the hidden place Recording, look at these three people who are willing to lie, I have fallen, I suggest a few people very much, everything is done according to the plan, keep everything, look forward to the results.

Everything in the New Year's Day is done according to the plan, very smooth, three ladies have finished eating, I am bored out, give you a holiday today, just drink, just don't make trouble. The three men are also very happy, rare opportunities, one year. The wine has passed three patrols, the dishes have a five flavor, and the small wine is drinking. After the start of the wine, it is easy to talk to her home, and there is a comment on my wife.

Drink a little wine, to a certain extent, the words will naturally open, and naturally tell their own depression and helplessness. The first small boss, the store is finished every night, almost nine o'clock, you will sit alone every day, sometimes you will drink two bottles of beer and go home, the pressure is too big, and you can't tell your wife. I don't use it, and many places can't understand, I can't help me, I may say that I will add. Every day, there are too many people in the store, you must pro, no one can replace it, you can only take yourself, or you will quarrel, not only solve the problem, you will do your hometown to fly dog ​​jump, you also have to I will bear, ask me? I said that TM is not tired, haha ​​laughs, it is so helpless.

The second little brother has also spoken, my wife is Overall, it is also very hard, who makes us have not been able to resist, there is no way. She is a bit too hurt, always saying that I have no interest, I know to go to work to take the takeaway. I am very uncomfortable in my heart, I don't know how to be good. For the child, for this home, I have to let it, who will get married at the time, regret it, I have to think about it, I have to think about it, the two children have too big, I don't even matter how tired, I may have been complained, I have been complaining, and I have a glass of wine, and I have too much helplessness and sorrow.

The third driving, home from the countryside, parents in the countryside, no pension, two people give 10,000 pieces, really don't have much, we are not rich, the wife is nothing wrong, every day is too strict, I always secretly sneak some money, each time gives five hundred and six hundred, always worried that my wife knows, sometimes it is happy to hang. Mom is sick, I need to take medicine every day, I don't dare to say my wife, I feel that I have a special sleep, I have finished playing myself.

The Lantern Festival makes someone to go out, I feel that it doesn't mean. I came to the store. I suddenly reached a good thing about it. I quickly came out to see, listen, listen, more, more heartache, more Read more sad, red eyelids. If they are not they gathe together, they don't know if they don't know. These things don't know, all joys have not been there. It feels that the air is solidified. There is no place to talk about the man's suffering. I am holding myself because I am a man, I should hold a home.

This is a man, for most families, two people's income will also have eight thousand dollars, where is it easy to get over 10,000, or have a lot of money, let many women I feel that my men can't do it. I have complained that I will believe in those people on the Internet. It is basically bragging. I don't know how many women lose the direction, and poison chicken soup is really harmful.

In fact, in many places that can't see, men concealed a lot of pressure and pain, there are too many grievances in their hearts. In a word, I didn't have anything. These years are used to it. This is a man who is the easiest to say outside. He is only known to himself. This is a man who is going to say every day. Every day, wear a mask life, wearing black people outside, returning home, silent, wearing a child.

Middle-aged man suffering, many women can't understand, sometimes they don't cry, I don't dare to do whatever you want, can't say anything to others, and you can't delay your job. Every day I don't dare to stop every day. Relax, the nerves don't dare to let their relaxation, and you can't let your loved ones, sometimes I like someone to wait for a while, come to two smoke, or drink some small wine crying. Comfortable, get up and wash your face, everything is the cloud. In the middle age, many times persuade yourself to let go, there is no kindness of the feeling of the feeling, now I can't make money, fear of unemployment, can not make money, it is absolutely not good, there is a loan need, have children need to raise, have children Parents need to take care of it, it is really old, there is a small embarrassment in a small embarrassment, one is accidentally, the family may fight, not just tired, but also carefully.

My wife complained that I am incompetent, don't love her to pet her before, I can't make big money, and I am busy one day. It's still saying that I have never accompanying to play, my parents say that you spend too big hands and don't save. When you go to work, you need to be affected by the boss, not good, don't say a word. I am just a small staff who dare not hit, and I have to face a smile.

What makes men are uncomfortable is that there is one, let him want to do anything, but it is impossible to do, no matter how hard itself, it is still unreasonable. There is no tears in the eyes, want to talk, and if you don't know how to open your mouth, I don't think about it, I will only become a secret, become a bitter wine.

Sometimes men have to feel loneliness in middle age, as long as they open their eyes, they will think that they need to rely on him, it is difficult to find someone who can rely on him, even the wife may open his mouth and complain. The vessel is incompetent, this is a true man's heart, some is somewhat hard, but it is true. Look at someone else's money, see others easy, what you see is not true, but no middle-aged man is relaxed.

Most men sell their own freedom to find the opportunity, changed to Chai Mi oil salt sauce vinegar tea, put their dreams to hide, change to five flavors, sweet and sour and salty stews, women, you are not easy, When you have a child, take your child, do a housework, men look in your eyes, and want to give you what you want, you have worked hard, you will know how you are wronged, you have worked hard. But, you also want to give this top Liang Zhu, a little care, a little encouragement, this is his greatest motivation.

Women are not easy, men are not easy, but life is still going to continue, the wife's understanding and encouragement can give men the courage to face the pressure, two people need to rely on each other, love each other, such a home can go, do not look at the scenery How beautiful, you go to West Lake, just like your small water bubble, don't believe you, you will take it out, I will know, others will not be given to you, the parts are still the original, don't believe you can ask. Consult the car master.

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