Green tea gousel grabs my boyfriend, and all relatives forced me to go back to the wedding

A year ago, the cousin took my boyfriend.

Tomorrow, two of them are married.

Cousin, I personally call, please go back to the wedding.

I am ignored.

In the evening, my mom actually called ...

"Sister, I apologize to you, I know that you are still blaming me, but I can't love it. We are really love, so even if you are on me, tomorrow's wedding, I still hope to get your blessing, so, you Will come? "

"Yes, you have a birthday, I wish you a happy birthday in advance."

A year ago, the cousin climbed the bed of my first love boyfriend.

Tomorrow's two people get married, she also specializes in news, inviting me to participate in the wedding.

I looked at it, didn't return, and bury my head.

After a while, she sent a speech, this time I was too lazy to open.

But I didn't expect, after five seconds, my aunt called.

I plan to get halfway, the tired mind is stunned, and I have not read it.

On the moment of the phone, I came out from the phone, "Xiao Yu, what do you mean, everyone is relative, do you have to be so sweet? She is also good Your sister, I am getting married tomorrow, what do you do this? "

"Zhou Heng with you, that is, he doesn't like you, you have the fate of the fate, what else is necessary, you have to put the sweetness and Zhou Heng's marriage."

This is awkward.

But my brain is a digital form, and I have never reacted for a moment.

"No, can you stop first, what does this mean?"

My ambiguity is not good, "Don't be stupid, what do you mean? The wedding scene is arranged, but you don't want to have a marriage because you, what you said."

It is estimated that the phone opens ambassay, the background of the background is noisy.

"Yeah, light rain, you are sensible, don't be more than this." Said this sentence is my big.

"Light rain, you talk about sweetness, don't really say that you are not getting married."

My mother is also?

I frowned, "She is not married, what is the relationship with me."

At this time, the sobbing of the cousin was intermittently passed.

"Mom, don't blame the sister, all my problems, I originally I did wrong, if I didn't get the forgiveness and blessing of the cousin, then I still have a marriage."

But if you don't say it, it's just a honeycomb, and a relative and friend have opened a mouth, advise me to quickly forgive Tang sweet, don't have a more pound.

My mom, cousin, my father ... all the relatives in the family have turned around, the phone bombed, advised me to understand something, go back to the Tang sweet wedding, don't really stir the marriage, and it is too embarrassing.


It is obvious that she is looking for, but it is the end of it, I have made a big mistake.

And I really don't believe it.

Tang Sweet she spends exhausted climbs, will she be married to Zhou Heng?

So for this wedding, I don't have a good feeling, and I am too lazy to show.

But my mother, I really can't listen.

I got down the plane, I was tired and dizzy, I haven't had time to breathe, I was gone to the door of the bride lounge.

She taught me, talking with Tang sweet, the original thing, in the past, don't influence the feelings between relatives, then throw it, I will leave.

It is very grand, and this wedding office is very grand, and it is a large number of large hotels. It has a luxury, decorated with heart, and even the bride's lounge has a classroom.

But this is not unfortunate.

After all, Zhou Heng has money, it is a small rich second generation.

Otherwise, Tang Sweet is not so hard to climb his bed and replace it.

I pushed the door, but I found that the cousin Tang is not there.

In the big lounge, only a girl wearing a poiny dress.

She saw that I was bright, and I ran directly.

"Hello, are you a bride's relative or friend?"

I didn't have the end, but I still anneated, "I am her cousin."

"Too good." Get this answer, she faces the color, I can't help but put a box to my hands.

"This is a wedding ring, this is the wedding ring of the bride. When you have a ceremony, you have to give the company. I am in my insurance, but I urge an urgent, I can't do it. The bridesmaid is not a pocket, but there is no pocket, but The ring is quite expensive, put it directly in the lounge, I really don't worry, can you help me take a while, I will come back soon. "

The girl speaks very anxious, and the face is difficult, and it is still a cold battle when it is still, it seems to be uncomfortable, unlike lying.

And just take the ring, raise your hand, I really have no reason to refuse.

Seeing me, the girl is facing, thank you, putting the ring box into my hand, and then people ran out the lounge.

I looked at the ring box, I took it into my bag.

I only left me alone in the house, and the sure is sitting on the sofa, close your eyes.

But it hasn't long been long yet, and the door is pushed away.

The noisy speech is far away.

I turned, I saw a large group of girls in the door, I wore it very bright, many of whom were relatives, and it was our same age.

My cousin is Tang sweet, also in it.

It is estimated that it is convenient to walk, so the wedding dress has not changed, she wore a red cheongsam, her face makeup exquisite, being surrounded in the center, laughing.

After seeing me, she was obviously a moment, but soon he piled up a smile, "The cousin, you are here, I thought you were too busy, so I couldn't you come?"

Although she has changed rapid expression, her fake smile is really not difficult.

I glanced at her. "You don't know if I am coming? It's not you said that I am not getting married, so I will force me back."

She doesn't seem to have, I don't give face, my eyes flashed.

"Xiao Yu, you misunderstood, I didn't force you, I just feel very sorry, so I want to apologize to you, you think so, I ..."

"Forget it, I don't have to apologize."

I got up and took the bag and lazy waiting for her to play this.

And she stood in the same place, and the poor expression was stiff to his face.

In the crowd next to her, some people open, "Chen Yu, you have not finished, sweet is very embarrassing, I have been apologizing you, how do you still don't agree."

Talking is the cousin of my little family, I am two years old.

Several cousins ​​who are still studying, "Yes, Chen Yujie, you don't have a fate with Zhou Heng brother, breaking up, can break up, can not be peaceful, don't tangle it."

Tang Sweet is blocked, "Don't, don't blame Xiao Yu, all my fault ..."

But she came out, there is no more than arch fire, everyone is a group of indignation, praise Tang sweet gentle and intimate, and accuses me.

It's good to make a big show.

The snoring is noisy, my headache is even more powerful.

I am really too lazy to deal with these, just when I didn't hear it, get up.

"Hey, why do you go, let's not finish it yet!"

"Who, don't have a polite."

"She has always been very embarrassed, I listened to the gods, after she broke up with Zhou Heng Ge, I didn't find my boyfriend."

"Yeah, can't afford to hide the field, what to put."

Seeing that I felt, Tang sweet expression was very proud.

Standing in the center of the crowd, it is quite a little Yao Wu Wei.

I went to the door, just encountered the stylist of the wedding dress, I came in, and the cosmetics in her hand hit it on my leg. The sharp corner hit me to fall, but she just glanced at me. Said, "Sorry".

This person I know, it is Tang sweet girlfriend, I have always helped her to deal with me.

"Bride, changing clothes."

After the body, I rammed my debut, even no one asked me that I didn't hurt.

"Wow, this is a limited number, this brand's wedding dress is custom-made, and a button must be hundreds of pieces."

"Yeah, the sweet sister is really blessing, not only a ring, it will be 500,000, and now I only wear a wedding dress, I bought it so expensive."

Tang Sweet is humble and said that there is nothing. It can settle the compliments of everyone, drilling into the fitting room, and even took the empty me, my eyes are proud.

It seems that she is deliberately forced to come back, and the purpose is to think that I will be humiliated.

I have a lounge, I will stay in the hall outside.

There are a lot of relatives to come, gather together, I am not good at cope with this scene, find a corner to stay, just think that the ceremony is over, just leave.

But I took a sleeve by my aunt and pulled it in the middle of the crowd.

"Hey, this is not a small rain, you work in the field, there is a big interest, you can't see it, but it's not easy to come back, why don't you say hello? Your parents have not taught you? ? "

She smiled, can be said, but the attack is full, it is obviously after retaliating, I hung up her call yesterday.

Other relatives see, playing around the field, "Light rain came back, work so hard, but also to take time back, sit down."

"Yeah, eat something, take a break, wedding, etc. will begin."

Some people put fruit plates to me.

But I haven't waited for me to reach out, I have opened a mouth, "Why don't you bring your boyfriend back? It's very lively."

I still have no sound. I said, "Hey, I haven't found my boyfriend yet, you are not small, I have been 26 after the year, I should talk about it, though like Zhou Heng. So good, but you should also understand your conditions and low the standards. "

I heard this, I came to my temper. I just thought of it, I was gone by my mother, told me to talk to me.

Subsequently, the music is high, covering the voice of everyone, and the audience is turned off, only the lights on the stage are bright.

"The wedding begins, please visit the guests home."

I listened to this, and I went to face it again, and I can't find me any more, turn around.

On the stage, the company has picked up the microphone, the simple introduction of the suitcase begins before the ceremony.

After the big screen played the love MV of the two, the video picture is beautiful, and it is also pairing.

But I saw the face of the slag male, I feel nausea.

It's low to play my mobile phone, but I suddenly taken it. A panicked bride is standing by me, asking, "Hello, the diamond ring in the bride lounge, is it in your hands, can you still give it to me? Waiting for it. "

Because there is a sound of background music, this girl deliberately enlarges the volume, so many relatives around have seen it.

I remembered this, I did have such a thing.

The girl wants to go to the toilet, told me to help hold the ring, and then I will forget it.

"here I am."

I said, pick up the ring box from the bag, and handed her.After the girl took the past, he didn't thank, but directly took the ring box and ran back the stage direction.

The wedding step continues to proceed to it, and it is normal.

The company announced on the stage that the next item is to exchange the ring.

The bridesmaid and the companion fell to the ring box, but he had a riot on the ring in the ring box.

The bridesmaid stale, the expression was surprised.

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