Why is the Chinese who work in Africa, will it be a local girl?Five reasons tell you

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38-year-old Liu Bigong works on the construction site of Uganda in Africa, spent more than 10,000 yuan, married a 25-year-old Uganda girl, now, a family of three is its music.

In 2014, under the coincidence, Liu Da Ge followed the hometown to go to Africa Uganda to engage in aid construction. Liu Da Ge is a old wattman with years of experience in work. After coming to Uganda, the construction site is 100,000 yuan.

There are many small work on the construction site, and there are also local people in Uganda. They also have girls in these small workers. They are mainly to do some zero-lived, and they need to work ten hours a day. The salary of the day is RMB 12.

Liu Da Ge has only primary school culture. Since these years have been working on the construction site, they are rarely exposed to women, plus people are honest, so they have never married their daughter-in-law.

Since the construction site of Uganda, Liu Bigong met a 25-year-old Uganda girl named Harley on the site. Liu Da Ge often called Harry to get his hand, so let her make some relaxing.

With more familiar familiar, Harley directly depends on Liu Da Ge, because of the age, Liu Da Ge still refused. But finally Liu Da Ge is still impressed by Harry's true feelings! So the two talked about love.

In addition to aged parents, Harry has two brothers and a sister. A six man is squeezed in three dwarf soar, and there is no light in the room. Every time I have a holiday, Liu Bigong will follow Harry to her home, and the parents of Harry also respect Liu Da Ge.

Every time, Liu Bigong will not be empty, sometimes give the brother sister of Harry, sometimes buy some rice, face, and oil in life. In this way, Liu Da Ge and Harry family are getting better and better.

The period between the three-year assisted construction is to end. According to the local customs, Liu Da Ge needs two cows in Harley parents as a color ceremony. Up to RMB 3000 in the local area, I can buy, but Liu Da Ge gave it. Harry parents are 10,000 yuan, and it is also showing their own heart.

After returning to China, Liu Bigong held a wedding with Harry under the blessings of friends and family. In less than a year after marriage, Harle gave Liu Big Ge, now, now, a family has passed the music.

After the Chinese man went to Africa, the reason why the local woman did his wife, mainly the following five reasons:

1. The Chinese people who work in Africa will marry the local woman to be a wife. The most important reason is: African girls don't have to spend high gift money. The fact is true, such as Liu Big Guo Harry also spent more than 10,000 yuan, and when Harry's parents have two cows, 10,000 dollars can at least buy six or seven cows in Uganda. Because the African girl doesn't have to spend high color gift, Chinese men working in Africa will marry the local woman to be a wife.

2. There are many countries in Africa to have more female many male, and there are many girls in Africa too enthusiastic to the Chinese. Many of the African girls are to marry Chinese men. Therefore, Chinese people are still relatively easy in Africa. of. It is also because there is a bit difficult in the domestic daughter-in-law, so Chinese talents working in Africa will marry the local woman.

3. African girl is very good, and the body of African girl is very strong, with ordinary a bag of cement, African girls can pick up on the shoulders, hiking to five floors. After marry the African girl, she won't stick to you all day, and there is anything in my family to help, and this is the case, so many Chinese people who work in Africa will marry the local girl.

4. African girls are more embarrassed, but they are very hardworking, and the African girls have specially listened to their husbands. They are also hosted by husband in their families. They are special respect for husband. It is also because of African girls to obey and know how to respect the husband, so Chinese people who work in Africa will wish to marry the local girl as a wife.

5. Chinese people working in Africa, if they marry the local girl for their wife, then the child after marriage is a mixed-race. There are many people say that they are particularly smart, IQ is much higher than ordinary people, and the facts are indeed like this. Liu Da Ge's son is smarter than many children in the kindergarten.

In recent years, many Chinese will choose to work to Africa, and some Chinese people will marry the local girls in Africa. The Chinese people who work in Africa will marry the local girl as a wife, basically the five reasons.

Although African girls are very obedient, and the African girl doesn't have to spend a lot of color gifts, but if you marry the African girl, you need to pay attention to 2 points:

1. Because of the economic facilities, the medical facilities in many countries in Africa are relatively short, and the African local people are not understood to health knowledge, so Africa is a high-incidence of AIDS. If you work in Africa, you want to marry a local woman as a wife, then you must pay attention to whether the other party is healthy.

2. Because of the reason for the location, most African countries' climate is relatively hot, plus the African sweat gland is relatively developed, so many African girls will have a strong taste.If you work in Africa, you want to marry the local girl for your wife, and you are a clean person, then you must pay attention to whether there is a strong taste on the other party.Nowadays, many places can see the existence of multinational marriage. Some people want to marry their daughter-in-law in China. It does have certain stress, but Chinese people working in Africa have a stable work and stable income, and is trueTreat African girls, then it is still easy to marry the African local girl for the daughter-in-law.

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