May you taste all the roads, you are gentle

May you taste all the roads, and you will be gentle.

The coffee in my heart is a bit bitter.

The coffee in my heart is bitter.

I like this feeling, no matter how cumbersome process, a little reluctant, everything will be happy.

The coffee in my heart is a bit bitter.

Those memories are a bit chaotic.

Those of those days, I also saw the song you wrote, sometimes I chatted with you, and those you got to see me.

Later, you asked me, you said that because I heard that your song can't know more than my words, I still can't make sure you are, you don't want to reject me.

I really shouldn't worry about you.

I laughed yourself, I can't tell you, I can only talk to you, I know, I can tell you the heart, I can be happy with you.

The bitterness in my heart has elapsed, and it is uncomfortable.

I will also tell you too flat with you, because you have recovered calm.

Talking to another new year, we will chat together, talk about laughing together, climbing together, talking about wind boom, now there is no exciting expression, I think this is what I should do.

Those secrets in my heart all think about you in my mind, thinking about you.

But I will not forget, because I know even if you do it, you are still here! I don't want to do something that makes you unforgettable, I hope you can be good, here, you can make me good! We are reporters, after sixty, it is a heart-sour year.

I have gone through a crossroads together. In such a ridiculous city, I once envied the national style.

And now I don't know how deep we will.

The coffee in my heart is a bit bitter.

The coffee in my heart is bitter.

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