In love in love, I learned that my boyfriend broke up in March and crying, comments accused the girl?

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Recently, Shanxi Taiyuan, a young girl is pushing hot search in the Luke car inside, but people who have a life experience know that if a person is crying, not seeing is really sad, more Paste and seek attention, but if a person is light and weeping in the corner, it is true to hurt, this girl is, listen to her nose and vomiting, I know that she is hurt.

Shooting and uploading the video is sitting in a co-pilot, a girlfriend, the video is girlfriend, in his own friend circle, I want to see the front boyfriend of the girl, because they have added friends between them, I did not expect others to upload it. Search.

The girlfriend said that two people went to work together. The girl in glasses driving is Yang Hao (pseudonym), 28 years old this year, Taiyuan local people, the family is quite abundant, Yang Wei originally talking about 6 years of boyfriend, from the university to now 6 Although the two in the year, the two were divided, but there was no truly broken, two months ago again, but it was not the same before, this time I got a boyfriend and didn't come to her, the girl was a little anxious, but on the surface It has been strongly installed.

When Yang Hao took the car this morning, his boyfriend suddenly came up, driving for handlessness, boyfriend, like she chatted like us, Yang Wei also attached, she had no observation about the upcoming things, even a burst of happiness I think he is going to find a step for yourself, but I have been talking for 10 minutes. The topic of the two is still "surrounded by roaming", and the boyfriend is always the mouth, Yang Wei suddenly seems to have The heart of the cardiococcal should be in general, "I have a new friend:" Do you have a new girlfriend? "The phone is silent, saying:" I am getting married. "The girl stepping on a foot brake, in the deputy Driving girlfriends are inertially dive with forward, and they are hurting, "Shocked + Far", after the girls don't know what they are saying, the boy knows that she did not continue to say after driving, Just say that I will send you a wedding invitation, and then hang up the phone.

The girl is crying all the way to the company, girlfriends advise her, please leave today, she puts his hand, after 15 minutes of rest, after the company, rubbed the tears on the floor with napkins.

Seeing this, I want everyone to understand, this is another "boyfriend gets married, the bride is definitely not me," new version.

Someone asked this to shoot, it is easy to imitate it, you can realize the inner pain, you will take a look at it? The girl is 28 years old, I hope to come out as soon as possible, and the life behind it is still very long.

This video is released, immediately leading the hot discussion, the mainstream point of view is still to encourage women to be mainly strong, life is still better, but with the spread of spread, the more and more people join the discussion, slowly It's getting awkward, and more and more people have begun to condemn the woman, think that all of the body is the wrong thing. She is self-sufficient, and the main point of view of the hierarchy is mainly three:

"The original sin of the victim", why did you talk about you for 6 years without marriage, you will be married to others, you have to find the reason from yourself, you are honest, is you? " "Giant Color Gift Conten", a boy will be willing to be with you with you. He is really thinking about you a lifetime. 6 years of youth is more precious, why did he finally be with you, is it you want a gift? too much? "Two-sided people", crying so pitiful, usually launched a temper, is it a mother tiger?

The three questions on the top of the stroke, but nothing can be buffered, all of which do not have a suspicion, and people in the society always like to deduct their unfortunate reasons to the female leader, and have fun.

Such remarks naturally arouse a lot of "new era women", they counterattack:

Why is the woman who is also a young woman in Taiyuan's middle class. My boyfriend will find new joy and get married. This is "婆"? Men who have changed in a 3 month, also worth crying? What wedding participates, is it not better to participate in his funeral? Now how people's youth is worthy of money, don't you say that men are more worthy? The 6 years of youth is really feeding the dog, but a small fresh meat will accompany you for 6 years, you also earned;

If we always look at one thing with emotional eyes, simple things tend to look more and more complicated, as a coming, I think men are actually not so complicated, he likes you, you have a great rope I don't want to go, he doesn't like you, how can you hint he would not take care of you, so, do you want to get married because a person who doesn't care about you?

For the big marriage, please go to the banquet, this is not a news now, it seems to become more trend, as an invitation party is naturally a high, full of winners, you have thought about receiving the invitation What is it? "The origin is only a new person, who has heard the old people cry", must you maximize the damage to others?

Last month, a beautiful little sister in Shenzhen, with a full teard of the subway, I started makeup, just completed the makeup and was burst with tears, I can only make up, so that it is better than it. I completely ignore the attention of the people around, until she can't stand the forehead into her arms, and people noticed the invitation in her hand.

Life has a story, let the past come with the wind, love and hange, since then, the sky is a stranger, the mountain high water is far more difficult, is this not good? What have been loved? What is the former wedding invitation, I think the best way to handle is: Li Jin arrived, people don't go.

The wedding is the best memories in his life. Why do I add a bitterness in the beautiful memories of people; the former wedding is an important ceremony that ends in the past, but this ceremony is them, not mine, and former good bid farewell The ceremony is your own wedding. Under the impulse, you might want to go to the former wedding, but it will find that this will only make yourself in embarrassment: "The whole people are different, but also cooperate with him. Take a happiness, "This is a lot of things, even if there is 100 reasons to go, I also have 101 basis;

Today, I saw a small poem written by Bai Juyi "a dream", I feel good, share with you: "Wen Jun's good edge, more far, and send it, I wish you all the best. "

I hope that Qinshen is a harmony, and the second wish is not reduced, and the three will people have long been

I have been with a "white hair again" after a long time, I have deleted it, I am not willing to meet you again, for you, I will miss it.

Grateful life, thank you, I wish you all happiness, and finally I wish Yang Wei to come out soon, encounter a better him.

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