Hot Search husband and wife have been exposed privately played?Chen Xiaochun should pick up Cecilia Cheung Triangle?The King of the Entertainment Roop is accused of bubble girl?

Baozi, today we come to eat a cool people's candida!

It is said that the woman who can let the prodigy look back, it is a role!

The big bay area should be picked, it is one of them.

Even the uncle wants to know:

One and Cecilia Cheung, this big beauty is lifted for 5 years, with 9 paragraph of chaotic love history of Men, Chen Xiaochun.

Why is it taken by picking, I will die for 14 years?


At that time, the representative of the "unhakened son" of the Hong Kong Circle Chen Xiaochun, and the girlfriend had a number of 10 fingers.

In the words of friends in the circle, it is: "He simply tasted the woman's thousand and beautiful ..."

Therefore, when you should make a common friend, when you talk to Chen Xiaochun, the other party is very cold.

Even the first date, is the roadside booth, or the table of others ...

There is media big amp on: up to month, Chen Xiaochun "playing" she.

But no one thought that should be good at reading the man's heart, driving each other. There is no action at the beginning, just because it feels not worth it.

Soon, the people around him were surprised to find: the old and dyed Chen Xiaochun, actually became the "licking dog" that should be mining ...

It turned out that I have long been in the heart of Chen Xiaochun, I have found that he is actually a lack of security.

Worse native families, let Chen Xiaochun survive like a hedgehog, armed up. Thus, it should be made to give him a variety of rules:

Before going to bed, you must say good night, no matter where you have to report it, let Chen Xiaochun feel that he is loved, paying attention.

Under this careful "training", Chen Xiaochun's life has been an impulse that I want to marry a woman home.

Today, Chen Xiaochun became a husky slave, and he was willing to be a 6-year-old daughter, and even enjoy this pleasure.

All of this is quite PUA's taste, in fact, it is only possible to use "read heart surgery" to affect each other.

Because of reading heart, it is the best attack method. You can read each other, you can conquer each other!


But how can I see someone else?

Domestic first visited CCTV's readings expert - Lu Wen Jian, said it is very simple.

"As long as you observe micro-expression, body movements, even WeChat text, you can see everything in the heart of others."

Do not believe? Please see him in the context of reading:

On the program of CCTV "Challenges", Lu Wenjian is required to "read" all three of the guests selected in 10 "Bao Gong" players.

When the guest was selected, Lu Wen Jian was isolated, and it couldn't see more.

It seems impossible to achieve, Lu Wen Jian is very easy to use reading heart, from "Bao Gong", the micro-face, limb movement.

Finally, not only successful "read" a few guest options, even the order is "read" right!

This is the scary read heart, so that countless people want to know how he did it.

Lu Wenjian said: Reading heart, everyone can learn. Because this is a kind of ability, just need to develop.

Those who were sent to the sky were praised by the boss to praise the smart people of the high-performance business ...

Sometimes, we will only read the time of the people at once!

"Seeing the people"

You are so good, don't lose in interpersonal relationships.

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Seeing this, you are definitely very curious, what is the training camp 4 days?

In fact, after brushing four days, you really have the opportunity to fully learn to read the hearts in the workplace, family, and life!

Do not believe to see this dry curriculum outline

1 dollar, full of sincerity ↓↓

Day 1

Want to get his heart?

I want to understand the true intention behind him?

Here, you can test your own "people 's ability", is true or false, look at it.

Lu Wen Jian will also teach you, how to use this "people" ability to establish a perfect interpersonal relationship, easy to repel the competitors, let the other person think you understand him.

⭐ More people have a feeling of feelings of hundreds of spiritual effects, let him engrave your mind!

Day 2

Want someone else to "hate the night"?

I want to know which one is true.

Here, you can learn how to identify any personal character.

Teacher will also teach you, how to use this "personality identification" method, get along with people, let others feel that I have time to meet you.

I don't know, you can become the center of the circle, and it is boastful!

Day 3

What did you do not understand what others' eyes and movements?

Always cheating, want yourself smarter?

Here, you can learn to identify other people's micro-faces and micro-motion, no longer get it.

There is still a lecture to lie, teach you how to chat with you, show your fox tail. Stay away from the liar, life is more smooth!

Day 4

Want to pass the text, you can understand his carefulness?

I don't know what he thinks at all over the screen.

Here, "Handwriting Heartkeeping" and "WeChat Reading Heart" help you see the psychological characteristics of your most care. Teachers will teach you how to use two "attack skills", let him obey. What big wolf dogs, I met you, I will become a small cream!

"Relaxing all the relationships from 0 started from 0"

Big Coffee Live Class 4 Day 1 Pair 1 Counseling

Original price of 199 yuan limited time special 1 yuan

Lying in life with "reading heart"

You are so good, don't lose in interpersonal relationships.


The truth below is likely to subvert your knowledge:

The more people who don't know about reading, but more easily learn to read the heart, even becomes a leader.

The children who have never exposed to psychology related knowledge are one of Lu Wen Jian's many beneficiary students.

For a few days ago, the Qing Zi always complained to the side of the side:

"I don't understand him more and more, every time I have said that the chicken is talking with duck!"

"Now we are like tenants under the same roof, so strange ..."

After reading her circle, I found out that she was in the same way.

Because I can't talk, I have a big guilty colleague. I have no one to help;

I always say a lot of complaints to the customer, I haven't mentioned a lot of complaints ...

On the night of late night, overtime to the backache of backache, I saw a full house dirty: I didn't wash clothes in the room, and the man who played mobile phones on the sofa did not lift.

At this moment, she didn't even cry.

But I know that things will never end this easily. After all, the child is born to be lost.

Sure enough, how long, I received her voice message - "It can be understood, it is not to read people! Nothing!"

It turned out that after that night, she recommended reading with Lang Wen Jian, less than three months, in less than 3 months, in less than 3 months.

Now, the small days of the Son will be too cool!

At home, the other half is more and more listening, the two feelings slowly go back, like returning to the meeting.

Outside, the boss is getting more and more, and colleagues are getting more and more helping her. Under everyone's support, she has doubled her monthly salary, and it is also the head of the department.

With this changing change, it is no wonder that the Qing Zi always said:

Reading people, attacked people, it's a blade!

Take hundreds of thousands of requests with it, take the relationship

Direously, I want to explore what he likes?

Not as good as

Lying in life with "reading heart"

You are so good, don't lose in interpersonal relationships.

Teacher Lu Wenjian said: Double sonas plus reading heart will collide out unlimited possibilities!

Dear / married twin men and women + will read the heart

Easily read the idea of ​​the other half, both sex life is increasingly harmonious.

Double children in all walks of life + will read the heart

May not work hard, customers come and take the old jump, can easily understand the real needs of users, talk about a single order.

Two-child men who need socializing + will read the heart

Can understand the opponents and ideas through the opinion, accurately hit the pain points of the other party, create more possibilities for yourself.

⭐ Tips:

This course is learning: online courses, open your phone, you can learn!

The teacher's class is: interactive class, there is questions!

In the 4 days of the training camp, the light can be returned to this information, and it cannot be more cost-effective ...

Who is suitable for listening

Take hundreds of thousands of requests with it, take the relationship

Direously, I want to explore what he likes?

Not as good as

Lying in life with "reading heart"

You are so good, don't lose in interpersonal relationships.

Every period is very hot, less than 30 minutes will be reported

You are only a good life, just read people!

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