"I have a person, but I don't have to qualify for the table." Go to my boyfriend, the girl hesitated


Love, not just a sweet romantic process.

It is the best time to learn more about two people.

Some couples can spend the examinations as a couple, and some are discovering that they are not suitable.

Just like the hostess in the case, when she found the concepts and habits of the two, they were still in hesitation.

Juan Juan is an authentic southern girl, even the delicate drip is particularly identified.

There is such a single girl at home, nature is not to parents, and I can't let my daughter at home.

And Dad is a good man, Juan Juan, Dad at home, is both necessary to support his family and do housework. How many years have not let Juan Juan felts a plate.

Although my mother wants to let Juan Juan find a big paragraph, Juan Juan wants to find a husband who hurts people like Dad.

Soon, this Southern girl met the boy from the North, Deng Hua.

After the hometown of Deng Hua in the northeast, after the college entrance examination, he came to the south to study.

And his big high in the one meter, in the school, very conspicuous, quickly Juan Juan noticed him.

Two young people are the age of love, and they talked about love after chatting.

After the love, Juan Juan, the whole person, the whole person, flying, in Deng Hua, can see the northern man's atmosphere, and see the delicateness of the Southern man.

In her heart, the southern man has a little small family, not enough for men.

The high and handsome Deng Hua let Juanjuan's girl feel greatly satisfied, and walking in Deng Hua's side.

But I know that my mother will definitely not agree, she has to temporarily keep it in love with things.

I have a non-winding wall in a world. The two people are in less than three months.

That day, Juan Juan and Deng Hua were applying in the commercial street, and the look of the tote should be seen by the neighbors downstairs.

Sure enough, she came a three-day review in a parent.

The mother waited her at the door of the door, while Dad also wiped her mother's shoes.

Juan Juan has not yet entered the door, is blocked by her mother, asking her to go today.

Look at the mother's look, Juan Juan knows that the love of love is exposed.

Then, the sofa is sitting on the sofa, and directly admits that I am in love.

Mother listened to the spirit, the sweater did not fight, and a boyfriend was a boyfriend or a small opening.

Juan Juan didn't have a goodness, said that it is working, take the salary to eat.

As a result, the father took the lead in laughing and sighed.

The mother didn't have an eye, and I said the daughter of next door neighbors: "You look at your aunt's daughter next door, long is far more than you, you can marry the United States! You can say you can Strive to give you a long face. "

It is said that it is still asked the hide family background and the intention after graduation.

When I know that Deng Hua is a northerner and his parents are ordinary workers, my mother completely turned his face.

She told her daughter to break up early, and this kind of foreigner will not be in trouble.

The can be used as a mother, but also when he graduated, he went back to his hometown with Deng Hua.

In this way, the mother gas is almost unstable.

I thought that my daughter was just talking to her. After three months, she really secretly ran to the Northeast of Deng Hua.

Juan Juan thought of Denhua in love for half a year. Anyway, Deng Hua's family has to see late soon, it is better to leave a good impression early.

In order to meet this time, Juan Juan also secretly learned to be a dish with his father with his father.

So I lied with my parents to go out to travel, sitting and walking with Deng Hua.

The train speed is uncomfortable, although it is a sleeper, but Juan Juan is under the bus, it is back pain.

Deng Hua's home is in an old community, although the environment is general, good in the area is not small.

Put a bunch of gifts on the table, Juan Juan greeted Deng Hua parents.

The parents of Deng Hua responded, while I was busy calling at the phone.

There are still a few relatives that have good relatives that are ingenious.

Juan Juan knew that there was still a elder to come over, and took the initiative to enter the kitchen and say she came to the mean.

Deng Hua's mother was a bit surprised, but immediately gave the kitchen, the expression was very satisfactory.

Juan Juan is in the kitchen, while thinking about it, it is necessary to have a good impression on the kitchen art.

I have been busy for two hours, she made a sauce, such as sweet and sour, red burning meat.

When I was on the food, Juan Juan was already hungry before the chest.

Just when she was preparing to eat on the table, Deng Hua's mother stopped her kitchen, and the voice was not big and said: "You can't go on the table, our rule is that there is a guest, women can't Take the table. You move a stool to eat in the kitchen. "

Juan Juan listened to a stunned, this runtime, she is even unheard.

Although I feel that I am laughing but at this time, she is more angry, because from beginning to end, Deng Huadu did not come out to help her.

She really sat on a small bench and finished eating. Deng Hua is sitting outside and has never said a word.

After dinner that day, Juan Juan bought the ticket to go home ...

Juan Juan, who returned home, took himself in the room for a few days.

Parents have never seen my daughter, I thought it was against her love.

Mother did not dare to stimulate her daughter at this time, so that mild dad came in to communicate. Dad bought a daughter's favorite sugar and fried chestnuts in the bed, and asked her daughter. What happened.

I didn't talk about my daughter. Dad continued to ask: "Juan Juan, isn't my mother against your love, but your mother is most hurting, if you really like Dad to persuade?"

Juan Juan Li looked up and said: "No, Dad. I have went to Deng Hua's hometown," I didn't travel. "

Dad was surprised to say, and the gods were full, then he asked: "That .. So how do you feel, think of it?"

Juan Juan suddenly shook his head and said: "I took the initiative to do rice. But I did alone, but I didn't qualify for the table ... I think I can't accept this habit."

Juan Juan Dad is gratifying to loard a breath, and did not ask too much.

He also let his wife relax, he believes Juan Juan will deal with his feelings.

Sure enough, I didn't have two days, Juan Juan still broke up with Deng Hua ...

Juanjuan in the case is fortunate to break up in time, otherwise it will be a problem that to go into marriage. This also tells us that women must understand the following two principles before marriage.


One: As a woman, I must "pick a bone in the egg before marriage".

Marriage is very different from the meaning of men and women.

Men always have additional pardon rights and options in marriage and love.

In the marriage issue, the test and pressure faced by women are more severe.

In fact, the more people are in the unfamiliar stage, the more it is necessary to use the magazine to see the shortcomings of each other.

This is very necessary and important before the investigation before this.

Juan Juan in the case, if she weddened, she found the feudal behind her family, and it was not good to get out.

Even if you can divorce, you must have suffered a lot of grievances and harm.

Remember to walk into the marriage, it is not that simple.

Not much with a moment of hormonal impulse.

Picking the bones before marriage, maybe you can avoid a failure of marriage.


Second: Women are in front of marriage, do not feel too sensual.

When a woman encounters love and marriage, it is always easy to lose ingredients.

And love of love, it is easier to make an error when choosing marriage.

In fact, women must understand that marriage is a very actual and dangerous thing.

Therefore, before entering marriage, it must be kept rational and carefully observed.

Before seeing the other's most authentic appearance, you don't have to walk into the marriage.

Women can choose marriage, not just a necessary survival.

It is also an important shutdown for your life.

The complexity of society has made marriage become more dangerous.

And reason is that we can rely on effective substances when choosing marriage.


The embarrassment of love is crazy.

But the marriage topics are profound and complicated.

These two things are not the same.

How to complete the transition of these two things.

Maybe it's lucky enough.

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