"Stay ten days, I returned to the family" The stupid woman of the married woman is to believe in the marriage.


If you are married, there are a few points?

It is said that there are three things in this world that can't be believed: men's commitment, men's feelings, men's reasons.

Especially the mouth of the marriage man, is a deceptive ghost. In order to kid women and him to maintain the relationship between marriage, how to disclaimer will believe in hand.

Although many women understand this truth, when the feelings of the marriage are really in front of themselves, they often lose rationality, easily by the man's flowers, and become a "playing thing" for men.

Some even because of the promise of the male, I don't hesitate to give up the marriage of the original happiness, wait until I am awake, I know regretted.

Therefore, the married woman should maintain a rational and awake when facing the temptation of marriage emotions. Don't be greed for a time, and you can lose the marriage that can be used for a long time.

Chen Li (pseudonym) just because he did not escape the sweet words of the marriage man, "got god" in the marriage.

Fortunately, after a sick is hospitalized, Chen Li finally saw the opponent's face and said: "Resident ten days, I returned to the family."


Chen Li and her husband were married for five years, and the feelings have been very stable.

Chen Li's character is lively, and her husband is a man who is unknowing, and she looks at still someone. But the husband has no bad habits, work decent, income, and the class in the week, as long as there is no entertainment, it is also the first time to go home to help the food to do housework, is a good man of a house.

Although Chen Li's heart is clear, the husband is the most suitable for home for a living, but still can't block the offense of the marriage man Daewoo, secretly have a emotional feelings.

Da Yu is not the kind of career type for youth, the length of the general, the shot is not too strong, and the comprehensive conditions and husbands are even more inferior.

And he won a winning mouth with a happy woman, and a pair of painting big cakes had a clever hand, won the wealth of marriage. Chen Li is one of them.

It's just that she didn't know that I have always thought that I was "unique", silly and the other party maintained two years of marriage relationship.

In these two years, Daewoo is a happy emotional value experience:

When Chen Li was sick, he was "emergency" than anyone, "more hot water, less night" over and over again.

When I rain, Chen Lijia was late, and I was "escorted", she went home, and she was afraid that she had a bad person in the middle of the night;

Chen Li did not eat the appetite. He gave her a takeaway, and the porridge cabbage didn't even add a egg. The name of the beautiful name is clear;

When the situation, the other party is even promised to divorce her, will be divorced with his wife, and then reconstruct her family.

These cheap concerns and commitments, in the eyes of the outside, the buckle search, not perfunctory. But in the eyes of the lover, Xi Shi, these in Chen Li seem to love, it cares.

So, in the past two years, Chen Li is in doubt about his good words and promises, thinking that he is the true love of late, and is deeply fascinating in the beautiful feelings of the marriage.

I don't know if confidential work is good, or my husband really has a slow response, and this feeling has not been discovered.

One time, Chen Lili came to save the feelings of ourselves and Dazhou.

Chen Li, who was quiet, suddenly found that the other party did not give himself a substantive thing in addition to this time in this time.

Marriage and exquisite feelings can't stand up.

Chen Li gradually began to suspect the so-called "truth" in his mouth. Until the end of last year, Chen Lisheng was a disease, and finally saw the "true" of the other party but all "hypothesis".

In December last year, Chen Lei stomach is recurred and needs hospitalization.

Daewoo is still asking warm every day, very "intimate". This is a strong contrast to her husband who is going to give her rice after running in the hospital.

In the meantime, Chen Li made a decision.

She hit her husband to pick up the gap of the clothes, secretly contacted Daewoo. Not only deliberately said that the condition is very serious, but also leave him to borrow money to cure the disease, taking this to try the other party to treat her a few points.

It is said that don't easily try people, it will let you down, let you despair.

This is not fake this.

Dawu seems to believe Chen Li's words, it is only to find various reasons to get lost, and then use a variety of sweet words to try to transfer Chen Li's attention. See Chen Li is not so confused, and the sure is missing, and it will not contact again.

Although I thought of the ending, Chen Li was still somewhat lost, and I was really wrong in these two years.

At the same time, she is also more firm to return to the family's determination, and double the compensation of her husband in the next day.


It is said that the woman in love is zero.

In fact, as long as Chen Li is calm down, a woman often can distinguish a man's "true love". In the end, it is from the heart or during the scene.

And Chen Li's story also tells us the following two truths:

I: After the woman is married, the words and deeds of the marriage man "wonder" thinking "is an expression of emotional business.

It is said that women are in love with their ears.

In life, we are not difficult to find that those who can make the marriage woman who will reverse the soul of the gods, do not necessarily have a big man who is expensive or fresh meat. One of them has one of the characteristics, it will "say good words, painting the big cake".

Most women are grateful for marriage, often being a man can vote, say something that she loves, and do something that makes her touched, providing her a certain emotional value. The men understand the truth, so it is easy to take the woman in a person with a person.

For married women, the words and deeds of the marriage, "thinking about bad things" is an expression of emotional business.

Movie "When Harry Meets Sali", Harry said to Sally:

"They all want to go to bed with you, because no man can make friends with him, they always want to go to bed with her."

This is the most authentic purpose of the marriage. Every sweet words of men, but they all have a true love, and the fact is to achieve this inertial trick.

The married woman only keeps this alert, not in the man's flower words lost their minds, make a behavior that hurt their marriage.

Second: Married women should know how to protect themselves, don't have luck to marry.

There is a classic line in the movie "embroidered spring knife": "The money is lucky, the gambler is also."

Male men in the emotional emotions are a lucky gambler.

They often know that the emotional feelings are unmthical, and they all know that there will be a devastating harm to themselves. But still will be lucky, willing to gamble for my greedy desire.

It is often this time and luck to gambling, it is easier to lose light, and even pay the whole life.

Especially for women, betrayal marriage is far more than divorce is so simple. It will also make you unfaithful charges, and you will suffer from surrounding people.

The spiritual cool, often more than a happy and happy marriage, more people can't bear.

So married women should know how to protect themselves, don't have a lucky psychology, blindly pursue the so-called romance.

Just like Wilde writes in "Portrait of Dao Lin Gray":

"Any Romance's worst result is that it will make the romantic to fall without romantic."

Women are poor in the pursuit of romantic love, even if she has married people, as a mother, the heart is still eager to have a vigorous love. As a result, it is often romantic and falls to the lower place.

Love is a person who makes yourself, marriage is a person who is looking for himself.

When we are fortunate to find a husband who makes his heart, we should cherish this difficult happiness, and it is good for your own life.

Don't be "walking God" in the halfway, self-cultivation.

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