When the wife is sitting on the moon, her husband got to "play" with his parents. Go home and regret it.

Our encounter is a dust in the sea, but a dust refractive sun is the most dazzling. I hope you can talk to you, and I will listen to your voice as the best listener. Ok, here is "A Yu Love Love Studio", I am Ayu ~

The husband and wife have been in a long time, it is inevitable from the initial love and sweetness, but it is not equal to the cold. If a man initially married his wife, it was attentive, careful, and it was a pet.

Later, it gradually became cold, ignored, despised, and even disappointing, and this wife didn't do anything wrong, that can only say that this man is too righteous. It is a typical to get a psychological psychology that is relaxed.

Even after the wife has a child, I think this relationship is more stable. She is my own thing, I don't dare to "naughty", I don't dare to leave myself.

Some mother-in-law think so, think that the woman's status is that, it is to see your own son is excellent, it is a good condition.

The divorce, the woman is not good for women, especially when she gave birth to a child, turned into a fat yellow woman, becoming the side line, becoming the need to rely.

At this time she can't work, so I am more afraid to lose my son, I don't dare to leave my son. So the attitude towards the wife is very casual, and even become improper things.

In this case, there is indeed some woman who can't help but accept such a state, accepting her husband's despise cold falling, accepting the misoperative thing, low eyebrows, and commit a whole day.

But there are also some women, relatively hard, even if there is no background, there is no back, I don't love her hurt her mother's home to support, and I am not affected by such gas, then counterattack and resist.

I can do this, it is necessary to be courage, and it is also good, at least let those people who don't understand their own: people are forced out, they are all dignified, love is mutual, and they are not righteous. ......

Lan Nan is also very sweet when he is in love with his husband. Shao Feng shows great inclusive and gentleness. "

Similar love words, Lan Nan also can't stand, and then married. Nor did you buy a wedding room, a small maple parent's suit, tangled, no renovation, just put Lan Nan into the door.

Lan Nan's home in the countryside, the conditions are not good, there is a brother, a brother, the parents have to pay 60,000 lottery, and it will give Lan Nan to marry half.

After Lan Nan married, the in-laws also had ideas. I think that her mother's family does not pay attention to this daughter. Lan Nan family is not good, it must be especially true to my son.

I feel that my family has a house in the city, and Lan Nan must find out. Because there is this kind of psychology, it has always been very flat to her attitude.

If the in-laws have been flat, it is mainly the husband of Lan Nan, less than half a year after marriage, and it is revealed. Nothing will not do housework, Lan Nan is not doing home, but when it is not good enough, it will be picky.

Because the mother-in-law will tell the son, saying that the wife is not good, the clothes are not clean, the taste is not good, it is really a countryside. ...

Shao Maple is much more, it is a big discount on Lan Nan's impression, and there is also a dislike. Occasionally, she will say her, let her learn her housework, and ask fucking. It is very embarrassing that Lan Nan is very embarrassed. It seems that he is a township to enter the city.

Although I am somewhat uncomfortable, I think about it, I will endure it. Later, I was pregnant, and I was also suffered from pregnancy. For example, what I want to eat, I am not happy to buy back my mother-in-law.

My mother is wasted, and I don't work, "You haven't worked now, the flowers are less Maple money, save a little ..." But eat some chicken and duck fish or fruit during pregnancy, and it is also extremely normal, I don't eat, I don't eat, I don't eat it. Also supply the doll in your belly.

Lan Nan gradually felt grievances, sometimes to Xia Feng, Yose Feng also forgot to say the so-called "I raised you", it will be impatiently: "I haven't going to work after you get married, I will make money alone. It is indeed tired, eat my drink, don't fight with me, let my mom, she is the elder ... "

Ok, it's obvious that this home just needs to marry a wife, and it is a very obvious wife. This wife is hooked now, so there is no need to put the fish and bait, even if it is a speech attitude, they are too lazy Returned.

Looking at the pregnancy can't be angry, Lanan mostly adjusts the mentality, I want to open some days, too wronged, and I will talk to my friends.

If Lan Nan is sad, then it is really chilling, or in the month. A child is a child, Lan Nan is wanted to have a laparotomy, and it is afraid that there is a sequelae.

But it is obvious that it is not your own money, and she is still young, and it is also in line with the conditions of production, so she has to listen to the arrangement, and the birth is produced.

The meaning of my mother-in-law is that the delivery is fast, saying that she is a son, the next day, can be able to cook.

As soon as this, Lan Nan Xin said "", look at that, mother-in-law is not going to take care of himself, but let her go to bed early.

In order to avoid this, she also installed some weakness, after returning home, I was lying two days, I didn't eat anything. The husband has a meal, seeing her not to eat, do not persuade, and don't ask her to eat, just the same as a routine. On the third day, my mother-in-law couldn't help but let her go to bed, saying that there is a banquet at noon, and the three people have to participate, let Lanan eat itself.

On that day, the mother and her husband went home at night, Lan Nan felt that she was still weak, did not cook, and called takeaway.

As a result, her mother-in-law came back to see the outside shopping box in the trash can, said that there is no nutrition and waste, I don't do it, but also to cook it is very simple.

Indeed, if the mother-in-law is at home, it is often just a cooking surface, Qing Dynasty is oligo, and there is no need to match. Lan Nan also doesn't want to eat, eat an takeaway, and be accused of flowing money.

These trivial little things make Lan Nan very depressed, and husband Shaped Maple does not stand on her. And on the fifth day, the mother-in-law suddenly said that the old mother was sick, and their family had to go back to visit the elderly.

In fact, the mother-in-law's mother has long been stroke, and it has been sick for a few years, so this is just an excuse. The business is going to go, but also let Xia Feng send them back. Shang Feng is on vacation at the time, it is true.

Lan Nan is clear to him, saying that one person is not working at home, but also to bring the baby, but this man said: "Mom's meaning, I can't violate it, you will take care of yourself, see you is not a spirit. Is it ok? "

So, three people left, along the way, and also went to the scenic tour, the mother-in-law, the circle of her mother-in-law, all the scenic spots. Lan Nan is dead, which is obviously not going to find it, but forced her to take care of himself.

And when I got, I didn't pay for her money. I have two or three hundred dollars on my body. How to live? I want to take care of my mother, but her mom said that the child is pregnant, she has to take care of her house ...

At that moment, Lan Nan really felt that he was relieved, and it was also married, married a home that did not take himself serious. This man is also married before, and it is lazy after marriage.

In the case, she called a friend, letting people sell the electric scooter bought by the in-law, and sell the TV's TV, selling things at home, then please ask the moon, then Looking for a lawyer drafted the divorce agreement.

Because she knows that this "selling home appliances" behavior must have a big in-law and husband, so it is better to let them understand, I don't want to be angry at this home.

Indeed, her estimation is also right, Shaffearates to use the holiday, only to bring their parents, Lan Nan is almost the month. During this period, Lan Nan did not contact Shang Feng, he would not contact her, which also determined the determination of Lan Nan divorce.

She even felt that this man has become an early age, and it is not known to see other aliens. Maybe I may not contact him if I don't bother him.

Three people returned home and thought that they were thieves in their homes. After learning the reasons, they would not be played first.

However, Lan Nan took out the divorce agreement, and her daughter returned to her. In addition to the husband to give support every month, the other requirements did not ...

At that moment, the in-laws were some discouraged. After all, they didn't expect this to be divorced in the daughter-in-law that usually looked at the well-being. It was a gimmick that she came from the country to the city. I will marry my home will be grateful. I will be born. After a while, when you dare to leave divorce, let alone you have to go out, I haven't worked.

However, Lan Nan has already rented a house, borrowing some money, moved out, looking for part-time jobs in the family, although there is not much earning, but the mother and daughter are still able to solve.

And that can't stand her home, the man who no longer pets her, actually did not excellent excellence, but the self-righteousness of a family is, so divorce, it is expected to be expected, let him It is not easy to find and then you.

Therefore, a family felt that it was not regretted, and he sent Shandu to persuade Lanan many times. He often bought some things to Lanan rental house, Lan Nan will receive things, but there is no loose marriage.

She said she didn't know how the future would, but I hope that I can live with hard work, and I can live well.

If there is no way, or the family really has any remorse, she is so sincere to her mother and daughter, she moved back and did not know, but the premise is that let them never dare to despise themselves.

Such an idea is actually right, such a practice although some adventures, it is also right, at least to maintain their dignity, and let people who can despise their own people, know that they will not be taken.

This year, the conditions are relatively good, how many people are suffering from the moon? Yes, but this kind of suffering is not poor, not busy, but a deliberate man.

Either a man doesn't love his wife, or it is the woman who is not improper. Regardless of the reason, you can't bear it, endure, and later the days are not better.

Perhaps some people think that this too much husband and her family are still less, but that is just a natural idea. Sometimes people will only stand in their own position. And my son, mostly will only stand in my own parents think about the problem.

Unless he really loves his wife, he will not protect your week, and you will not feel that you need to take care of you, but I feel that you are invincible, think you are simply geocational and camouflage.

In the case of such a person, such a family can only fight for respect, go against the resistance, otherwise it will go down, it will not be better.Good time is always short, thank you for reading here, I hope that the story between us will continue, Ayu is ready to listen, is your story ready?

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