68-year-old uncle readme: After retreat, life is more and more happy.

Winter elderly, some people are married, some people choose to continue single. The 68-year-old Hu La, the original son is against him, and although the two ladies have been blind, the son strongly opposes.

Until last year, there is another aunt and Hu Dawei to succeed. Auntie surnamed Chen, with him.

This time Hu is changing his strategy. He and Chen Ayi returned to the marriage, and Chen Ayi went to the city to go to the city to rent a house.

The son found that the old father left home, called the old father, but Hu Dafe has changed the phone number.

Until Three months, Hu Grandpa called his son and explained that he was married.

The son learned that the details, very helpless, but the wood has become a boat, and it doesn't have a way. Therefore, the real situation of my father remarried.

After returning the trick, Hu Dai has changed the tricks, and Hu Grandpa likes to eat pepper. When cooking, Chen Ayi fry, and then half of it, and the other half of the dish.

Uncle Hu loves to drink, Chen Ayi will accompany to drink two small cups, have finished dinner, and the two men have went shopping.

After remarring, Hu La's weight increased by 11 kilograms, and the neighbors surrounded were extremely envious.

Hu Haoye retired 7,000 yuan, the rent fee was 350 yuan per month (a room and one hall), and the couple lived happily.


The old man is remarriage, it can remove loneliness and loneliness, Hu Grandpa's experience tells us that it is the best choice for the widowed elderly.

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