Oral | New Marriage Night, he put the divorce agreement on the pillow, and he asleep at night in the middle of the night.

Love is the most beautiful stage when two people are together. Once they step into marriage, all the beautiful will not exist, so marriage is the grave of love, this is not fake.

01, my name is Chen Jing, 26 years old, graduated from secondary schools, now one electrical company is working to sell, doing sales are very tired, receive different customers, repeatedly introduce the same product, can not bring any dissatisfaction, otherwise It will be complained by the customer. Every month, I have to build a conclusion, because the performance is hooked with salary, in that environment, you have to fight.

My family is the countryside, there is no money in the background, I want to take root in the city, I can only rely on myself, I have a high degree, I have changed a few jobs from my graduation, only the current sales is the most suitable, It is also the best to make money, what is the relationship between hard work? And this work also made me meet my love and the other half.

He is my customer, called Wang Shuai, people like his name, it is really handsome, he comes to our store to buy furniture, new house decoration, let me recommend a better product, he has a few times, I bought it. Less appliances, because it is a big customer, I gave him a lot of discounts. He for gratifying, please go out to eat, have a handsome guy, I certainly go to the appointment.

I only know that he is smaller than me, graduated from myself, my college is a computer professional. I didn't find a job after graduation. I did a game anchor at home, but my parents felt that he did not work, often said, no matter how he explained, parents I can't understand, I have a big quarrel for this, and I will move it out, so I will give a rent to the housing.

03, I have seen the live broadcast of games, the game is very good, the fans have more, I am very envious and admire him, I also asked Wang Shuai live platform, he usually broadcast live, I have time Go see, occasionally brushing a gift.

He sleeps during the day and wakes up will give me a message. Sometimes I will come to the store, give me a milk tea or a small snack, the people in the store will smile and ask me if my boyfriend, Wang Shuai will laugh and look at it. I am waiting for me to answer.

I have a self-knowledge, I'm going to see, I will not look good, Wang Shuai is so beautiful, I can't look at me, but he feels like I am chasing me, I can't help but ask. He, what is our relationship now.

Wang Shuai replied very direct: "I am chasing you, are you willing to be my girlfriend?" Happiness came too suddenly, I didn't know what it was, and finally I promised, so we confirmed the relationship between men and women, after a I moved over the month, I got a living in the same life.

04, there is a contradiction of living together, but it is still very happy, he will introduce me to friends and fans, and never conceal me, often buy clothes and cosmetics, in short, very favored I love me, after a year, Wang Shuai took me home to see his parents. I went before, I didn't talk about him, that is, his parents asked his work, and it was in the past, his parents like me, say me. Take care of Wang Shuai very well, you can't do it in your business. Now I know that I have a family, I have a lot of credits, but also let us get married early, so that they have a grandson soon.

I was very happy to get his parents, but since I returned to a home, Wang Shuai seems to be a bit different. I often live alone. I will broadcast it in the evening. I will play a game. But he still I love me very much, we have got married after half a year.

05, the day of marriage, there are many friends, most of them are friends on the Internet, all places come, the wedding is very busy, the guests are appropriate, after the night, Wang Shuai goes out with his friends, I am too tired. And his friends are men, I am not convenient, I will go home first.

After washing, I appreciate the photos taken during the day and played the mobile phone. After watching the time, Wang Shuai didn't come back, I just slept first. In the fascist, I heard that the living room was moving, it was Wang Shuai, he saw that I fell asleep, put it on my eyes, walked to bed, it seems to have something on the pillow, then go to the sanitary napkin. .

I opened the bedside lamp and saw a document. I was curious to drive me. I was actually a divorce agreement. I trembled with the content, and my tears also flowed.

Wang Shuai said that he is now in the hot period. He said with him, before he introduced me to join me, I learned that he was married, and there was hundreds of thousands of fans in the night, and fans saved him in the background. Also brush the gift, now the company operates to be focused, and then after the company's negotiation, decided to let Wang Shuai out a divorce agreement, saying that it is divorced, restoring single life, so there is also the possibility of saving.

06, wait for him to take a shower, I will ask his divorce agreement, Wang Shuai said that I saw it, he said that I am relieved, although we sign it, but still husband, not really divorce, just do Looking for fans, he is single in front of the camera, and in reality, we are still couples.

I asked him that he could not give up to make a game anchor, find a serious work, have we lived with normal couples? I didn't expect this sentence to be stimulated by him. He is very angry, saying that I will I don't think of him, I didn't expect to be like his parents. This wedding is the same. If this divorce agreement is signed, it is true. If you say it, you will sleep, walk away from your body far away.

I didn't have a bad breathing sound, I fell asleep, I went to my heart, in his heart, I was more than a game, forget it, this marriage began to be a mistake, pick up something II went home and went home. I also take away the divorce agreement.I don't know if I want to sign, everyone feels that this marriage has to continue?

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