My wife sent a favorite circle of Xiu En, and he jumped out, our marriage is over.


Hello everyone, I am Li Rui.

If you are not a little dream, I may silence this.

Frankly, I still didn't look back today.

Because I don't believe that the little dream is really wrong.

Or more accurately, she feels wrong, but change, it is too difficult.

Rome is not built a day. Similarly, a person's personality habit is not a wild grass, dare to immediately remove the roots.

I can even imagine that this event is likely to be the evidence that she has suffered from time to time.

So, come today with everyone to say a few men in the heart.

At the same time, I also prepared to be sprayed.

These words are not friendly whether the girls who have a "princess dream" and the sweet pet chicken soup are not friendly.

I am willing to wrestle.


I admit that there are more or less hero complexes in every man.

Save this world, take care of your wife and children, you can always go.

Just because I was born in a parental native family, I swear from my little, I can't have a quarrel, I can only have fun.

In fact, from the night of falling with the little dream, I did this, and the experience of her childhood, let me be more pledged more.

Just like she depicted, for so many years, I have a must-have for you.

But I slowly discovered that the love of the marriage and my parents love the child, it will take a person.


The little dream was originally a good, so, in her heart, I feel that all this should be, and my own demand is always the first.

Moreover, she believes that this is not entered.

I only have a constant spur, I will do better.

So, she will know that I have been tired, and I still insist that I will send her friends to the station.

Every time I go to the middle of my parents' family, she will temporarily want something that is not there, such as Coke, yoghurt, etc.

In fact, she is not necessary to immediately immediately, I want to show it in front of others, how much is it for her.


More excessive, there is a summer in the summer, and the doctor gave her an angry water.

She has tasted the super difficult drink, so I started to play to me: "Husband, who said that there is suffering, you will drink with me."

I felt very absurd, but she was spoiled and threatened. I was very clear in my heart. If I don't drink it, she will not be endless.

So I drank.

The medicine is very bitter, but it is more bitter than the medicine.

Because I slowly discovered that Xiaomin's request for me did not limit.

Many times, her Sony Ericsson is not because of demand, but because of the face.


At this point, you will know the friends of the little dream.

"The fingers are accidentally caught by the door, the husband said, there is me, don't take my own door in the future."

"It's raining, my husband is at the entrance of the unit ten minutes in advance, and the result is to chat with colleagues for half an hour. He is no longer, his good temper is my good weather forever."

"Suddenly I want to eat the bolt chicken in Chengnan Road in the middle of the night, my husband is going to go, put a poison in the middle of the night."

"My family's model is the wife and son, no one is his own, and he is no one by him, it is all of you."

"In our house, like peeling such a living, it is the foundation of me and my son."


The friends who open the little dream, all the dog food, but also tired.

I sometimes think that she is simply for Xiu En, love.

Full screen vanity and performance.

Perhaps, she is not in Xiu En, but how much it is worthy of love.


The little dream circle is praised by all kinds of praise, and the poisonous chicken soup that countless, such as "Spirit Woman is best".

There is a while, she even was sucked with a daily blogger, and I thought I also opened a shake account every day.

I was refused by my strike.

She is very unhappy, I didn't care for me for a few days.

The most sad thing is that because she is cold against me, she is uncomfortable, so I am very picky to find a whole.

When the son eats cake, she did not let her eat first. She suffered: "Everything is thinking about himself, a little gentleman's style is not, grow up, can anyone marry you?"

When she took off work, she took a son, because her son said a book is very sinking, she began to go online: "What happened? Do you make me back? You have not seen my package, you are you Dad help me back? Men, I can't move, I am tired, selfish! "

She even took the socks she took down to her son to help her, the beautiful name: "Cultivate warm men to grab from the doll."

My son reflects: "Do things you can do."

This sentence, completely put the little dream.

She did not cover her son, and even knew that he was so self-langing, and he should kill such an exit.

Even my son is clear, and she said to her, "You are getting people who are very people who are people, everyone has to listen to you, as long as you are not happy, you have to let the whole family will not be happy, you have to The whole family is. "


That kind of melee, eventually ended with me.

I am afraid to quarrel, but also afraid that my son suffer from language violence.

I apologize to her, all kinds of kneeling, and finally bought a bag, she was cloudy. Afterwards, I want to talk to her, just start, she gave me her mobile phone, who is like a friend circle of the bag, saying anything.

Her eyes stared at the circle of friends, warned me: "I am very happy, you don't make me more, if there is another time, a package will definitely pay me."

At that moment, I looked at her vain, I lost my life.

Especially listening to her girlfriends, how many Amways will take a man's clamping clip, I really have a long and a waves of a waves.


And my emotions, the little dream is not in the foundation.

Or more accurately, she doesn't care.

In her world, my emotions will always be the first.

I remember once, the unit took a safety accident, I have been processed for three days, and the incident initially calm.

That three days, I almost unacued, when I returned home, my little dream didn't care about what I experienced. I have been saying that I am not at home these days, she has worked hard.

And, she did the red meat I made.

She shakes my arm, specifies which of me to buy, and I will buy some hiking paper back.

The cash paper in the family hasn't been there, but this kind of physical activity is activated. How can she do it?

So, I am not at home these days, she has been with my son to use the home towel.

By the way, there is still a trash in my home, and I haven't false three days.

In her theory, she can't be fell, but this kind of living is a man's dry rule.


Seeing this, many people must also agree.

Yes, you see, spoiled woman is best, it is not all you used to.

But I want to tell you: At that moment, when I went downstairs, I really didn't want to go home.

I am angry is not the three-day garbage in my home, but these three days, I am in the abdomen in the workplace, I hope to go home, her first sentence is: "Husband, you finally come back, the unit is fine. Is it very tired? "

Men's hard work, sometimes, really only need "you have worked hard", it is not hard.

And the little dream, she only remembers "Spirit of a woman is best", but I don't know this sentence is very important, "a woman who is a woman who is in a woman."

Women who have a deceived woman know when they ask, and know when they are given.

You hurt her cold and warm, and she is also in my sorrow.

But in the little dream, love is a one-way ticket. Only men have a dog, pay, go alone.

In her consciousness, love is not a mutual exchange, but to step on the seesaw, all the value and meaning I exist are, I have to be low to the dust, let her always be on the high.


Including every time I visited my parents, the little dream is not called "parents", I will explain my parents in private, not she doesn't want to call, just not used to it.

What meals do my parents do, what kind of food is speculating, and I have to ask her about her opinion. Otherwise, she will not taste it with excuses such as motion sickness.

It seems that only our family will turn around her group to show her superior and noble.

In this home, once I occasionally emotionally, the little dream never asked me what happened.

I will only lose it when I have no emotions, I will lose it in front of her saddle: "A big man, even if there is a big thing, don't hang on the face. A self-emotion is not well managed, but also What's up?"

In her, the new nature of the nails accidentally encounters a flower, it is a big thing, I need to take her immediately to make up.

But in me, occasionally go to the balcony to take a smile, or spit a slot.

Her unhappy is not fast, and every time you must be recycled.

But my heart, I will have it myself.

So, this marriage, she is very helpless, I am tired.


In the end, I don't have to return at all, but I will respond.

Speaking straight white, I am good for you, it is impossible to make a picture, marriage is not learning Lei Feng.

I have never hoped that my little dream has no slight, in exchange for her cold and cold, and I am in the micro.

I am not so glassy.

What I need is actually her inner content, showing a peaceful compassion that is accommodated and loved to be nourished.

However, there is no.

She will feel that I have changed because I didn't satisfy her unreasonable demands, and I was so good that I was very good for her.

She also said that she said in her heart because she was loved, her husband, I really felt very happy.

Even I am ill, I will help me buy a box of cold medicine, she will also say: "I have a good time, I want you to take me to eat the most spicy hot pot."

Even if the face of outsiders love, she will specially say straightforward: "Does he dare not to give me?" I gave him a look. "


What is a woman who is really loved, knowing love?

I have seen.

The budget of two tube budgets, because the work is disputed.

The big sister who lossed the loss in front of the evidence, speechless, and opened another big sister.

Big sister didn't come back, and even stop colleagues.

Afterwards, I as a big sister who went to beat and did some adjustments from it.

The husband of the big sister is a warm man, and the wife is named in our unit.

Seeing the big sister's face, she caught the flower, her husband could think about how distressed, just mentioned me to the eyes and red: "Li Manager, Relie, at home, I even let her sharpen the potatoes. ... "The result, the big sister said to me:" Forget it, this is turned over. She (that hits her colleague) is not easy, parents, husband, children don't give strength, home outside the family is quite troubles. "

See the husband to attack, the big sister gently patted her husband's hand said: "I have you have you cover, don't compete with her, listen to me!"


If you say something wrong, I walked out of the big sister home that day, I almost cried.

Going home all the way, the big sister gently patted the details of her husband's hands, let me envy and jealous.

The first time in my life realized that a woman who was very good, presented to the world, it is this.

Don't fight for it, the low-key is gentle, she is not more beautiful, but you will think she is so beautiful, even the world around her follows the warmth.

Yes, this is this feeling.

They even never sent a group of friends, they did not love any people, but they showed the status and magnetic fields, which would let you know: This is a woman with love and strength, inner wealth.


In the little dream, it was the last straw that did not pick up the restriction of the crush our marriage.

But the fact is that this marriage is maintained by the foundation to be strong or gorgeous, and it is truccoated in the whole.

It depends on my feelings and endurance.

To be honest, I am enough.

She gave me a pet-friendly person, let me play with her character without error, I am tired, and I am disgusted by the inside.

I really made me decided to divorce. In fact, I also have a relationship with my son.

The "princess disease" of the little dream is also calculated in my episodes, and her education to her son is: "The boys are to let the girl, you are boys, you have to love your mother."

Son is still a child, but as long as you don't have a gentleman's style, even if you eat something, you don't think of your mother first. In her eyes, it is not warm, no wind, the original words is "which girl is willing to marry you."

When the son has a school, the son is arguing with the small partner a cartoon person, and the two are said to all, and they will fight back.

I saw it too cute at the time.

As a result, the little dream criticized the son: "You can't make your girls with a boy? You are so true, which girl can you like you?"

The son is particularly wronged at the time.

Once, he said inexplicably: "Dad, I grew up and I didn't want to get married."

This is very touched.

I have always wanted to give him a happy and perfect family, but I am with the little dream, the boys need to rely on the low-level 舔 to win the concept of love and marriage, so that he is so small, it is fear of women, love and marriage fear With bored, this is the most unacceptable part.


So, in the past, in the face of the little dream, the information bombarded with my information, I didn't have much wave.

I don't want to go back to the previous life mode, I have been enough, I've been enough, and it is essential.

And a person who is not coming over the day, particularly like overtime.

Normally, a man will not hang the divorce on the mouth.

But let it go, don't give yourself a return.

I am not forgetful, saying what wings is hard, etc. I recognize.

Moreover, I will not explain any anything today.

At the same time, I am also very clear, Xiao Dream knows that I am wrong, but I am not used to don't have it to be more true.

If we look back, our marriage continues, and the probability is still going back to the previous model.

And I am afraid.


Here, I also want to talk to those in the friends every day, love, watching others, fantasies, the girls who are sweet and pets talk about:

Xiu En love, die fast! This sentence is true. Those who are really loved, almost have to show, and don't need to show.

True love doesn't need to be returned, but you need to respond to grateful, with gentleness, compassion, and don't work.

"Princess" is ill,

The biggest intelligence, is not a must have a hand to come, it is on, but you know how to cherish and love, don't bully the full eyes are you, good for you.

The dog is just a minimum of marriage, loyalty is standard, and the common growth is high.

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