Every time I have three people, my girlfriend makes me angry: I have to be with you.


Mr. Huang said that he is three people who have dated with my girlfriend, and I will say that my girlfriend is not as good as my girlfriend. What is this? Let's take a look.

Mr. Huang Sample:

I have been 32 years old this year, I have a girlfriend, my girlfriend is smaller than me, she has been 31 years old, I have a blind date with her, I first saw her first time, I think I think She is a good girl, Yang Sswen, and some shy, because she looks like, then I will arouse my protection, so I started to pursue her, in order to pursue my girlfriend, I really Very hard, in order to make my girlfriend like me, I have made a lot of things for her, then I have 6,000 wages a month, I only spend hundreds of dollars, and the remaining money is spent on her, even if that is afraid When she was not my girlfriend, I often give her a gift, I like to see her a happy look.

At that time, in order to make him happy, I also deliberately learned the joke, and even go to study the constellation. I finally had a return, she slowly liked me, so we were together later.

My girlfriend has a girlfriend. When we appreciate, my girlfriend took her girlfriend. At that time, I didn't think much. I even think this is a normal thing, the general girl's first time With the boyfriend, I will take a girlfriend to take the girlfriend, and help my boyfriend and see if the boyfriend is suitable for you. At that time, in order to let my girlfriend agreed with my girlfriend, I girlfriends I got my girlfriend. I bought a lot, I spent thousands of dollars in my girlfriends, behind my girlfriends, I was still satisfied with me, then I felt that the money was worth spend.

But let me haven't thought about it, since then, every time I have dated her girlfriend, my girlfriend will bring her girlfriends. Every time I bought something for my girlfriend, my girlfriend will let me buy two, female My friend said that she is very good to her girlfriends. If I only give her something, I don't buy something, she will feel uncomfortable, because my girlfriend said, so I can only help her girlfriend. .

Just started to buy one or two times, but behind my girlfriend always called me to help her girlfriends, so I was uncomfortable, I was only a thousand dollars a month, I was not rich, I have saved it. Used to help my girlfriend to buy something, I didn't expect her to buy her girlfriend, and I think my girlfriend is not a good person? She often said my bad words in my girlfriend, she even advised my girlfriend to change my boyfriend, because she felt that I was too poor, I couldn't give my girlfriend you want life. I think her people don't tell conscience. I have been very good to her. I didn't expect that she said in the back, so I hate my girlfriends.

One day I gave a girlfriend to go shopping, my girlfriend took her girlfriend. Let's go to the movie. After watching the movie, we will eat hot pot. After eating hot pot, the girlfriends of my girlfriends will go shopping, so we Let's go shopping together, when shopping, the girlfriends of my girlfriends said that they have a bad mood, I want to buy some clothes, then we will accompany her to buy clothes, let me not think that the girlfriends of my girlfriend chose a few clothes. Then I will let me pay it, I have to pay for a few thousand dollars, I don't want to pay, then I will be stupid, then my girlfriend is angry, my girlfriend asks me why I want to do this. My girlfriend said that I made her feel like this, I was not very good at the time, then I said to my girlfriend: "Every time I'm three people, I will take your girlfrier every time, then let I will help you buy things together. Have you considered me? I also know that a month's salary is also known, how do you selfish? It's better to be together with your girlfriend, "After I finished, my girlfriend hit. I am slap, then I am a slag man, my girlfriend feels unreasonable, how do I have such a girlfriend? I will break up with my girlfriend?

Author's point of view:

Although the girl may be very sincerely in the love of girlfriends, they will see the honey feelings, but this is also the case, especially when dealing with the relationship between love and girlfriends, it should be the case, just like text Mr. Huang's girlfriend, only to take care of the feelings of girlfriends, go to eat with girlfriends, cultivate their feelings, but ignore the feelings of Mr. Huang, and don't know how to make money, Mr. Huang is not easy, and naturally lead a bigger contradiction.

As a status of the best love, you can divide the distance from the boyfriend, more able to understand your boyfriend's good, you can understand the boyfriend, this can be better love, do you think?

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