please take care of yourself!

It's sad, don't expect who is comfort,

This year, no one is very busy,

No one will scrap your feelings,

No one will take care of your mood,

Your happiness, your grievance, your sadness,

Only you will experience yourself.

Lonely, don't expect anyone to accompany,

This world, no one is tired,

Your joy, your mourning,

You need you to take your own taste,

Your loneliness, your loneliness,

You need you to gradually let go.

Don't see anyone is open,

Don't see anyone, you can lung,

People will always be more complicated than you imagine.

Your infatuation doesn't necessarily swear, I'm really in the heart.

Your persistence does not have to change the result of the desired,

Will only make you more distressed, more hurt.

If you are tired, stop your steps.

Pain, put it down,

No one is worth your heart,

No one is worth your secret,

Relax your mood, put it flat,

After all, it's a good time.

Hungry, eat,

Sick, take medicine,

Remember to cherish your body,

Don't make more money, there is no health,

People who have more people, don't hesitate to equal zero,

The body is yourself,

It's impulsive, no one will bear it for you.

please take care of yourself,

Big things,

Tomorrow is a small thing,

Deep pain,

I will forget it in the past. .

You don't hurt yourself, who will hurt you,

You don't love yourself, no one will love you!

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