"Son, drag her for 2 years, she is honest, don't have a gift," I didn't expect the girl to marry. "

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The story of marriage, truthful, everyone has their own different stories, there are many fans to share their marriage and emotion every day, I have learned a lot from it. The gap between people and people can be large, the gap between the family and the family can be large.

Easy to fall, it is difficult to get married, and now many young people are afraid to get married. Listening to some people's story, seeing through money, there is something that people even produce "feminidiary".

For men, marriage means a lot of money, the house even the down payment is also a lot of money, the wife gives the mother to the mother's colorful gift is a big pen. When the man is young, there is so much money, most of them are not to rely on parents. So in the marriage, many boys are doing their parents, because they have to pay by their parents.

Parents pay money, many things have to be the master, so some men become Mombao men, what happened to listen to the mother, whether they listen to my mother.

A small 30 years old, my girlfriend is 28 years old, and the two have been in love for 3 years. This age is the marriage, if you don't marry, I am afraid that my feelings should be blown. The girl stayed with a small high for a year, so she is a joint head for Xiao Gao's proposal.

A small mother is a mother-in-law, she also knows that the girl has long been cooked with his son, so she has a bamboo with this marriage chest. Her idea is to buy things thinking, think about the low price, can save the province.

The girl's home proposes 88,000 color gifts. The hardware should be bought, the house should be added to the girl's name, the man's down payment can be loan together after marriage. The woman is accompanied by some household appliances.

According to the timer, this requirement is not too much, and the small family is also a well-off, and the money does not have pressure. But the little mother hesitated.

Because she often heard that the boy has the ability, the girl who is free to talk about free love is not available. The son is so good, but also the girl I talked, people live together, don't you give a lot?

The little high mother said to the woman: "The girls we talk about this are not a lot of gifts, they all give eight eight meaning!"

The girl disagree: "If you love, you don't need a lot, do you have no more expensive girl?

Xiao Gao is also anxious. He is therefore contradicts his girlfriend, and the little high is that his mother is the master, and he has no money. The girl didn't say anything, I pulled a small high WeChat.

The little high ran home to persuade the mother, and quickly gave the color gift, which would be unpleasant.

I didn't expect my mother but said: "Son, drag her for 2 years, she is honest, don't have a gift!"

It turned out that the mother knew that the girl was 28 years old. It was an older woman. I was anxious to get married, dragged for two years, she was 30 years old, maybe it will compromise. Anyway, the boy is not too big, it is really important for girls.

The mother's strategy continued to talk to her for two years of love, waiting for her 30 years old, she didn't want a lot, and I was anxious to marry myself. The little tall is very helpless, can only listen to the mother's arrangement, first in the family in our family.

One month passed, Xiao Gao is busy with your own work, no more contact your girlfriend, he thinks with his own relationship with his girlfriend, you can chase her back.

When Xiao Gao was again connected to his girlfriend, his girlfriend told him that he was already in blind, and he broke up with him. Because she doesn't want to marry such a family, I don't want to have such a mother-in-law. My girlfriend said that he had a lot of boys in these days, picking a suitable, will flash marriage. The 28-year-old girl is still very market.

Xiao Gao is so regretted that his marriage is gone in the last step. Love has not spent these years, and finally save tens of thousands of money, even girlfriends can't stand. With the tears of remorse, smashed the mother to complain, from this to the room, never go.

The mother advised him: "There is money, I am afraid that I can't get my wife, I will take you to the mother!"

The mother has always ignored a problem, that is, the feelings of the son, the feelings between the son and your girlfriend can not be measured. Maybe you can find such a colorful gift, you can find a woman to get married, but in the small high heart, I lost my girlfriend, he is always the pain forever!

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