People don't think, I don't bother.

People are not tired, tired is to let too much, life is very pressing, is it irritating? Does others say that you have two sentences?

Life is tired from the survival pressure, the heart is annoying, and it is always boring. It is always going to compare. Everything is too much, and I will worry about my heart. I always want to open, natural mood is irritated.

Heart is annoying, because you can't let go, your heart is annoying, because you love to dialete the horns, your heart is annoying, because you always envy others, people don't think, heart is not tired.

Don't envy others, you can't see the suffering when others start, others have, you can't help, your life, good or bad, life is painful and worry, you are your own desire and Ability misplaced, you don't work hard, but you want to gain anything, you first have to work hard.

The biggest problem with young people is that there is too little reading and think too much. The more you think, the more mess, you will be more chaotic in your heart; the result is easy to enlarge, causing confusion for yourself. To think about it, it will make people can't see the warmth of life. I think more about the things of the money, it will become "the people who are insufficient snake swallows", and the heart is crowded by money, and I can't feel unhappy.

In this life, there will always be difficulties you can't predict. You will always have a sadness. The truth of life is that the adult's world does not have easy two words. The more experience, you will become more and more strong, the more people feel more You will be more transparent, you can see it, if your heart is sad, you can't see it, life is a disaster, what kind of mentality do you use, you will see what kind of world.

Life is a lifetime, in addition to life and death, it is a little thing, which is worth thinking about every day. Don't think, let it go. The mentality is good, the body is healthy, and you are good. Only you can look smooth, your mood is comfortable; only to look at it, you will not be tired.

Life is very simple, but mediocrity self-shock, think too much, consider too thin. Don't think too much, people don't want to think, my heart is not annoying, "think too much" will destroy you.

A drop of ink, you drop it into a glass of water, the water will become turbid, you drop it into the wide sea, the sea is still clear, your heart is narrow, you can disturb a statement, you If the heart is simple and broad, facing the troubles to stop the water.

For life, I have a good every day, don't fear the future, in the future, I really want to be valuable, don't suspicion, there is an angry and sorrow, the world has thousands of mountains, and the heart is sorrowful, fearless sadness.

Life is very simple, there is no imagination, thinking too much, but will ruin you. Sometimes, you will feel that life is very tired, it is unbearable, in fact, you think too much, invisible to make yourself very tired.

Think too much, a lap in your mind is the root of your heart. Think too many, put a simple thing, want to become a complicated thing, let yourself be in a mess.

People don't want to think, my heart is not annoying, learning to be satisfied, life is happy, life is not dependent on how much you have, but how big, the expectation can meet you, life is not easy, life is very tired, don't let your heart More exhausted, don't think about it, I will not think, I hope that you will pass the thousands of mountains. I have read the world's vicissitudes. I can truly understand that the passing is always a scenery. The only life is life, it is very short, not I want, I am not annoyed!

In life, don't give yourself too much psychological burden, know how to let go, you can let go. Don't think too much, you will be tired. Don't want too much, it may be disappointed. Don't want too much wealth, you may lose your health.

It is not so much careful to be something that people want to open. Only by putting down, the heart will not be tired, the days will be relieved, and life has also become free.

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