Don't give yourself because of kindness, give others umbrella, wet yourself

_ "All poisons and all kinds of medicine, just different doses."

Everything has its law, and it is necessary to pay attention to a "degree":

I am degrees, I have an inch, and I have a fear.

Good people must have a good medicine, don't let the warm people in life, and the neutrality is wrong to become a fatal poison.

Life is short, there is countless, and if you want to leave someone worth it, don't give you an umbrella, you will wet yourself.

There was a Zen master saw a scorpion fell into the water, so she reached out of it, but the result was happened.

Not long, the scorpion fell, the Zen teacher still reached out, and she was killed again.

Later, the scorpion fell again, and the Zen Master went to fish.

At this time, the scorpion fell into the water, and the fisherman took a branch, and the scorpion climbed up with the branches.

Good, it is the practice of life, excessive consumption of your kindness, is also a stupid.

At the same time as you are, it is necessary to ensure that you are not hurt. Before you have a good person, you must first learn to live up to yourself.

Goodwilling should be the treasure of people in the world, is the light of human nature.

If a kind person is frequent, if a kind person always suffers, is this world or a good world? The indifference of this world is born.

Therefore, only if you maintain an independent dignity and space, you will release goodwill to others as much as possible, and you will also protect yourself while it is also protecting yourself.

In this case, we have both weak soft ribs and a solid armor.

Just like Wang Xiaobo said:

_ "Goodness is not an easy task, the wrong kind, will not bring heaven to others, will only drag you into hell."

For everyone holding a salary, it is not allowed to frozen in wind and snow.

All kind people are worthwhile,

I hope that all people who have flowers for others can live in a garden.

Meng Fei said:

_ "Someone invites you to help, the original pointing you is very, then you only help the seven points, I feel that you don't want to be relieved, not thank you, but I feel that you owe him three points. Many people are grievances, all of them. "

From "good people have good news", to "people are deceived", the same is kind, but the result is very different.

Good, but also as appropriate, you must know how to stop.

Limen, fighting rice, this world, there is always a lot of "people who are abusers" do not understand, I would rather have to help others.

As everyone knows, people will never be satisfied.

Probably a lot of honest people who fall into the "good bullying" trap are all because of the other person, "You are so good, will help me", "and" refused him to blame "."

However, the facts are, but the other party will not be grateful because of hundreds of times, but will scold you because of a refusal.

As Chen Ji, Chen Ji, the Ming Dynasty said: "There is a good fortune, you can maintain a heart of no one."

It means that others have to stay some more and not exhausted, so that we can never satisfy people.

Although kind is virtue, there is no kindness of the scale, but it is a disaster.

Zhang Wuji is the highest martial arts in the three songs of the carving, the biggest achievement is the biggest achievement, and is called the pen "strongest" male;

He is born, because of the kind and profound blessings, but it has been fraudulent due to excessive goodness.

_ "When a kindness is losing principle, it may be evil than evil."

Good kindness, but not without principles, you have no principles, the other party across your bottom line.

It will become the biggest evil.

Because it has made countless worships with a kind name.

This world, never lack of essential, lack of rationality and restraint, we have to be a kind person, but you can't do blind people.

It is good, no one is right, don't let goodness, become a tool for others to bully your tools.

Before I stayed in Spain, my parents had repeatedly ignited: Everything is tolerated, and the loss is cheap.

When you stay at the Spanish girl's dormitory, Sanmi often helps friends.

After three months, the bed, cleaning, and the water became a matter of her, even her wardrobe became a free fashion shop for a roommate.

Until the roommate squeezed into her bed and drinked, the three hair was scolded by the dean, she decided.

When she left her parents, she no longer had to seek, finally, she got respect of respect.

People are often not based on your level of friendly, but according to your strength.

You have a value, your pay is to pay attention to it, only you are hard, the world will be gentle to you.

_ "When we fiercely treat this world, the world suddenly became Wen Wenya."

The kind itself is not wrong, but it must be a bit sharp.

Perhaps, it is the most gentle rule in the adult world.

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