The man's face is his life resume, and the woman's face is her life profit and loss.

Love does not need to compare, since I have chosen to hold hands, don't let go. Choosing him / she would give him / her happiness, don't give up the vows of the Harva Mountain Alliance for a little bit. There are too many regrets in life, and we have to work hard to make some regrets. Cherish life, cherish people around you, let love don't compare. Understand each other, there will be more happiness in life!

If love can continue to spread, I am willing to want to hurt, I don't want to see the future of unknown, just let myself indulge in this strong thinking about you; if love can continue to spread, I have to hold it tightly Your hands, telling me that I am practicing over and over again. That is not an infatuation that loves to escape: this life, the hand of the child, accompanied by a lifetime ...

The man's face is his life resume, and the woman's face is her life profit and loss.

Heart, may be because of a person, one thing, or a scenic spot, let the heart, and heartbeat, flourish. If you feel full, love life, you will feel beautiful! A dropwater can stir up the layer of ripple, beautiful. From weak strongest, the circle is buckled, the more it is, and the power is unstoppable.

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Sunset Xishan, the terabyte slight. Looking far away, Yu Hua Shu is full of river, it is a constant feelings. This life is willing to have a heart, in the heavens, the wings, is willing to make a branch. It is such love, the sky is long, this is a big wish.

Love is the cloud, always floating, come to freedom, unpredictable, I will dress the sky, clear sky, clear sky, and the clouds are full of wind and rain. When it is delicious, the cloud is very small, people see the cloud's cool; when the cloudy, there are many clouds, and people see the clouds.

Some feelings, no words, one, is a long year. Some love, don't have to stay, 邂逅, is the old man. Ren, how many stranded memories are used to look back, just remember, I am deeply loved by you in my heart, it is enough. As long as you have a good, I have paid a love, as long as you can give me a position in memory, we used to love beautiful.

I don't know what you like, I really don't know, if you know what you like, you can't like you. Because you are not sure what you like, so you like everything and others.

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