Never nearest

The first two days, the first two days, I found that the subtitle was changed, and I was unclear, but there was a question of the courage to change, and the two people returned to the wedding room. Six flowers say, probably meaningful

"I really can't hit it."

Of course, this is definitely not a famous saying that I need to remember, but I am very clear, because the Queon of the previous moment is the same as the six flower performance, the six flowers of the six flowers, the same (really good)

For this reaction, the courage is unexpected.

He doesn't feel "own" action, what can be praised, because this is not what most people will do.

Everyone feels that the assassin is handsome, but no one will hide the sleeve to hop from the tall building of the downtown area, and finally open the slogan. Slowly, and leave the cloak of the cloak.

Some people in the early third school junior high school will come to the playground, and the end of the teaching building, she squats, several usual relationships, the general classmates can also go to the rain, and put the umbrella standing into the rain, or Wipe the water on the railing to friends, even if it returns to the classroom, it will focus on the window because of the rain, will remind God.

People in the rain do not say that in the second day, they will be able to open the strange switches. It seems that as long as someone is accompanying, it seems that it is very normal.

And that jumped off the building, in addition to sighing a NB, it may be a lot of fines.

Because this buddy does not meet logic at all

Because most people also think of the feeling of belief

For example, what is this meaning?

Attract attention? So why did you leave?

Simply in order to meet yourself? Then why isn't it more quiet, or a quiet time?

So we said he is a heterogeneous

What is they doing so?

They all have a crazy person.

Our bias requires these "mad" buddies

Back to the animation story, Yong didn't want to admit itself, because he is alone, he can only be a person as a heterogeneous, be a non-witnessed "Devil", no one will accompany him. Anti-light, no one can understand the name of the string to the winding

Six flowers don't think this kind of behavior is anything wrong. After all, there is a self-cultivation and excellent family members who live in the villa. Even if someone is alone, if someone recognizes, let others be embarrassed.

Six flowers recognize all the movements of the courage

Yong Tai can open the bag, this is what you can't do, so handsome

Yong Tai can come up with a special net name, this is what you can't think of, so handsome

Yong Tai can eat the eggs of the demon, this is what you can't eat, you can't help but you don't feel so convenient (Bu Shi)

But the six flowers are also a girl with normal cognition.

She is not like the head of the head, she will not let the teacher touch the big mother's chest.

She is not unrestrained like that, at least, she will not identify her feelings.

She is not as modesty as the tiger, at least not, the two two two, still pay attention to it first.

She will lie will be shy. I will have an emotions. I know what to don't know what I like. It is just that she will see that I will find unacceptable reunions. I like it is a heartbeat.

She will do some things you can do for the courage, such as installing ordinary people, such as digging poles.

She will accept trusted people to bring her privately, because she doesn't want to separate with him.

She doesn't understand why everyone feels that she is shouted, and she is ashamed, she is shameful.

Her honey tied the sandbag called Thunder hammer, she downstairs, her neighbor is a magic master, her girlfriend's idol has a dark bible, her later love is a dark nose, her sister's spoon can be a hidden, even her cat There is a back fly, these are super handsome!

As a student, I don't agree with the practice of the elite, after all, is a sister, you should sit down.

As a teenager, I went to him, the first-grade soldier, and the object, I can't see it.

Like the courage, those things that are treated as a heterogeneous thing is that it is extremely shameful. I will also hide in my heart. If you pick one or two, you can make your blush a long time, such as pulling the two corners of your clothes. I will have the illusion of caught the wind, I will catch the illusion of the wind, and my friends can don't be angry. I will always think about the margin when I sleep. Woke up and share some people listening, and even treat the curtain as a horrible thing, I didn't dare to sleep dead and stared at the next night. I burn it directly to the hospital ...

However, the people like Liu Flower are not with me. I will not be treated as a different, I will not think about how to find an intraoperative point after my family, I will not let myself remember those things that have been happy, I can only end in the story When you say

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