Why do people go to middle-aged men, why is it more dependent on the original wife?The answer is some injured

Hello, everyone, I am a lever, do good jobs that don't have not busy don't have a wonderful life, and I am on the road ...

Feelings are the most difficult to predict, too many people who have said good lifetime, and finally, but only become a loud slap.

The "old husband" in the marriage knows that in the marriage life, the initial hot love will tend to be flat, transformed into family, is a "left hand to touch the right hand", and even some have been halfway.

The men and women who have experienced, love, marriage, and families have never been able to die for all. More needs need to be paid and the body of the body, of course, will have a long history, there are many "contract" marriages.

If you are in life, let two people can understand to compromise each other, still staying in marriage, often reaching the probability of breaking in middle age, can be greatly reduced.

Even many men admit that people have passed the middle age, they can't let their other half, inseparable from marriage.

Mr. Zhao: It is not love, it is a habit

I have been accustomed to my wife, the child is around, seems to have a muscle memory between raising hands, is the habit of being engraved in the bones.

Even a family can be happy every day, sitting on a table, you can satisfy me.

Although she loves me, I like it to my hand, but I know that I have ordered her, hungry, have her help me cook, tired, have her help me shoulder, sick, Have her to care about me, all this is flat and warm.

When we were young, we also quarreled a lot of frames, even downthere, I think she can't help me in the career, we have nothing to do with the same language, so I have passed, now my mentality is very peaceful, think There is not much like there.

I have gradually put down the footsteps of the past, and I know how to take care of my family, and the relationship with the child has become more and more close.

Sometimes your wife will ask me, I still love to love her, I will answer love. But when I am alone, I will think, do I really love her? Maybe, I have become a family and habits.

Mr. Li: Cannot be divided, high cost

I am old, I can't stand it, I just want to have a day. After years of accumulation, middle-aged divorce became a thing of the whole body.

The days are some plain, the more love is more likely, but I also know that this is the normal normal of the marriage. The child is very fast, and I don't want to give them a bad example.

I was drunk in a party a few years ago, and I have been sorry for my wife. It is very attractive, and the woman who is married is very attractive, but in the end, she just puts me as a springboard. Yeamed.

It is a wife who received me returned to the family, I personally booked her. Even if there is no longer love between us, I have always remember that my wife will accompany me to get into the black, white hand, remember that my wife gave me a child, and took care of a family.

Of course, we have never broken up, but also more than 20 years, we have a property that cannot be clearly determined, common friends, interlaced circles, often need to move, it is difficult, and even unable to split.

Mr. He: The most understanding

At the age of 20, I always felt that the wine in the middle of the night was more attractive. I have learned that in middle age, the feast is not as good as a bowl of porridge.

After you have experienced a young man, we have become the people who know each other. The process of two people running in the process is actually very painful for me. I don't want to experience it again.

When you are young, there is even a divorce, but for the child, I still stick to this marriage. Now I am so happy that my choice, no divorce with my wife.

Every day, we are used to the existence of each other. When there is an other party, there will be a sense of security in your heart, it will feel very practical.

If you change the half-way couple, I am afraid contradictory, and I will think about it in my life. The marriage is too tired. And, I am also difficult to guarantee if I am old, sick, the other party is not disappointing.

And now, my wife knows the roots, and I have been a lot of wind and rain. I know very well. I know my temper. We urge each other to pay attention to keep your health. I firmly believe that we can support each other in his later years.

A pair of lovers from the shallot Yeyue to the old man, can respect the guests in the process, and the most perfect ending in the happiness marriage, but this perfect is expected to be.

In a beautiful life, there will be some burnout and dissatisfaction, but the friction always passed, and the tongue does not touch the teeth, and the day is always going forward.

When more and more young people, they are afraid of marriage, there are too many contradictions and friction, fear of marriage, let them be injured and disappointed.

But after all live births will make us understand, accompanying is the longest confession, marriage will not always be in love, we must understand each other, slowly integrate with each other.

"Boy couples are old", with the trivial tempering of life, the love of young love transforms into the middle aged, this is not a way of love, this is not another expression of love. Good time is always short, thank you for reading here, I hope that the story between us will continue, Xiaobian is ready to listen, is your story ready?

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