The ten "hurd" of men's marriage

One is discipline constraint. Whether it is the party discipline, a strict punishment measures for marriage, many men are not afraid of 10,000, as long as there are cases, it means that the name is broken. So all men, cautious about marriage, no matter what kind of status, as long as it involves this, all the classic lines in the film "quit smoking do not stop", " The man can't say that the man is killed.

The second is the net home. The marriage law clearly stipulates that for the wrong party, it is necessary to give the other party's appropriate compensation. If the true east window, maybe men need to be packaged, for men who have been, there may be no problem, but I really arrived two Empty point, no one is willing to face it.

The third is the exposure moment. God is not afraid, the land is not afraid, I am afraid of lovers to call. This kind of thing is always underground, seeing not sunshine, because an exposure means that the inconsistency and constant follow-up problems will face morality and discipline sanctions, a exposure means completion of the easter.

The fourth is the upper place. I am afraid that any man has a love, but it is really afraid that this is feared, the most afraid of the lover, if everyone is safe, it doesn't matter, I don't have to control it, if the other party requires the upper, it is unable to crack It is also the most fear of men.

The fifth is unexpected pregnancy. The child problem is the most unexpected question in the world. If the affordable affection, unexpected pregnancy, then it means that the beginning of the trouble, life is not, it is not born, if people don't want to be born or not willing, it is thoroughly No solution.

Six is ​​a child problem. There is not terrible to marry, terrible is endless trouble, and the child problem is a big problem, if you bravely face the divorce, re-combined, you can, but the child is in the middle, the little bit is better, if it is a little bigger The problem is the biggest problem, regardless of who the child will return, no trouble.

Seven is the ex-wife retaliation. As long as you have this thing, if you really leave, you used to revenge, you will revenge, this you don't have to doubt. The means of retaliation, all with super wisdom, let you prevent it, many traps, so you can't avoid it.

Eight is a lover retalian. The ex-wife can only be a family internal issue. If the lover retals, the consequence will be more serious, that is simply Mars to hit the earth, many of whom, anyone can't imagine.

Nine is moral condemnation. As long as the east window, no matter who, you will not be washed under the saliva of others, you can also be separated, so you can pass the huge thoughts, whether parents, wife, colleagues, or society People will look at you with colored glasses, that huge pressure is can't lift your head in my life.

Ten is the two empty people. As long as an out, it means that the property is divided, and the wife also ran, the child also ran, the lover also ran, there is a bachelor, there may be a house, the car is not, the face is gone, then there is no face. The tragic ending, think about it, so it is still a good job. That thing is also a technology, no diamond, don't live in the porcelain.咱 平 小 小 老, still honest for a good time.

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