Daughter-in-law is sitting on the moon, the mother-in-law is still forced to do housework, her husband can not see, the second day of tragedy

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My name is Li Wei. I just had our children a few days ago. I thought that during this period of the month, I would like to be pregnant, my mother-in-law and husband hurt me and I pet me.

Who knows that when I am still sitting on a month, my mother-in-law actually forced me to do housework. I just started to think just some light, let me pack the house, that is, you can. Who knows that he is more and more increase in a few days. Not only cleaning, but also doing this, I have to come, but even go out to buy a dish, mother-in-law is too lazy, let me do. I am very angry, I am very wronged. I am her pro, I am clear that my body is still weak, but how can they be so for me?

I can't help but I thought it was a husband working to work, I didn't know that I was suffering at home, so I told what I told me. I hope he can give me a master. And who knows, her husband heard the grievances of my days, but there was no expression, but also made me a mother-in-law. Also said that there is nothing big, you have endured it.

I can't see anything in my husband. Continue to talk to the mother-in-law, watching TV, but I am silent next to it. I am really sad at the evening. I thought that my husband will at least pity me. I thought I was standing in my husband, I would stand me here, but he didn't do anything.

I was tired and angry that night. I have just been lying down, I slept. But I traged in the next day. I was awakened next morning. I feel a burst of pain. I hurriedly called her husband to tell him that I was uncomfortable. He also thought that my small top is unreasonable, but I really can't stand it, so I called 120.

I have been fainted when I came. At this time, the husband learned that the seriousness of the matter was hurry to send me a rescue to the hospital. After inspection, the doctor said that I was bleeding. The doctor's diagnosis is because I am excessive fatigue during the month. It caused vaginal tear, which led to a large bleeding.

But thank you, I woke up. I have been waking up for four or five days. My family said: I have been almost worried when I was sent. It is a doctor who has returned to spring to keep my life. The mother of the mother heard that I have rushed over after I did something. Also took my husband.

During this time, they are taking care of me. I also disappointed my husband after waking up. I want to divorce him, but I think that the child is so small. I don't want her to grow up in a broken, I am panic now, what should I do now?

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