Angelababy School uniforms have been ridiculed: see the age, don't overrun more beautiful.


Angelababy has been active since divorced with Huang Xiaoming.

She first hosted the vomiting of Beijing Spring Festival Evening when she was in the Spring Festival. I specially went to see the video of my netizens, and the beauty is very beautiful, but I advised everyone.

The commentary of netizens see the blood: "This can also be hosted, I only have listened to this in the recitation competition in primary and secondary schools,"

It is said that Huang Xiaoming has been hosting, but Angelababy is far more than that of Huang Xiaoming.

Time Tang Yan also crossed the host of Shanghai Oriental TV, a hosted of Tang Yan, what is good to say about Angelababy's fan, this is a day, a ground?

Many netizens have seen two big women's presiding comparison, directly to Tang Yu Road, but also said: Angelababy, or standing there, don't talk, a lot of appetite.

With the far from the Spring Festival, the host of Angelababy is finally over, but she is not affected here, but it is very frequent. After the divorce with Huang Xiaoming, Huang Xiaoming is a low-key, but Angelababy is still active, and sometimes it is hot, and then marketing its own beauty.

This is not recent, Angelababy once again hotly.

It seems to be her new drama "Twilight Treatment", she also wear a school uniform in the new drama, it seems to be very young. In addition to the color powder, she will praise her "Baby is so beautiful, all kinds of shapes are beautiful, too beautiful," also have some real evaluation: Personally feel that it is a mother, and this role is very violated. (Pure road people, you have your own opinion, you spray me is you).

This netizen's comments are also quite be careful.

In fact, I feel that it is nothing, but the premise is that you have active, if you have no actuat, it is still dressed, it is another thing. Zhou Xun is so good. When she played a girl, she was also spit, not to mention the ANGELABABY that the acting is controversial.

Angelababy school uniforms have been ridicpeled, I want to say, still face the age, don't overunderstand more.

At first I felt that Angelabab was divorced with Huang Xiaoming, it should have a better development, but I have changed now, because I found angelababy team or a place of marketing. Empty is beautiful, your business is not good, will only make your beauty worthless, Angelababy and her team don't understand this?


I think the Gao Yuanyuan is a specially awake actress.

After 9 years, the high round was once again played again, and she didn't play the goddess, but a 40-year-old female lawyer. Chen Shan, who played in "Perfect companion", made people look bright, this time she turned into a workplace elite from the gastro, so that many viewers have a look at her.

Gao Yuanyuan is really beautiful, but it is time to return to the nine years. She no longer challenge Goddess, but looking at her age. The high round does not believe that the appearance will affect his actor's drama. She has always been developing towards the direction of trying to present more roles. Even if she is said to be old, she also said that she is not afraid. What is a 40-year-old woman, but believes the need for role is the most important.

She said in "I, 39": "For everyone, I feel that there is one of the first time you will experience, you first saw your wrinkles, then see Going to your own long white hair, it is a thing you have to experience. I am still very careful to skin care, but I have done my efforts, it will still be old, then I will accept this aging process "

Gao Yuanyuan also believes that beauty is presented to his satisfaction, this should be related to confidence, whether you are satisfied with yourself, values, etc. It is multi-dimensional, and should not be bound by the outside label.

Just as the recent fire, I love what is beautiful: "For girls, I can't think because of thinking, or because I feel thin is beautiful, to control diet to an unhealthy point. Because it is not beautiful, beauty is powerful , Beauty can do so many different things. "She thinks not to happen thick, but how high is jumping, how fast is running, and more power.

I hope that after I know the 18-year-old good girl of Gu Ling, I can redefine the beauty, and the beauty is not just the so-called external white and young. Some female stars after this go back, what girl beauty is still long, you have to know the beauty of your "white young" appearance, and your connotation, your own business ability supports your beauty? ?


Speaking of angelababy, she has always remembered that there is only a beautiful appearance, and the people who have dedicated to create is beautiful. But so many years have passed, Angelababy's acting is still ill. Even in the "skyscraper", she really made it, but it still attracted a group of groups.

Have you thought about what?

Beauty This thing can make you red pole, but if you only have beautiful appearance, everyone thinks you are a empty shelf. Angelababy I feel that I can do whatever I have to taste the beauty of the beauty, but I've been a ridicule. The audience see is the quality of the work and how about your acting? As an actor, what is it still mixed? Do you think you can play well?

No one will appreciate your vacuum performance, there is no feelings, everyone will read it all, don't like you, don't like you. As an actor, you have to conquer everyone by acting, not the so-called beauty.

Over time, you have a good time to look at all, and you will become a virtual. The only thing that can let you go further, that is, acting.

Angelababy is still ridiculed in "Adventure Life". She is looking good enough, and it is recognized, but her business is not working, the acting is not good, the empty is beautiful, such a beautiful appearance is worthless.

Can make us live beautiful, and the last one must be your strength.

If the strength is unable to match, your beauty will eventually be worthless.

Gu Ailing's appearance will let the entertainment circles sweat: Don't market anything beautiful, do you know what is true? The girl like Gu Ling is really excellent, strength is there.

As for angelababy, she can fand in her career after divorce, I think I have to play a "?". Waiting for her acting skills, I also see my age, really have that strength, talk again.

Otherwise, it is still low-key, don't overrun more beautiful, you know that you are beautiful, but how can you? Does acting and business capabilities?

Today's topic: How do you evaluate any importance Angelababy, beauty and strength? Welcome to leave a message.

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