The little girl wedding mother-in-law did not let go, stealing the scene, the groom official turned, and went to the hospital to abortion.

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My name is Huang Jiao. I have a boyfriend from a young bamboo horse. We are very familiar with each other, we are the closest people. I thought we would get married. Will be together forever. But I didn't think we were finally broken up.

That is what I will never forget, he suddenly especially decided to break up with me, I asked him why, but he did not say anything. From that, he disappeared, I couldn't find him, I went to his home to find him, but I had already went to the building. I can only leave the city, I have left all the places I have a good memory.

Later, I met my current husband in this city. He is very good to me, although I don't have much emotion to him, but my heart is too tired, I need someone to rely on, so when he married me, I agreed.

But I don't know why my aunt seems to have hostility for me, I always mart. These I have endured, I feel that this is a human condition. After all, whoever suddenly came out, a person will not be adapted.

The little girl was married a few days ago. I think this is a good thing, I think that their wedding scene will be very busy, I want to help. But my mother-in-law said that I just pregnant can't be too tired, stop me, I don't let me go, but the more like this, I want to see it. So I secretly sneaked myself.

There are many people I know. They are all very familiar, but I am somewhat surprised. This is a little aunt's wedding, why do people come to people? Going in, seeing more and more feeling more and more when I see the groom's back. When he turned around, I was shocked. Since it is my former boyfriend!

The guests next to it are discussing. Said that he is now a big boss of the startup, worth millions. And it seems that he has a former girlfriend, but it seems to be because of who is threatened by money. After listening to everyone, I finally couldn't stand it out. It turned out that he didn't really want to leave me. He is a bitter!

It turns out that everyone knows that only I am a man who is bluff. I quietly quit the scene, I went to the hospital alone to break the child. After returning home, I was divorced with my husband. I didn't expect him that he did not agree. I called my parents to help, but they said I made.

I just want to escape from this place, I don't want to see anyone, I think someone is quiet, can you not?

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