"My mom spends an 8th in the afternoon, but I can't eat hot, what?"

Today is New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year is also the last day of the whole family, with his family eat a meal bustling dinner together, most people wish.

In my home, dinner is Mom and Dad do the task, due to fewer people, is relatively simple. However, in many people, the New Year could become the married women woman's nightmare.

Much to do housework, and her in-laws endless mix of mouth, and a man of endless contradictions, to spend money like water, especially married women are so disgusted with her husband's family back to the New Year.

Psychologists Wu Zhihong in the "Chinese-style love and love," wrote: marriage all the cute, is not out of mind since the beginning of "I love you", but from "You give me" - not a marriage is wrong but the marriage to be too much.

He kept asking women for their own native home pay, ignoring the needs of women, pull side frame contradictions in-law, this man really easy to let his wife and children chilling.

Some time ago, Zhang Zixuan to pregnant mothers need to take care of the grounds, his own mother received around year approaches, grandparents and dad are urged Zhang Zixuan mother back home to serve a large family, so Zhang Zixuan was very angry, and resolutely refused to let her mother become a free nanny at home.

Zhang Zixuan 27 years old, married, mother of the man also. As parents only daughter, her mother's feelings are pure, sincere honor her mother, distressed mother, but the father's feelings is more complicated.

"I am both grateful he did not forget the responsibility as a father, to work outside their homes alone 20 years, the earned money back home to support the family, for my school, my daughter loved the comparison, they complain that he is not a good husband, when the eldest son of an eccentric grandparents bully my mom's not guarding my mother, my mother suffered a grievance. "

Zhang Zixuan grandparents had two children and a daughter, aunt married into another town, uncle aunt gave birth to a son, live in the county. Zhang Zixuan family was relatively poor, parents would have to make a living farming, Zhang Zixuan six years old when my father to feed their families, decided to work outside the home, became a migrant workers.

Originally, the mother intends to follow her husband to come along, commissioned by her in-laws to take care of her daughter, but, refusing to grandparents, he made it clear that only grandchildren without granddaughter, also asked his son not to go with a daughter, citing concerns about the daughter money, wild heart, and failing to appreciate his son, flip a husband and daughter ran away.

Eventually, Zhang Zixuan mother worried no one to take care of their young daughter, had to become left-behind women stay in the home, separated from her husband 20 years in different places.

"Not only grandparents mom will not let me go out to work with his father, refused to take me, and also asked my father to earn money for them in charge, but fortunately, my father understood that grandparents love grandchildren granddaughter does not like the idea, fearing grandfather She took the money to take the matter nephew spent, do not give me flowers, rejected the request grandparents. even so, from small to large, the grandparents did little to come to my house looking for my mother for money, but also uttered several things . "

During the Chinese New Year, Zhang Zixuan mother and daughter should have been the happiest time, because my father every year, only this time you can come back to accompany them ten days. However, these ten days is Zhang Zixuan mother the most difficult time.

"Normally, uncle aunt did not welcome me with her to the county seat of their homes, say that we are Cengfan, autumn is playing, then how to be more ugly ugly. I remember my college entrance examination, test sites uncle home from a short walk Ten minutes later, my father specifically called uncle, I hope I can staying there a few days, until the end of the college entrance examination, uncle, aunt refused, and ultimately, my father spent the money, so my mother took me staying in a hotel. "

However, one to the New Year, uncle Aunt Zhang Zixuan a warm and inviting them to go to the New Year, because no one is willing to clean up, but no one willing to do dinner.

"New Year at home uncle, I felt uncomfortable, I can not take those to eat and drink, do not want to deal cousin, lest he crying up, I was cursing my grandparents. My mother from morning till night, uncle home to give the set Sanshiliangting two guard house clean-up, to help them to wash the blankets, to give eight people to do dinner. "

When it comes to dinner, Zhang Zixuan to gas, first course had just served, uncle, aunt, grandparents began drank wine, blessing each other, started eating vegetables, only Zhang Zixuan mother busy in the kitchen. Wait until the last dish up when the table is already in ruins, leaving only a pile of bones and scraps.

"Your father? He did not know his wife to stay with her daughter feel bad at home? Did not you say, your father hurt you?"

After listening to my question, Zhang Zixuan helpless sigh: "My father should be in accordance with this blood relationship to the people around qualifying, therefore, as his own daughter, my highest position, he will give the money to my mother to ensure that the money will be used in my body, give me with a delicious, will be concerned about my studies, I will take the money for a dowry, but also told I will not forget him, give him a pension. then, his father and mother, brothers, nephews, and my mother lowest position, so he looked at my grandparents beck and call my mom, also lacks feel, probably, in his eyes, my mother is raising his daughter, honor their parents, free nanny to take care of a get it! "

Last year, Zhang Zixuan pregnant, the name of a real mother to take care of more intimate banner, his own mother received their side.

"In fact, I didn't plan to let my mother go back. The brother has grown up, I don't need grandparents, my grandparents are old, I don't want to add trouble to my big son, I have to live with my parents, let it talk, Just want my mother to continue to wait for them! Be a dream! I used to, I was still small, I couldn't them, now, don't want to bully my mom. "Zhang Ziyan's decision has been supported by her husband, so she I took my mother, I plan to let my mother stay here, help yourself to take care of the child, and by her responsible for the old age.

The year is near, Zhang Ziyan's grandparents called Zhang Ziyan, let Zhang Ziyan's mother quickly came back to cook, and was rejected by Zhang Ziyan. Zhang Ziyan's father also called her daughter and asked his wife to go back and went back by her daughter.

"My mom is spent an 8th in the afternoon, but I can't eat hot. What is going on? My mother can't go back, I want you to come, less grandparents, let them pay for a lifetime The love of the big grandma is responsible for the old age, or you left the grandparents, grandparents are not there, you come over to find me, rest assured, Dad, although you are not good for my mother, but I am good for me, but I will manage you, but , I can't make my mother continue to be wronged! "

Zhang Ziyan's father did not have a daughter, and he couldn't do it for his parents. He had to stay in his hometown and lived with his parents. Zhang Ziyan is too lazy, will give her father to support her father, but who dares to call her again, urge her mother to go back to honor her in-laws, she will come to a jade.

I love my daughter, but I can't help my wife's payment. In fact, in the hearts of Zhang Ziyan, the heart of the father, the blood relationship is greater than everything, the wife is far more important than my own family.

The daughter is his own life. In the future, he will take his old-age. He will first take into account his daughter. The parents gave birth to him, and the brothers and sisters broke with him, they were very important, as for their eyes, in their eyes In the case, it may be a tool used to make a child, and the reproduction of the future generation.

However, people in their later years, people who best let you rely on the wife, if you are not comfortable, you are old after you are old.

As Luo Zhenyu said: "A glass of water at three in the morning, the mutual support of the old time, the difficult time to support each other, this is the meaning of marriage."

As a man, don't ignore the woman around you, only she will accompany you to the old. After the child grew, it is necessary to have their own life. If you can't take a look at you, your spouse will not be willing to accompany you to the old, so that you will not be too lonely, you must see Your performance is.

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