Married for 45 years, the husband's salary was given to the little uncle by her mother-in-law, and his wife wrote a letter to anger husband.

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The wood said in "Slow" from the past: "It has become slow, the car, the horse, the email are slow, only a person in life is enough."

I have no network before, I want to contact the distant people, I can only use the way of writing, the letter is the emotion of the emotions, or I can express my feelings with you.

But in the "emotional mediation" Liang, she used her letter to express my inner sadness and anger, and it is also enough to see, she and her husband and heart are far away, although living under a roof, there is no way to get effective Communication.

01. Husband is 30 yuan after marriage, subsidizing mother and little uncle every month

Ms. Liang and her husband's love are very romantic.

45 years ago, she met with her husband for the first time, and she felt that her husband was a person who had a person who relied.

Although her husband's hometown is rural, the ingredients are not good, but she is resolutely married to the other party regardless of the opposition of their parents.

She thinks that I love a person, I have to have the spirit of "moth", for this, she has not returned to her family for 3 years, and the relationship with her mother is very stiff.

After marriage, she found the other side of her husband. The husband is a general worker, and the salary is 30 yuan per month. I will take halfway to pay my mother. If my hometown is in a hurry, I will pay another money.

Although they live in the county, the conditions are better than their hometowns, but they have to raise their children. The days are also fast, sometimes they have no money to buy food at the end of the month.

Ms. Liang has recommended her husband several times, and then paying less than the old home, and my days are not good, and I have to consider the child.

The husband believes that he can have today's work, he is a mother's credit, he will never forget, when you study, the mother will give him a tuition fee, the spinning is sold every day, and there is also the other side Buy the eyes of the cloth.

Encouragement can not forget, but if the relationship is lost, the family will fall into contradictions, and Ms. Liang just started to endure. When she didn't listen to her advice, she complained about her husband.

One weekend, Ms. Liang is going to work, and she discusses her husband: "You can't return home this weekend, you see your child at home, I have to work overtime."

The husband shook his head: "Every week is going home to see my mother, this is a rule, can't change."

On the side of the wife and child who needed himself, the mother who needs grateful, the husband's heart is biased to the mother, thinking that the mother raises the brothers and sisters, especially the little brother, 13 years old, he consciously undertake Take care of your brother's responsibility.

02. The husband and wife do not communicate, and the contradictions have accumulated their wife to divorce.

Usually small contradictions, Ms. Liang can endure, after all, the husband has no other bad habits in addition to the mother and the little uncle.

But the little uncle is a matter of marriage, let her feel very happy.

First of all, it is the preparation of the wedding. The husband has taken a lot of money from the hometown, helping the brother to buy a house to buy furniture, and give the mother 200 yuan, money is still borrowed to the second brigade.

At that time, 200 yuan, equivalent to a person in half a year, Ms. Liang did not hurt, his child's clothes were not willing to buy, the husband's subsidy is very generous to the mother.

Secondly the gift. The husband did not discuss with himself, directly gave your brother 50 yuan gift gold, according to the level of gifts at the time, many people gave 2 yuan or 5 yuan, this 50 yuan has not been too much, but still carry itself quietly.

She wrote a letter to her husband, saying that if you still have to continue to subsidize your brother, then we will divide, go out, euphemism, but also the meaning of divorce.

After the husband received a letter, he was angered. After a few days, he didn't talk to his wife. He later converges a lot to his behavior, reducing the subsidies of mother and brother, the life of the couple returned to calm.

However, the second brother came to visit, let the husband and wife arrived at the edge of the divorce, the younger brother said to them: "The younger brother is too much, you have to give the ancestral grave, you need to call it yourself, but also let your big brother come, I am uncomfortable in my heart. "

Ms. Liang learned that the original husband took the money to the little uncle, and he also helped the little uncle asked the second brother. If the husband can discuss with himself, she will not stop, but her husband hides, let her feel the heart Uncomfortable, the original husband has never been ourselves.

Since the husband and wife have become each, then what is going to do, it is better to have a good separation.

In the face of Ms. Liang, her husband is very wronged: "If I discuss with you, will you promise? You still have to quarrel with me, so I dare not tell you."

A fear, it will cover the problem, and he has a pale reason, and the most important thing between husband and wife is frank and understanding.

03. The wife is not a money, but her husband respects

Seeing Ms. Liang and her husband, many netizens leave a message.

Some people say: "If you change your identity, Ms. Liang is quiet to the mother. Can the husband accept? Review your mother can have a variety of ways, but you also need the bottom line. After all, your family is also very important." Some people said: " This little uncle is not understanding. If you encounter problems, you will find big brothers. You have already become a home. Why can't you deal with problems independently, you have to add trouble to Big Brother. "Some people said:" Ms. Liang is really good, regardless of family Opposing the marriage, you don't have a good job, your wife must work, but also to take care of your child's burden, your husband has given the income to the mother and the little uncle, the lack of responsibility for the small family. "Everyone said no Wrong, indicating that the wife stopped her husband from subsidizing the hometown. In fact, she opposed her husband's disrespectful.

If the husband can actively communicate with his wife, tell her her bottom line, only a small amount of money to subsidize the mother every month, the rest of the money will be given to the wife, and Ms. Liang will not be too angry.

Because she has chosen this marriage, she doesn't hesitate to have a sense of security with her mother. I also hope that her husband can use all of themselves to operate their marriage.

But the husband will focus on the hometown, let Ms. Liang feel uncomfortable, feel that her feelings have been disappointed, this is where she is disappointed with marriage.

In life, some men think that the wife is angry, cold treatment, stay away from a few days.

In fact, this kind of practice will only make the wife's emotions more fierce, she wants that you have the true idea of ​​your heart, and the bottom line of the doing things, that is, her sense of security for marriage. At this time, her husband only needs to do three actions. You can easily mitigate your wife's emotions.

First, tell his wife's own true thoughts, and also clearly help the bottom of the hometown, let his wife rest assured;

Second, with his wife back to the hometown, tell the mother and the little uncle, the family will lose their wife and help, they can take care of the big family, please pay attention to my wife;

Third, accompanying his wife back to the family, showing their own attitude, will honor the elderly people at the same time, I hope that the mother will receive himself.

When the relationship between the two parties, the wife won the respect of his family, and his marriage was recognized by the mother's family. The sense of security in her heart will be a lot, and they can objectively look at the husband's behavior and reduce their own angry emotions.

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