My mother-in-law is a long-awaited, "I haven't taken care of the moon", I have a hatred for four years, but my daughter-in-law said: I can remember my life.

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The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, there is no doubt that in marriage, it plays a very important role. After all, because the relationship between the mother-in-law is not, the couple who will last until the divorce is not a few.

The key is the way, the key is to understand the words.

And Song Yi believes that this understanding, the foundation, which should be established, should be the understanding of her mother-in-law. why? Because every mother-in-law, it is also from the daughter-in-law stage, it is not easy, they should be more considerate.

However, I feel that I have been subject to these four words, not everyone can understand. Just like Song Yu said her mother-in-law is a typical for many years of daughter-in-law, and then I want to add everything you experience to the new daughter-in-law.

Her mother-in-law, all day, I wondered with her, I would like to establish a mother-in-law's majesty.

At the beginning, Song Yan did not know this. She is a simple and simple person. I didn't think about anything with her husband. I think two people love.

Therefore, when I haven't got married, Song Yu went to her mother-in-law, and her mother-in-law is very serious, and her mother-in-law is very serious. I haven't laugh, like a class teacher to interrogate a late student.

Song Yu is also very nervous, she first experienced such a situation. Under the helplessness, I sent a text message to my boyfriend, let him hurry to save the field, and her boyfriend was taken away by her mother-in-law to take the kitchen to help.

After the boyfriend came, everything was returned to normal. Song Yu said quietly and he said: "I feel that your mother is very bad." Her boy smiled at the time, said that this person, very well.

Later, as your boyfriend went to my mother-in-law, my mother-in-law always made her do things, saying a woman, what is the good wife, and how much is it.

Song Yan listened, then attached, the mother-in-law nodded, suddenly opened: "I think you have a lot of shortcomings, and then teach you again later."

Song Yu was still stupidly "good", she thought about it was to ask her mother-in-law, and the "sensible thing" before marriage, actually became the turn of the contradiction between all her mother-in-law after marriage.

Song Yu's mother-in-law, always have a conscious consciousness in this home, and is more strong than her real hostess, in short, I want to manage her and her husband.

Time is long, Song Yu's heart is certainly unwilling, her husband is not a matter of attitude, putting it out of this to mother is the character of this love, go.

Especially later, the girlfriends around you discuss their respective mother-in-law. It's much more, Song Yu also felt that the mother-in-law is too wide. For example, when she takes a bath at home, she has to say waste of water.

Song Yu bought something, never telling the real price of her mother-in-law, almost all, I dare to tell my mother-in-law, otherwise my mother-in-law will say she is selling money.

Her mother-in-law, I like to tell her the story of myself, saying that I can hold my family in my mother's family, and I can hold my family. The meaning of the words is that Song Yan is still far away, need multiple students.

Later, when Song Yan gradually exposed, her mother-in-law was also observed, not only and his son, said that she didn't have any new ideas? Also say some gossip outside.

These gossip, Song Dynasty is also unintentionally known. Her mother-in-law said that Song Yan is not worthy of his son. There is no son, the academic qualifications are not good, it is not high, the holdings are not good, mainly people look well, listen to her, so she promised this job of.

Song Yu listened, nature is very unhappy. Her mother has always believed that his son is very capable, this she knows, but Song Yan doesn't know, her mother-in-law is these ideas to her.

In fact, she is really not bad. When I was prepared together, all my friends said that she should find better with her long-faced ability and family, because her husband's home condition is a big short board, after graduation More relying on yourself.

Later, Song Yu was dissatisfied with emotions, her mother-in-law seems to have to pull back a complement, and unilaterally started the road to "struggle".

Just this time, Song Yu was pregnant.

When pregnant, because the mother-in-law has a lot of unhappy, Song Yu returned to her family for a few months. She is the only child's only girl, my parents have grown up in the palm of their hands, and she will naturally take her very well.

Or is her mother-in-law is not happy, saying that there is such a thing, pregnant, live in the mother, to put it before, this is to be gossip. So, the husband of Song Yi took her back.

After coming back, my mother-in-law also took care of himself, Song Yu originally felt that she had misunderstood for her mother-in-law, so that she didn't think that her mother-in-law gave her "lower Ma Wei". When she stayed at her.

Because of the moon, it is a woman who is the most vulnerable and unbearable.

Everything is not adapted. Bring your child, there is also a physical discomfort, and even the pressure from psychological, at least the Song Yu, at least the time, because the child's cry, very little sleep.

And her mother-in-law, but at this time, she became a door. Sometimes I didn't come back at noon. I came back to Song Yu hot yesterday's left. I also said that these things were deliberately bought for her. There are nutrition. At that time, the husband of Song Yu lived in the company. When I came back once, I came back to my husband. When my husband came back, the things on the table were bigger.

Song Yan told her husband, her husband asked her mother, of course, did not get an answer, but they made himself confused, I didn't know who listened. Because the mother said there is no thing, she is also this stage, naturally know how to take care, let him rest assured.

Moreover, when Song Yu is sitting on the moon, the mother-in-law will find a reason to open the window, let her have blown a lot of cold winds. In the evening, no matter what the child cried and powerful, my mother-in-law can not move, never greet a sentence.

Song Yu did not understand at the time, and later, the mother-in-law's mother-in-law was derived like this, and later became successful posts. Therefore, she also moved this set, thinking that between her mother-in-law, it should be the relationship of suppression.

Because of the things sitting on the moon, Song Yan has always had a great opinion on his mother-in-law. After all, the cardioga is experienced.

The road of the later rise, Song Yuhua has spent a lot of time. She first told her husband, she did not intend to target his mother, but some things he didn't understand. If you believe yourself, don't intervene.

Later, mother-in-law did not speak, she couldn't bear it. I said that I said it back, and I often have no words. And her mother-in-law, I just started watching my son's face, but I didn't say anything, I will gradually be more troublesome.

Just once, my mother-in-law said that she was not filial, she had to leave home, Song Yu directly said: "Don't believe it, I will not let you come back, this is my home, real estate license Name, I said it can be calculated. "

At that time, her husband was standing behind him. She didn't talk, her mother-in-law hesitated for a long time, actually entered the house again. Song Yan came later: "I didn't expect that one day I can play it."

One day after four years, my mother-in-law is hospitalized, please have a lot of false, Song Yu is not thinking about it, and has been taken care of in the hospital. Her mother-in-law is very surprised, I didn't expect this moment that is not very good, and I can be so filial.

Song Yan's scorpion, I mentioned that I didn't take good care of four years ago. I said that I thought that she was sick. I certainly didn't care, let her heard the sky, and did not want to manage.

Her mother-in-law was a bit awkward, and it was a rider: "It is not taken care of the moon. It is four years ago. Do you still remember hate? Don't hate, you have passed."

Song Yu replied seriously: "This grievance, I can remember a lifetime."

Her mother-in-law has not heard, nothing. Later, I went home after the disease, no matter what happened at home, I was getting better and better for Song Dynasty. I read her first, and she used her as a pro.

Song Yan also pushed the boat, started with his mother-in-law, and later, the mother-in-law boasted, saying that she is a good child. If all my mother-in-law get along, there can be mutual understanding from the beginning, I want to come to this world to have a lot of family contradictions.

And I feel that I have been subject to these four words, and it should be kept in mind.

Good time is always short, thank you for reading here, I hope that the story between us will continue, Ayu is ready to listen, is your story ready?

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