The national 王 耀 庆: Mrs. Qing Mi Zhu Ma, every wedding commemoration is not divorced

Hello, everyone, I am a lever, do good jobs that don't have not busy don't have a wonderful life, and I am on the road ...

Many actors played over overbearing president, but truly impressed the audience, that is, there are so many people. For example, Wang Yaqing is one of the recognized "Head".

Wait, do you say Wang Yaoqing is "Heferrical"? What, "Head" is still "national 舅"?

Have you made a mistake!

Then this is a man who is shining, squeezing, and comes to the hips, and claiming to "Xiaoqing Qing". Who is he?

Is this also Wang Yaoqing?

What is the overall, rich second generation, actually just a passer in Wang Yaqing's role.

True him, is the rich and rich flower of the "second boy", but also the most exciting, the most popular and never pretended to be a good man ...

The family is general, lazy and love money: But I have love.

Wang Yaqing was born in Shandong, and later he went to Taiwan because his father's work. So he often said that his bones are a Shandong brutal.

Because the family is in general, Wang Yaoqing's dream is to make big money. At the beginning of the previous medium, the ideals of other students are scientists, what is the special magnificent, only Wang Yaoqing is nothing to say, he wants to make a lot of money.

There is a profession dream in the deep heart, but it is taking a meal. After the college entrance examination, I fill in the university volunteer. Wang Yaqing was originally wanted to choose one of the business schools, law schools or literature institutes. "In fact, I can change it at the time, but I am too lazy, I feel too much in turn."

In a lot of things, Wang Yaoqing is indeed "lazy". For example, when the girlfriend's family said that it is not very good to get married, Wang Yaoqing is too lazy to move, so I will get married with my girlfriend.

It's too lazy, Wang Yaoqing also loves money.

At the time of the big two, he was seen by an advertising company, photographed the first advertisement in his life, got it at the time that it would look good.

He is happy to know how to be good. He tiled in the bed in his life, and he wides through the number, and the pillow was sleeping.

Of course, as long as there is money to earn, Wang Yaoqing can suffer. After shooting, he firmly determined the determination to enter the entertainment circle, start speaking a lot of time to learn movie theory, and set a record of 37 movies in the cinema for 20 consecutive days.

The reason later held on the screen of the overbearing president, the reason why every image was lifelike, and stem from him to study the performance, constantly accumulating professional knowledge, and originated in the bones. money".

On the holidays, Wang Yaqing and his family play cards, this kind of thing, is the most important, but Wang Yaoqing is stinking every time. "Because I want to win money." Every time I play cards, he is especially true, and virtue that can only lose can also make his family not take him.

It's a good thing to be a good thing. This is Wang Yaoqing, but it is also because of the custom, it does not cover it, and the girlfriend is dead to him.

Wang Yaoqing's wife is Guo Yuqing, and the fourth grade of primary school and his class, after the first middle, high school, both of them are classmates, but also good friends who have nothing to talk. After graduating from college, Wang Yaoqing was white with Guo Yuqing, and soon he went to the army to serve.

Because lazy, in the force for two years, Wang Yaoqing and my girlfriend have been connected. I didn't expect that he served alone, people did not happen like anything like something.

My girlfriend's home is close to him, lazy and love the money, Wang Yaoqing, moving with his face.

They all said that Her Germany married "the overall", but he said to lie to his thief boat.

For a living, I didn't give marriage for a while, and Guo Yuqing's family had opinions. At that time, Wang Yaoqing has first entered the entertainment circle, and the dragon has a little money. Someone squats him to move, break up. He got a certificate directly with his girlfriend.

He said in his mouth, you can continue to stop, but knowing his girlfriend knows, except her, Wang Yaoqing does not have any other women.

The man is now original, Wang Yaoqing is no exception.

Others marriage honeymoon are traveling, shopping, Wang Yaqing, is put forward to stay at home, his wife agrees. He first, took 8 computers, and could set an L-shaped big desk, registered 30 accounts, no game. The wife did not complain, but said: "You are not easy to have such a long holiday, do not do what you like,"

"I bought two huge display, one screen corresponding to 4 hosts. I switched myself, don't team up, I will fight myself! That is the most pleasant time in my life!" I said that I said that I said that The situation, Wang Yaoqing's eyes also sparkle.

In the whole 3 months, Wang Yaqing's day is "Wow, the sky is black!" "Wow, the sky is bright!"

Even later, he also had to remotely control his wife to help him in his family.

Change to other women, they will be separated from him, but Wang Yaoqing's wife not only does not complain, but also give him a meal every day, because she knows that this is what he likes to do. Wang Yaoqing also determined since then, and went to work with this woman.

Today, he still has no resistance to the game upgrade such a game.

"I am greedy in life, I am very grateful to my wife, I have always been forbearing." Some people envy Guo Yuqing He De can marry Wang Yaqing, but he said that he had high scams, let her go to the millennium thief ship. Marriage is going to last, "the overall" drama is useless: "My wife is there without any shortcomings."

It is because the main work of Wang Yaoqing is a speech. It is not a performance of his most thanks to what he wants to do. Say: "Okay, play it!"

"Don't try to change the other party, do you like to change your own, to take the shortcomings of each other. This is my happiness secret." Wang Yaoqing said that he decided with his wife to reach a consensus to accept each other. shortcoming.

"Of course, my wife is there is no shortcomings." Wang Yaoqing said this, half for self-protection, half is also the words of the lungs.

He has a contradiction because of his obsession game and a conflict. He went home after the scene play, and he played the game on the first night. "She will call me once a while, I am very annoying, but I am busy playing the game and lazy to tell her theory. I played in the middle of the night, I just sleep directly. As a result, my wife saw me not sleeping the bedroom, I took me a dog. Blood head. "

It's not angry, I don't apologize, Wang Yaoqing explained seriously, saying that she is afraid that she is afraid that she suddenly bother to disturb her rest. Mr.'s breath, he can go to bed in bed.

"In fact, whether there is a husband and wife and a parent and child, you must give each other space. Especially if a person is in good mood, it is best to choose an exclusive, the other party is not good, you are best to hide." Wang Yaoqing said , Marriage will last forever, the generals of the domain are useless.

Wang Yaoqing said that he is not romantic at all. Mrs. Mrs. Birthday, marriage commemorative day these important days, he basically can't remember. "But my wife never mind."

Many people feel that life has to have a sense of ceremony, but Wang Yaqing believes that it is because they are always too casual. Ordinary no matter where you go, as long as you see anything that is suitable for your wife, Wang Yaqing will buy it immediately and then express it.

One of the people who have put lover in their hearts, those so-called "important days" don't remember that it is not important, because he has already made every normal day, has become a surprise full festival.

Others' wedding commemorative Japanese call marriage, aluminum marriage or golden marriage: our forever is "not divorced"

Wang Yaoqing is 48 years old this year. Ask him what is the best moment? He did not hesitate to nodded and said, "Because I was less than 20 years old, I haven't come yet. I have only now. Every day, I have no experience and emotion now, it is really good. But it. "

The film and television drama is "Herver President", returning home is "game house + wife strict". In the 2020, the vocabulary show "Mervantish brother", Wang Yaoqing is completely self-flying, "harmonious star", "Harmonious Star", "Harmonious Star", "Harmony", "Harmony" and "China Second Uncle" ".

He has a lot of labels, but Wang Yaoqing said that the label is not important for him, and he doesn't need anyone. "Overbearing President" and "model husband" did not have meaning.

The interesting place of life is that there is also a few more than accepting each other. For example, if you only take only a half-length lens, Wang Yaqing will carefully make hairstyle, makeup, and the suit is serious, but the next half of the lens can't take it, he may wear shorts and slippers.

The root cause of this is because he regards this seemingly hard work as fun and fulcrum, because of his family, give Wang Yaoqing enough trust and support.

At least 10 months a year, there is a job, the rest of the day, Wang Yaqing is basically accompanying her family in Taiwan. It is the best arrangement with your family, and it is really not important. Today, the children grow up, Wang Yaoqing said that he did not dare to play games. "Not because I am afraid of bringing bad children, but I am better than me, I am also a good thing."

Waiting for all years, the wife and children have never complained. Because he has been telling them, there is a need to have his place at any time, he is, parents, wife and children, can find him at any time.

From Qingmeizhu Horse to the middle age, Wang Yaoqing and Mrs. Wang have been working for many years. In the 14th year of marriage, the wife once asked him: "Wedding 10 years is aluminum marriage, what is 14 years of marriage?" He blurted: "Not divorce". Now that the two have been married for 20 years, Wang Yaoqing's annotations of this feelings are still "not divorced".

Good time is always short, thank you for reading here, I hope that the story between us will continue, Xiaobian is ready to listen, is your story ready?

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