Net transmission men want to eat women's trial posts, what is the last choice of women?

A few days ago, a place in a place in a local place was a plan to eat women's arguments when gathering.

Netizens still call, there is such a bad family in the 21st century, can't believe, and put the men in the air.

But after all, the netizens are not the parties, and I don't know if it is specific. Maybe it is misuse?

What is the choice made by the female party ...

"Yang girl who lives in Qianshan District will run!"

"If you are surnamed Yang, living in the Qianshan District, the father is a doctor mother is a nurse, then you will run! Head picture of this man, that is, your boyfriend, he tells you that you are only a woman, when you are Everything is his! "

When my friend sent this hot-fired online post, I didn't think about it, I thought it was a new marketing number.

Until I saw the sneak shot below, my brain is really awkward.

This picture is the owner Po, it is a clear sneak shot, very blurred, but still can see the male owner inside.

His brunette, wearing a striped shirt, looking at the look.

I am very clear who he is - because I am in love with this person for five years, this dress is bought for him.

"Oh my god."

We are sitting in a cafe.

Opposite the table, my friend is still sighing, just forwarding this post to me: "Hey Yang Yang, I remember that your family lived in Qianshan District, hahaha, this man, this man, this is so yeast."

And I low-looking mobile phone, I can't say a word for a long time.

"What's wrong?" She looked at me strangely. "Looking at me, you really know him?"

"Do you know this answer?"

My voice said: "How can I contact this answer to this post, I have something to ask him."

I have been in love for five years.

He and his parents were exposed to the day on the Internet. It was his parents asked my mother to eat, and the meal was not happy and unpleasant.

This post is simply bursting, and the people of the whole country are madly forwarding to find me this little girl, everyone let me run.

So I turned several people to contact the answer to the post, this answer, I heard that I was a party, I immediately called me, and I told me about all the dialumes she heard later.

She is filled with indignation, my heart is like a gray.

If this thing is not on me, I will be indignant as everyone; but it really hates me, I only make me feel very strange.

How can Xiao Yang follow me, how can I get this step?

Although I said that I loved for five years with Xiao Yang, we met far more than five years.

Our junior high school is classmates, and the second is only together.

When the student era, everyone will know the future things. At that time, the school gate is enriched into a world. At that time, I was like all ordinary adolescent girls, people were gainful, I haven't stripped, and the acne is plagued by the acne, the whole person is put in the crowd, and there is no attention to anyone else, the only thing is worth mentioning. It is also possible.

The family's words are also ordinary situations, father doctors mother nurses. Because of family planning, they only have a child, but from their words and deeds, they cannot see their resentment and regret for this matter.

It may be for some influences, and they prefer to have a son.

My achievements are probably upstream. Every time I open a parent meeting, my parents can sit more forward. If they say, they will not lose face, but they will always be in the teacher. It is said that the girl is inadequate, and now the high school is good, it is not necessarily that they say this, just like I am not their daughter.

Because of this, I become more inferior.

In the entire long adapt, I am dull and there is no color.

I always look low, write the question, and silence will not cause attention to others.

But Xiao Yang, is not the case.

His sports is good, although there is a sister, but it has received most of the family's favor. Although his parents are not a gorgeous person, they pay great attention to him. It is inevitable that the child who cares carefully, it will have a protagonist.

No matter where you walk, he believes that you will shine.

His parents are willing to spend a lot of expenditures than very large expenses, investing in his body, giving him a small post and vocal music, giving him a couch. Therefore, he has been well achieved and has multi-art, and the junior high school is a campus, and the teachers like him very much.

He grows in this case, in fact, and I am totally two people.

But then we are inexplicably together.

At the beginning of the college, I am in the Yinxiang Yin Yin, I have been playing, I have admitted to the provincial university, and I will read the medical department in accordance with my parents.

Xiao Yang also took the provincial university in a wild, but he read the financial department.

In the university, I saw a Xiao Yang who won't shine. In fact, he himself shines, but there are too many people in the university, so it is not so dazzling, even somewhat bleak.

Maybe the college entrance examination thousands of people have passed the wooden bridge, we can stand out and enter this college already appear to be very cattle; but this school has a cattle in the country, simply gathering.

Should Xiaoyang will look at me in this case.

I have been self-deprecating. Because it is always bleak, I can also accept my mediocrity in the university.

But Xiao Yang is not this, he has always been the proud of the heavens in the eyes. However, after he entered the university, he found that there were too many proud of the emperor. It turned out that there were so many people who had sports and sports. The most horrible is that people still have money.

This moment may be flattened, but his family is severely dragged behind.

He is in this approach to his parents just a small businessman, in the financial department of the group, what is the parents of the classmates, what all the crocodies or where the cattle people are all, the small businessman is ashamed to be exported, This is completely disagreeable.

The parents of his classmates are such bright and decent. When the first parent meeting, the campus parking lot is filled with various luxury cars. He knows the BMW Mercedes-Benz, which he doesn't know.

One of these cars will make his parents don't eat five years.

"Why did you say this world?"

This sentence has been frequently filed later, and each time I have given him a reply: "This world is like this."

"It's not to say that after you glow, you can't shine, you can make some people have lost color, will be covered by another person."

"But if you work hard, your child may not be covered by others."

I ridicule: "A mountain is more than a mountain, and work is not as good as you."

Xiao Yang was very boring to laugh at me.

He asked me: "What about you?"

"Some people will not glow." I said this, "as long as it is calm."

Maybe this is the reason why we are together, in fact, no one is specially chasing another person.

He is with me, because he learned to have a life that will not shine in my body, how to go.

That is a road: do yourself.

We are a campus couple. After graduation, we should go into the society. Generally, it is easy to divide,.

And I chose to study and continue to study, he chose to start working.

But our feelings are still stable.

When I first started looking for a job, Xiao Yang was still very happy, relying on the university's performance and activity results, he took the offer to get soft, and finally picking eyes. Finally he chose a big company.

Maybe each of the students just entering society is so happy, but he is not so happy, because he found that his dormitory 4 people have two people to choose abroad.

A home is rough, and I went very expensive British; a fine calculation, and also went to affordable Australia.

His performance is higher than these two people, his achievements are better than they both.

But his parents are far less than them.

Later Xiao Yang has always used this to paralyze yourself. He said that there is no need for studying abroad. Domestic development is so fast, they are going to be better in China, and they will not necessarily adapt to foreign books.

After he graduated, he joined the job, and he may wait for his classmates to study back, he has already had fun.

From this point of view, he did not live to others.

Yes, this is Xiao Yang's obsession, even if it is not satisfactory, it must not be lost to others.

I didn't say anything at that time, I didn't advise him.

Because I read graduate students, Xiao Yang is not happy.

He told me repeatedly, gave me brainwashing, he said that our people have not read and continue to consume money in their homes.

But because I read medicine, postgraduate is almost the way to pass, so although we have no stalemate, I still choose to study in the future.

I also confused in this way.

Instead, my family my parents gave me a lot of support and help.

They encouraged me to read, because of career reasons, they can clearly know my career development, they also came here.

The only thing that makes me trouble is that my parents have been 40 years when I graduated.

When I was studying, I suddenly said that my parents said to me, maybe they will have a second child.

"The second child has been opened, why can't you want?" They said, "How good, the children are more excited at home."

I can't manage my parents.

I can only answer in silence.

For this matter, Xiao Yang's reaction is much fierce than me.

"I have been 40 years old, what children have been born, I have a grandson for two years!"

He responded very fierce, very resistant, as if his parents have to live in the second child, it is simply anger, and indignation.

At each time, he has worked for a year.

Xiao Yang, who graduated, is not as good as the university, he is indeed a bit of a few more abilities, but the matter is not as simple as the campus.

And this kind of him, but the company from graduation from graduation, the company has struggled for a year, from the intern to the intern, and the other promotion is far from the time.

Our relationship is also affected by a person's study.

The thing that makes me quite a throat is that the distance between our two is not far away, I read the postgraduate campus to Xiao Yang's linear distance is 40 minutes. However, Xiao Yang has never been found to find me, all I started from the campus to his company to find him, or go to the rental house near his company.

Xiao Yang's explanation is because the time of the community is much more than the students.

In the face of my opinion, he can do it.

I originally thought that things would have been safe, but when Xiao Yang quickly rushed to a small leader, he once again met the hit of society.

This time Xiao Yang has entered the society for more than two years, people have matured, although it is not as young and simple and simple, and gradually began to recognize some social potential power.

But such strength has not been directly falling on his head, he will be lucky.

Xiao Yang, two years ago, can be self-paralyzed, say that the students going abroad have come back, and it is not necessarily as him.

This time, when he climbed the leadership, the society gave him a heavy blow.

There is an overseas students to graduate into the company, and they did not start from the grassroots, but they were directly emptied to his leadership.

This is a girl, young, beautiful, family rich.

Even if everyone is full of soreness, she is too bright, whether it is her family, or her own, it is a dazzling that people can't look straight.

This is also something that I am worried about me so far.

When Xiao Yang confessed with me, the words were quite can't see him, and they were full of vicious guess.

For example, he believes that this girl is a private woman in a shareholder of the company.

But I found that Xiao Yang is close to her, although Xiao Yang unilaterally close and enthusiastic, the other party is just a ruthlessness - after all like a beautiful girl, every boys around us are close to her.

Xiao Yang is just a relatively general one, but also because the work relationship cannot avoid contact.

I don't know what the time of Xiao Yang is misunderstood.

Because he is very frequent with this girl, I found that he was delighted and his relationship with him.

He even said to me for a while, let me go to him during this time, and I can't go to his company to find him.

I totally said it: "Are you going to break up with me?"

Xiao Yang replied.

He is just saying that maybe he needs to be separated from each other and calm down each other.

This love has lasted three to 4 years.

In my first half of life, he occupied the status.

It may be because of the problem of native families, I have never got someone else.

Xiao Yang, he is really very good, there is no slight, and a boyfriend can do what he can do. Whether it is a small surprise during the holiday, or the concern in everyday life.

We are actually more like a couple who supports relying on each other.

So I am very uncomfortable, I can't accept such changes.

I believe that Xiao Yang told me this way, his inner heart is very tangled. It is very tangible.

But the family is very important to me, because my family is not so good to me.

But for Xiao Yang, his family is too good to him. He has many families, so family is not too precious.

A young girlfriend, a strong family resource, is far more important than a family who knows cold.

Many times, people 's hits are between this thought.

So he hardly intestines, very embarrassing my tears.

I believe that he really looked at this time, so that the girl did not decorate the girl.

But not all the strength can be put into practice.

After Xiao Yang's second time, this girl watched the movie was refused, and the company was talking about him.

The internal leaders of the company will warn him not to use the staff to harass the company's internal female employees.

This thing is heavy against Xiao Yang.

Because he has been confident in his appearance and people, he is a very sunshine, a good young man, although all girls may not like it, but it will never resent the existence of such boys.

Obviously this girl is a hard iron plate.

He kicked it directly, nothing got, and gave him a big.

Good people who are attentive to girls in the company are not Xiaoyang, and people who are warned are not to stop him.

But Xiao Yang really deeply shameful.

He believes that this is one of his greatest shames. When you win too much, I will release the big words and say that I have returned to study abroad, but I have been leading by an international students just graduated.

It's really a lot of laugh, although he is indeed a challenge, but when his small calculator pointed out, he is anxious to jump, it is going crazy.

Although Xiao Yang did not make clear expressed, he did deeply hate this girl.

Until the girl was touched to the business of another sector, he sat on the location of this girl, he was still worried.

During that time I thought I broke up with him, but Xiao Yang was warned by the company, he suddenly realized my good.

So he desperately pursued me, every day, I came to get off work in my school to block me, entangle me, I have to eat with me. I also said in front, my family is not a very good place, Xiao Yang gave me a lot of warmth.

This is like letting addictive tobacco, it is difficult for me to quit for a while, even if you quit, it is easy to add addicted when you touch him.

Finally, I still forgive him.

In the year of graduating from my postgraduate, I participated in the third year of Xiao Yang.

After graduating from graduate, I entered the hospital where my parents came, becoming a small internship.

The third year after Xiao Yang graduated, finally successfully made a supervisor in the company he stayed.

It has been said that three to five years after graduation is a watershed. Some people are less proud. Some people flew down, some people are flat, and some people are inactive.

Some people have been working into a qualified social animal, some people are still studying.

This time is actually very embarrassed.

That is, I suddenly felt that I was still good.

This is not what I think, but someone thinks that I have been very good. I have a graduate degree, and then the hospital is now the first, my parents are even the employees of this hospital, and there is a parent to take care of the care.

Even because of our parents' future investment, I have two suites locally, I only wrote my name.

At that time, I didn't go.

That day I value night.

But I heard that several people who study abroad have participated, and Xiao Yang has drank a lot of wine when he came back on the same day.

He drunk, halfway to come to the hospital to find me; he is too much to drink, in order to find me, he even hangs.

I think it is funny and speechless.

When I called to let his share rent a friend, he suddenly grabbed my hand.

He said that we will get married.

In the fifth year of our love, Xiao Yang immediately married me for the first time.

Before this, he said that his age is still not big. Marriage may affect his career and will spread his attention to work.

And this classmate will not know what kind of excitement he has, may send him to find that this life can't catch a little smashing in some people who stayed.

Those friends who have returned back, did not have overseas academic qualifications like Xiao Yang, enter several small companies, start from scratch.

Instead, many of them have got a large factory of Offer, some people even go home to inherit their families, or take millions of investment in home to start their own boss.

At first, their background and starting point are different from us, so their high levels are different from us.

I know very well this.

I believe that Xiao Yang's talents will know very well, but Xiao Yang is now accepted.

He does not accept it without a way.

This is the case between people and people.

In the eyes of outsiders, our feelings of our couple are actually very stable.

Xiao Yang is a very good boyfriend, he will take care of my clothes and food, and I am also generous to me.

After graduating, I read the postgraduate, he worked, he gave me a new phone without hesitation.

Now Xiao Yang is already a small leader of a big company, and my postgraduate graduates will start working.

Indeed that we were talking about marriage.

But at this time, I started to hesitate.

Because I am in my heart, I'm doing things in Xiao Yang before and that a small leader of the female student.

Of course, there is no matter what happened between them - that female students have not seen Xiao Yang at all.

But Xiao Yang's attitude towards her, letting my heart are separated, let our feelings a shadow.

Later, when I dinner, Xiao Yang mentioned the things we wedd by our two parents. He said that the end of this month, his parents will first stop the business in his hand, come to our city, don't know me Does parents have time to meet, let the two people have an impression on each other.

And I put down the chopsticks and looked at him very seriously.

I said: "Xiao Yang, why do you want to marry me?"

Xiao Yang first slammed, and then laughed.

When he reached out my face, he did not think about any hesitation, "Because I can't find a better girlfriend."

I am out: "What do you say is good, I am very good, or is my family?"

This sentence will take Xiao Yang asked.

He said with the consciousness: "Is this not the same?"

I said: "This is not the same, this is very important."

So Xiao Yang is also silent.

That meal is very dull, we haven't said anything to each other.

This is also my most fear.

Just like my parents, they told me more than one hour, if I am a boy.

That is the first mode model in my life, if there is a better existence, such as a son, they will not choose me.

I am a choice that is unhane, because there is no better choice.

Others say that they can return.

I am the following.

But I don't want to be the same, although I am flat for so long, but I am also very worrying to develop myself.

I am in a timely, I must work hard, I must become excellent, I have to go all out, even if someone else, I have to dissemise my body, I will never turn it again or forever. Secondary others asks. I am also a very good person, I deserve to be the existence of others, rather than always as the alternate options for others and helplessness.

This thing I asked Xiao Yang.

He even angry, he felt that I was humiliating him.

He fell to attack me loudly. He said that although his parents' family conditions mediocre, he has always been a very good person. I can't see him, I can't afford him, if it is not my parent's help People like me, there is no eligibility to ask him to ask him, and even don't match him flat.

He didn't consciously revealed his real thoughts, and he vented him in the society in society.

He said in his mouth, he believes that people can rely on their own efforts, but what kind of resentment in his heart, can rely on the support of the father, and his father can't support him, even to drag the leg.

He even took out my parents, I would like to have a second child's idea to attack me, saying that my parents are old, and they have a lot of things.

My emotions are also out of control, I gave him a slap.

After this slap, Xiao Yang seems to be calm down.

He left the restaurant and left me alone.

I have never felt the feelings of the truth, but tonight, he makes me feel very strange, I think he has faced unrecognizable.

You say that the environment has such a big magic, can you change a person, or say that this is this?

But abandoning the changes in his body, Xiao Yang is indeed a good boyfriend.

After this happened, we were dead for a few days, and finally he came to apologize. In fact, during your love, no matter what we quarrel, he will always be the one most recognized.

He said that he would make me, so he has to do it.

Nowadays, there is a popular boy to buy a 0 roasted sausage to girls, meaning "I miss you often".

After that day, I saw him with the grilled sausage and cake flowers at the hospital, waiting for me.

He is full of smashing, and he said that he is wrong with me, please don't regenerate his gas.

He is just that this time is too stressful.

I was not prepared to pay attention to him, because I also had an angry in my heart.

I asked him: "Xiao Yang, what do you take me! Is it in your eyes, you are the proud of the sky, you should be careful, but will I not worth care for others?"

Xiao Yang said: "I don't mean, just this time, my pressure is really too big."

We can't fight at the hospital at the hospital. He has triggered a lot of colleagues and patients. Dr. Xiao Liu, who took the same period, even gave it up to Xiao Yang: "The gentleman please don't loudly in the hospital, if you are entangled Our colleague, then I am called defending to take your fork. "

Dr. Xiao Liu is in the same period to enter the hospital with me, and it is also my work partner. Dr. Xiao Liu was very gentle and fun. This is what I saw him unhappy because he thought Xiao Yang was harassing my metamorphosis.

"Don't give the girl 0 roast intestines?"

Dr. Xiao Liu later explained this.

But it is indeed a 0 roasting, and the nurses sisters they have gave them to the nurses, and Dr. Xiao Liu took it.

The nurses sisters said that when Dr. Xiao Liu took the grilled intestines, the face was very ugly, and she has been muttering, and this man is too greasy.

I came to a restaurant with Xiao Yang, sitting down to face each other.

Just now, there are so many words when we are fighting at the hospital, there are so many grievances between each other, but when we sit down and look at each other, but it is dumb.

I looked at him as looking at the time of the past four or five years, I remembered that my native family was not satisfactory.

I originally thought that his existence was this opportunity to make up for it, but I didn't expect this to be a bigger regret.

Xiao Yang looked at my face complex.

I don't know what, he said our housing prices in this city.

My house is a parent to buy it 0 years ago. At that time, I was only 6,000 flat; and in just one 0 years, the current house prices have been doubled, and the house near our hospital is 30,000.

Xiao Yang said that he worked for so many years, and he had a savings of 400,000 under his efforts and expenses.

The 400,000 can buy a three-bedroom and one hall before one 0 years, but he can only bought a toilet after 0 years, and even the down payment is not enough.

His pressure is really big, because of his own efforts, there is also his family's maximum support and help.

Xiao Yang said that he has always been very afraid to face this fact.

Because he realized that if a man is going to be in a city, he must buy a house to buy a car, give his wife and a child a premise and guarantee for the child.

But this is really hard.

Xiao Yang said to me for the first time.

He said that he is sorry, because he didn't think it was really difficult.

I was soft at that moment.

I still remember the damage he brought to me, but I remember that he was good for me, and my eyes were red. He said that he told me before, my parents have a second child, not to consider anything, but think about if my parents have a second child in them, it is like giving me a child. My burden will be relatively heavy.

"You are still a little girl, how do you raise a child?"

Xiao Yang smiled and said that he knew that his family couldn't match me, but he still hoped to see his hard work, we can have an opportunity.

Here, I finally said.

I said: "Our question is in us, and the family is not related."

Xiao Liang immediately said, no matter what reason, he can overcome, as long as it is between our two, if you say, I should not discard his family.

I said: "I have never disappointing your family, I don't care about it."

There is a ranging color on the face of Xiao Yang.

He hurressed the opportunity to say to me: "The parents are seen in the end of this month."

I am silent.

Because I don't know.

If we have seen this, we have arrived in this point. We have been in love for five years, from the campus to society, from school uniforms to wedding dresses, which does also plan to have the next step in life and how to go.

But I have a hitting in my heart.

Is this people really what I am looking for?

Do I really want to spend a life with him?

I didn't forget my previous heart, this problem has always plagued me, became the defect of my personality.

I have heard of a word, people will always be less than young, and it is troubled for a lifetime.

This problem will trouble my life, no matter what kind of thing I am doing, I will doubt that I really solve the best people in this matter.

Even when I took a while, I asked him about the consciousness: "Do you really choose me to take a class? Is this the best choice?"

At that time, Xiao Liu didn't look at me like a fool. He said, "How to, can't take it with you, say this, is it difficult to do your education?"

So now I think or Xiao Yang, he chooses to marry me, because I am the best choice within the scope of his ability, or because he is really a lot of life.

Just because of me, because I don't have anything about the outside world.

But such a question I can't say it, and its existence makes me feel embarrassed.

I shouldn't be so weak, there are so many suspicions and inferior to yourself.

What's more, we have faced a lot of things in the past five years. I have experienced many stages of life. We know the roots, you have a deep understanding of each other. Our feelings are not fake, isn't it?

"My parents are actually coming." Xiao Yang swallowed and said, "I took them into a circle in the city. When they have been asking me how can I meet you, I can see your parents, I didn't dare to promise them. "

He smiled and said: "If you don't talk, it doesn't mean. In fact, your heart has already wanted to clearly, don't you choose me?"

I am silent.

This is the first time I saw Xiao Yang, which clearly reveals such a frustration and defeated frustration.

He said self-ridiculous: "It is that I really can't afford you, I also delay your five years of youth."

I have a mouth.

I have seen the bright light when he is young, and now I look at him as defeated, I am really hard to believe this is a person.

The state of the person will change with the situation, I have heard of this, but I didn't think that one day I can see such a turning point.

Five years, my family also knows the existence of Xiao Yang.

Maybe my parents have quite a micro word on Xiao Yang's family, and there is suspicion, but the time is too long. Nowadays, they are only closed, and they are not opposed.

After all, how can these five years of emotions and time?

How can someone can deceive or disguise so long?

I started shaking.

Xiao Yang saw my shake, he was with the final hope, with the retreat, hot iron to me: "This way, no matter what the parents can meet, you will eat after tomorrow, eat and my parents Is a meal? "

I didn't refuse.

Because this request is difficult to refuse.

What makes me unexpectedly, Xiao Yang's parents are very good.

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