How to see a person's essence through a very simple method?

I have recently read many articles and videos about people. I have a lot of feelings. I will talk about how to see people today, this is a topic for everyone, because a person who doesn't know people want Walking in society, I will eat a lot of losses. When you understand some of the regularities, you can use the phenomenon to see nature, but people are more complicated, especially those who need human nature need to be in a particular event. It will appear, so how to use it varies from person to person.

The people who have not returned, the people who are empathless, the worst side of a person, the most unfavorable side of you, you only need to know a little, try to figure out some subjective, research observation and have certain The basis is reliable, especially the details, it is not the mask, and it is the easiest to ignore, the other party is ignored is a real humanity. For example, when you go to the vegetable market, you can observe people, also You can understand yourself if you encounter a price of a price is zero-headed price of 7.98 / 9.99, you can choose to bargain, you can also choose to give a total 8/10, and the zero head is willing to give others, the bra is relatively wide. Some, the accounts, the soil must be a more selfish person, and it is also very small and very small. A total of small things is still more than the small gas.

The average person is observing a big action, listening to the other party's speech to judge, but this is the most prone to confusion, because the language has great deceptive, can become the most effective tool for people to cover their own and powder, it is thinking The outer casing, not itself, so for key people, you don't have to listen to what to say, the key is to survey the other party how to do, the motive, the method of doing things, and the results of doing things, doing things The details are to see the essence of a thought core. Of course, you think you, and others think that you have access, but the literacy is mainly to see others, and you can see yourself by seeing others, it will be more likely to understand. Others, the key to people is mainly to see the major disadvantages of the other party for adequate research, because significant shortcomings are not exposed in special cases.

If you expose at a specific time, you have not mastered it, then the other party will definitely harm you, "pig team friends" is not that? I didn't see it before the team, why should I get a team?

For example, marriage, many girls will find a man who has a major defective defect with a riot, gambling, drug abuse, debt, no support, etc., is definitely because you have ignored something before marriage, such as a hobby card, It is easy to develop into gambling, a person who loves to borrow money, it will be owed by a lot of money, a person who is married before the money and your AA, it is easy to raise a family, an easy impulse love and people The person who fights, it is easy to storm you, so there is a risk of flashing, friends still want to see the character, let alone the pillow, the grassroots.

For the advantages of seeing a person, the most important thing is equality. If a person can treat others equally, this person is a good faith and democratic consciousness. For death and only think about himself, just pull itself Low other people, this is selfish, any good relationship is based on equality, there is no respect, no respect, still willing to maintain this relationship, then only purpose.

It is also a good way to look at the money. For those who are cheap, small gas, and knegat, it is best not to talk to it too deeply, such people will only sell you when they are crucial, because the money representative, A heavy person will definitely put the righteousness.

We are judged by others, harmful, use shallow language: the other party looks very honest, how can it make an incredible thing, this is precisely because our eyes and ear are limited, so important People must see more, go to see the details, the most prominent disadvantage of the other party, to determine the inch and scales we have intended to the other side.

The ability of the strain ability and the cognitive level are related to the interests of the random strain ability, which is undoubtedly a person who knows to change, so people are very suitable for personnel and sales work, and can be smashed with all the people. There is no shocked, Such talents can be used for jobs for the talent, general management functions.

So how do you see the ability to strain? In fact, it is very simple, just see how the other party deals questions, handle the problem, it is a mature strain ability, because the face needs to balance the interests of each person, the problem is mainly Solve the problem, the thing that is always an event, push, fear of the risk of risk, don't complain that you have no chance, you can only do it yourself, the chance is every time, as long as you are not lazy, dare to face the problem, even If you can't do it, you can also become an excellent soldier.

Establishment of morality is a long-term thing, it takes a life to operate, there is a lot of arrogance, but the essence will not become, the person who knows the error will always save, the premise is The other party knows that he is wrong, rather than pretending to know that he is wrong, and morality can see your own requirements.

The home of the family must have Yu Qing, the home of the evil must have Yu Wei, why do you say that you don't think that I will finish it, and you have three feet with god. You do anything, you know, you can't escape Multi-line good deeds, just like reading, short time you can't see any feedback, but there will be some people in a long time, and there will be useful things in reading, and it will definitely appear on a certain day. If you encounter a major temptation, you can be a saints because of the heart of the heart, then you can know the shame, it is a shame, repentance is also the same. After all, the Fortifu people have no more people, but the bottom line is a crime, and it is To pay the price, explain that the mistakes in the white point have killed people. If you repent, you can't save the lives of others, what is the use?

The distinction is that the first thing is that the obvious person has a criterion. What is the perspective to make a distinct, whether it is in line with the interests of most people, only the starting point is right, and it is targeted, and it is divided into two kinds, one main It is the relationship between work, because each other is closely related to a interest chain, so it is bound to be together, and the other is mainly living relationship, and each other is the family, the brothers, and their own spouses, to live in life Take care, and share.

For the first relationship, it is mainly what the value is to others. This value is in what position on the stake chain. If it is not a favorable location, you can be replaced by others at any time, so how to improve your competitiveness? No competitiveness is layoffs, is being sold, the rule is like this. This rule is like this.

For the second, filial piety is the first standard, but the parents are simply unqualified. From small for their children, they have not fulfilled their education and raising, and they did not give their children's selfless love, and even make their children as a tool of making money. Shizhong should be filial?

Regardless of various reasons, since adults, then have their own responsibility and fate, others' problems are the problems of others, but living people are mainly to live their own problems, mainly to understand their own problems, live life There is no white coming, so others are not benevolent, you choose not to be benevolent or others can't be irritable, this is you, you are doing, you are watching, others are also watching.

The above is the recent idea of ​​the literati, welcome everyone to have different ideas, comment supplement.

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