Zhang Yuhuan remarried, a "I raised you" makes people touch, and the ex-wife Song Xiaomi will miss this life.

On February 14th is Valentine's Day, it is a day of Xiu En, I didn't expect Zhang Yuhuan for a 50-year-old person to show a Bunde love.

Zhang Yuhuan issued a marriage certificate on the Internet, yes, he was released for a year and a half, he was married again!

He is not married with Song Xiaoyong, and the bride has another person, Zhang Yuhuan and Ms. Wang have introduced blind date, they have been more than a year.

From the interview, Zhang Yuhuan is very satisfied with this new daughter-in-law, and his eyes are squatting. He said: "She said:" She is clean, can do. We both are fate, it is the day. "

Although the bride, Ms. Wang, although she is a big older, but she can't hide the satisfaction of Zhang Yuhuan. She said that she also has pension, but Zhang Yuhuan said that "he raised me" later, living expenses Your money stored.

Zhang Yuhuan is in prison for 27 years. After leaving prison, the ex-wife Song Xiaoyu has been remembered for many years. Nowadays, I will bless him there is a happy old age, but I still feel a bit of heart, not spit.

On August 4, 2020, Zhang Yuhuan was detained for 27 years and then reviewed innocent release.

After seeing Zhang Yuhuan, the ex-wife Song Xiao fainted because of emotional too excited.

Although it has been remained, she has never given up to Zhang Yuhuan. "I have been so trust that he is not guilty, it is a belief that I am."

Before signing the divorce agreement, Zhang Yuhuan's ex-wife remnabate three conditions, including the two sons who must be unconditionally to Zhang Yuhuan, while allowing her to go back to Zhang Yuhuan, but also returned to the original home to visit her mother-in-law.

He owes me a dinner. From 1993, he still owe me a hug. "Zhang Yuhuan beforewards, the two eyes of Song Xiaoyuan have the light looking forward to the light, she said:" See Zhang Yuhuan, I I must let him hold me in a circle, and he still owes me a hug. "

But this hug has never been implemented, because she has married others, and he didn't hug her eligibility again, and her responsibility husband can say that Zhang Yuhuan's benefactor is, he has no regrets in 20 years. The two sons of Yuhuan, and supported his wife after marriage, and this home has a reunion day.

She recalled that Zhang Yuhuan had a good time to her. She didn't have a good parent before marriage. After marriage, Zhang Yuhuan did not let her relax, including her clothes, Zhang Yuhuan helped her to buy it, and remarried. The husband is also a righteous person. They are remarriage is two families to warm, and they are crying each other.

The Song Xiaoyu, who did not know, insisted that Zhang Yuhuan was renovated for more than 20 years. It is really not easy. In order to write letter to Zhang Yuhuan, she learned the dictionary, and one word is patchwork.

After Zhang Yuhuan was imprisoned, the two sons were 3 years old and 4 years old. In order to launch two children, she put two children to the mother's mother, and I went out to Shenzhen.

Six years later, Song Xiaoyu was found to have cervical cancer, afraid that she had taken care of her child, she chose to be married.

For the child to marry, raise the children, help the child home, a rural woman, it is really difficult.

It is worth mentioning that, in no matter how old Song Xiaoyu is still married, she has worked as Zhang Yuhuan, waiting for him to sink.

She said to Zhang Yuhuan: "You give me 2 people, I will give you 8 people. At the beginning, the two sons were 3 years old and 4 years old. Now the two sons are 31 years old 32 years old, and there are 2 children 3 1 granddaughter. "

Zhang Yuhuan once said, "More than a year, it is presented, it is not only the abandoned old house, the lack of family and the whole world's cognition, but also through a long time, a lot of energy and adequate The material foundation is to restore their own social labor capabilities, and the trauma suffered by the heart. "

"I hope that lives after 27 years of innocent, I will have no bumps and smooth, and it will be smooth." Zhang Yuhuan also said.

On October 30, 2020, Zhang Yuhuan received a lot of compensation, and Jiangxi Provincial Senior People's Court decided to pay the compensation of 4960521.5 yuan according to law.

Many people think that Zhang Yuhuan's 4.96 million yuan of compensation, should give the ex-wife Song Xiaomou, and in the spirit of the spirit, there should be one of Song girls, no matter how much.

However, the distribution of this money is chilling in the interview with Zhang Yuhuan. He said that he wants to build a house in the village, and help him still have a foreign debt, then give two sons in the city. I have to buy a house, big brother and two sons, one million, the rest of the money 50,000 yuan to Song Xiaoyu, and then the money is a good life.

More than 496 million yuan, the share of the ex-wife is 50,000, and Zhang Yuhuan has a conscience, 50,000 yuan, really a lot!

I didn't expect the Song Xiaoyong who had a bone to see this news online. Open a video statement that he saw Zhang Yuhuan to give him 50,000 yuan, but will not want Zhang Yuhuan to make a penny, but let many people look at it. .

This statement of Song Xiaoyu, let the people who question her face, because when Zhang Yuhuan is released from prison, she has high-profile accepts interviews, the sentence to let "Zhang Yuhuan hug himself, he owes a hug", a lot People interpretation is a feeling that I want to be famous.

She doesn't want Zhang Yuhuan to give myself a penny, really match the title of "Proud Bone Wife"! It is said that the wife is not in the hall, Song Xiaoyuan has eaten Zhang Yuhuan's bitterness. When he raised his two sons, he went to his wife and born. When he was so hard, it would not be Zhang Yuhuan. Zhang Yuhuan should also compensate for his ex-wife. After all, she has ate too much of these years!

A sentence "I raise you" is really touched, but unfortunately this sentence is not to say to the ex-wife Song girl, but the former people planted the tree.

Clear officials are difficult to do, only to bless Zhang Yuhuan's happy life, blessing Song Xiaoyu people have good news, and life is well-being living with old years!

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