Liu Dehua talked about Guan Zhilin: I really think I can marry her, maybe I am blinded.

In 2011, Liu Dehua introduced Guan Lin at the 30th anniversary of the study, "I really thought I was married to her, maybe I was blinded. She is just the other half of my screen."

I really didn't expect that Hua Tsai actually truly loved the Len, and even wanted to marry the Guan Zhilin.

And Liu Dehua and Guan Zhi Lin cooperated with 13 dramas, from the 20-year-old young year to 40 years old, they accompanied each other with the best time, and they also spent a lot of sad days.

However, there are two people who fail to come together, and when they are not coming together, they are also a blessing. Why?

Because the three views of the two are completely different, they can only be friends, they can't be married.

In the eyes of Guan Zhilin, she only had love, but there is no feelings. Zeng Huang Zeng once interviewed Lin: "Will you want to be willing to be a mistress of others?"

Guan Zhilin said: "A man with a girlfriend, I tried it, I tried the married man, I also tried the man who was married, as long as I saw a man, I would try to try me, I will not Consider so much, but I will not have fantasies to men, I only cherish the feelings of the moment. "

Therefore, Guan Zhilin only pays only when he has love for the other person, if you don't love, she will turn away from the do not leave, for marriage, for the child, Guan Zhilin doesn't care, she only cares about the fantasy. Perfect love.

And Liu Dehua? Andy Lau is a very professional man. In his eyes, he hopes that his wife is a person who can pay for himself and Xiangliang Shu, so, in the end, he will marry the born with Zhu Liqian.

Zhu Liqian has many low-key, never being largely packaged, never love dress, and never speculate is that he is a king, and Liu Dehua and his marriage life have a lot of fireworks.

So Liu Dehua can incarnate his family after marriage, daughter slaves, because his wife is just in line with all of him.

One never stays for love, one just wants to come from one, if it is with Guan Zhi Lin, the result is not good.

So the two people 's goal is also completely different, one has a fire-fired life, one is still standing on the high-altitude to enjoy loneliness, and Liu Dehua is now successful, the family is happy, and the Len is always keeps single.

Perhaps she is still waiting for the person who can give her love, and maybe, because of the past, now the beautiful appearance is no longer, the love is also waiting.

However, I believe that the Guan Lin will be self-satisfied, because her desire to the family is not deep, the single day will be very happy.

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