I want men to pay attention to you, smart women will do this, better than "death"


Cai Jianya sang a lyrics in "I don't understand": "If you can't get it more love, it's too easy to come." The man is often like this, the easier it is often, the less cherished it, it is not But it was used as a baby.

Women want to get the truth of the man, let the man regard himself as the important person in the heart, but if you want to get the inner heart, you need a certain skill and method, if the skill or method may be reversed.

A smart woman has its own unique choices and insights before doing anything. When faced with the feelings, there will be a unique way to treat, you want to get a man's attention, you have to follow Men 's properly keep distance.

Sometimes a woman is too active, but it will make men feel that it should be tangled in love, such a practice will make men feel that women are not free enough, childish is immature, a smart woman will not do this.


Love has to work hard to get the result of the desired, and the biggest dream of women is to let men pay attention to themselves, become the important unique in the hearts of men.

In fact, I want a man to pay attention to you very simple. As long as she keeps the proper distance, use the right skill, I can get a man's true heart, a smart woman will realize this, know this truth, better than "death "Too much better."

The distance is beautiful, and the appropriate cold will make men generate a sense of crisis.

Women want to get a man's attention in love, do not want others to see themselves, ignore themselves, a smart woman will know how to produce beautiful, proper cold, will make men create a sense of crisis.

Once the man has a sense of crisis, he will want to work hard to grasp your heart, will pay more attention to you when you get along with you, and a lot of intelligence is better than "death".

Give men a little bit of private space, let him more free

Women always want men to accompany themselves, but everyone has their own lives, men do not want women to stick themselves, even if they are two people, they must have private space.

Women want to get a man's attention, learn to give a man some private space, let him more free, you have to understand what is constrained, will make her feel uncomfortable with you, may make men More and more disheartries you, and finally loves to regret.

Give men enough respect, let the man feel that you pay attention to him

Love is mutual, the woman wants to get enough to pay more attention to the man, it must pay attention to the man, only to pay, a smart woman will give a man enough to respect the man, let the man feel Go to him.

"Dead Tell" is an unreasonable behavior. A smart woman will not let himself become the unreasonable person. They tend to protect their own, let men pay attention to themselves.


You have to understand that love is not your own efforts to get the return, for love, proper to men, but will make men to cherish women more, if women are too active, may make men get more and more cherish this love .

The woman is too concerned about the man, sometimes it will make men ignore the woman's payment, if the woman suddenly does not contact the man, the man will feel lonely, and even the madness of you, I have to be a smart woman in front of love. Don't "die" for men.

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