Marry Zhang Yimou, Chen Ting is still disappointed

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhang Yimou once again handed over perfect homework in the world, but Mrs. Chen Ting sent a small composition in Valentine's Day, saying that he did not support this from the beginning.

What is the reason for not supporting? Very simple, too tired, too much pressure, too heavy, as a 72-year-old man, this is a very difficult test.

It is again realized that the national teacher has been in 70 years old. His face full of the lily of the Loess Plateau is really not old, and it feels like it is still long after 40 years old.

"The world cares that you have a high high, only I care about you." Some people say that this small wood is full of love and distress. I feel that distressed is that it is, but complaining, helpless, self-emotional venture is mainly.

It's hard to figure out who is the object of her writing this thing is Zhang Yimou? not completely. Is it a public, it is not entirely. She only used the slightly accused tone blame, only to praise Zhang Yimou, but did not really understand what he did, lost something, insisted on whether the two words bearen, what does it mean?

The media is really innocent. "I didn't say it, I clearly said ..."

The surface of these text is to give Zhang Yimou hug, in fact, it is more close to a woman's own self-comment. She really wants to blame. The media did not report what she paid as a wife. What kind of sacrifice, what kind of heart, endure What kind of loneliness.

She did not agree that Zhang Yimou still spelled such a 72-year-old, but she couldn't control him. Her opinions were not important. She always ignored, like she used to stealth in their marriage. Many years .

I can't see her, I can only see his husband's rays and achievements, and she thinks that she is the pillar behind him, her sacrifice, exchanged the honor required by this country and the people.

Chen Ting is like a friend who complains about her husband, why is a wife who is looking for a man, because she doesn't say rights in her husband, she can only think that a friend is tired of him.

The only difference is that she complains that the object is not a person, but a "career" thing.

She confronted Zhang Yimou's career, so I could only say it, "I don't understand the so-called sense of mission, but do you understand it?


Zhang Yimou understands it. Zhang Yimou has to do it.

There is another heavy responsibility, Zhang Yimou wants to pick up.

Zhang Yimou is a super working, and this earth is known.

One year is only a day in the first day, often only a meal every day, work for more than a dozen hours in a row, no need to rest room, and go back to the studio at night, continue to work is his normal, even assistant I am tired to keep up with his rhythm.

I will be dragged to the middle of the night, others have already collapsed, the brain became paste, only he has no tiredness, the eyes are light and four shots, others will take the disc can rest, he will go back to see the disc, find information, ready to fight tomorrow .

Sometimes within a few months, I only sleep for two or three hours a day.

His literary editor Zhou Xiaofeng said his extremely sporty working mode, not a normal human performance. "During the year of cooperation, I have never seen him a yawn. He seems to have no functionality, at least for more than a dozen hours, there is a little blood in the eyes."

From the beginning of the entrance, he was used to this habit.

When shooting "live", put the reeds, sleeping Ge Yaki; shook "shake, shake to grandmother", 工作 工作 工作 逃, 到 飞 宇 活 活 活 死 死 死 死 死 死 死

For Zhang Yimou, such high-intensity work is not punishing and burden, but "continuous addiction", honey, a constant reward.

Such a man is destined to have a normal family life.

From 2001, Chen Ting was Zhang Yimou, and the 2012 actor He Wei broke the news of Zhang Yimou unmarried super life. In 11 years, the outside world thought Zhang Yimou is single.

He will have a "wife" child, and it is unique to take care of the assistants in the various matters in his life.

Zhou Xiaofeng said that he is suitable for spy, working with him for five years, never seen Chen Ting, let alone children, he is also "no family, who has no family, almost inevitable traces."

After the birth of 3 children Zhang Yimou did not marry Chen Ting, the children had long-term existence of "black households", and they can't sit. It can also take the train, but later the high-speed rail has begun real-name system, Chen Ting wants to take the child to Hainan can't go.

Until 2011 he was registered with Chen Ting, because his son raised his behalf, requiring a household registration.

Online first exposure of Chen Ting and three children's photos.

After the public, Chen Ting Si's sex is taken out, and the big side of the microblog is on the daily life, but most of them are with the children, Zhang Yizhen occasionally, most is absent.

Chen Ting can only pass the P map, take the photos of yourself and the three children on the photo of Zhang Yimou's birthday, pretend to achieve a reunion.

Their marriage is a typical Chinese traditional marriage, not for love, but for the future generations, Zhang Yimou chose a woman who is the most soft and most sacrificed, and the woman who is innocent.

Chen Ting was 18 years old. Just in the university, Zhang Yimou was very official to talk to her to a child's child, she agreed. Chen Ting is a traditional girl who is a husband. Zhang Yimou eating the seafood of the suspect, Chen Ting will take the skin to the shell, directly to his mouth.

She is trying to do their best to Zhang Yimou, never stayed away from her life, but silent, carefully wipe it off their own traces.

He is fighting outside, responsible for raising a family, she is responsible for her child in her family, bringing a child, creating a time he often returned from time, but it must be a warm home.

The traditional man is so understanding of the family: throw enough money at home, let wife and children food, food, no worries. He is doing a big event outside, he belongs to the art and society, and cannot be alone in this small family.

Wife and children have sacrificed his career, his rays and achievements are his best return on this family.

The spirit of the National Normal University has always admired, and his contribution to the country cannot be erased, but for his family, he is always an absent husband, a lack of father, he is angry with his family.

She was satisfied, she thought she would always keep him old, did not move, then they were round and round, and he was still outside the business, she finally did not satisfy.

No one has asked Zhang Gui how to balance the relationship between family and career, and blocking Chen Tingxin, probably this is unfair.

This is not satisfied, it is the limits of women to bear, and it is also a sense of life.

Zhang Yimou and Gao Jiajian have a pherking, mutual appreciation, each time Zhang Yimou leaving Japan, and before, Gao Jiajian is in the distance, "The communication between them has a silence."

Although two people come from different countries, they belong to the same type of men, they are silent, mobility, not good words, derogatory, obeying ancient wind, and tapped all passion on their friends.

But they also extremely large menistism, think that men and women are in a part of life, and they are deeply hidden in their hearts.

Gao Jiajian is the loss of his marriage. The wife Jiang Li Zhiqi can't stand his indifference and divorce, dying in despair and loneliness, the funeral is just their wedding anniversary.

Even if the Gaota is harder, there is still no representation, and even didn't even participate in the funeral, and many people are awkward.

But after a week, he quietly held the white symbols, and the face was dignified before she was in front of her.

"That is the family's arbitrary cruise, love, love is the pity to her and his own life." This is a lot of remembient and self-blaming after many years.

I hope that Zhang Yimou does not have this testimony when it is too late. The woman is not a plastic flower posing at home. She is a person, she needs to be loved, being attached, cherished.

This small composition is a kind of warning, she has already disappointed, a woman who is often overlooked by his husband, it is easier to become a grievance.

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