How to chat with a favorite girl?

How to chat with a favorite girl? It is very difficult to meet a favorite person in our lives, and you want to chat with this favorite person, in fact, it is necessary to master certain skills. Today, I will share it with people who like themselves, and the girls are chatting like this.

First, more care

Of course, in pursuing girls, whether they are chat or action, they need to care for girls, because only your concern will only feel that you are sincere. In fact, talking to girls, don't have to travel, ask boring questions, but there is a frame of chat, if you won't operate, you will wish to come to Baidu, see my love album: Dong Yen Wenze must love, learn some master chat Thinking, let you master the dominant, master the rhythm, to drive the emotions of the girl, let her smile, because you are angry, you don't like you, just chat, you can let her fall in love with you!

So when chatting, you must do more care for girls. For example, I suddenly found that the girl's mood is not good, then you can talk to girls with some happy things, and you will be happy.

Although you are some tight ways, but in the eyes of girls, your approach is already touched by her. I don't want to ask her when you don't want to say it, she is not happy, you can be happy. There is no need to break the casserole and ask for the reason.

Second, learn to convert topics

Not necessarily your topic girl is interested, so when chatting, learn to transfer the topic. There is a boys who have been chatting when chatting. In fact, she has not been interested in this topic, but the boys are still talking, so they will cause girls to escape your phenomenon.

So you can transfer your topics when you are appropriate, let go to the topic that is more interesting to girls, so chat will progress very smoothly. But when you transfer the topic, it is not just transferred.

Third, learn to chat with girls

In fact, girls also have some personal ideas when chatting. Just talking, she did not have completely participated in, so she won't always say that she did not stop, as long as she thought he participated in and recognized, she would have a lot of words. So when chatting, you have to learn to chat with the girl's ideas, not just that you say she listen, you must learn to listen to girls.

Sometimes your girl says that you have to respond, not only to hear. So the girl's idea is very important, it may also be a topic you chat. Therefore, when the boys are chatting, they must observe their girls, don't say yourself.

Fourth, use good fight graphs and videos

In fact, in our chat, in order to make our chat more smoothly, there are also a lot of cute tuning expressions in our expression, we can use these expressions to make our chat more colors.

And we can see some videos in usually, you can also chat. It is not necessarily that a simple one answer can be made, and it can be used in the form of sharing to perform efficient chat.

Therefore, when boys are in this favorite girl, they must pay attention to their own chat skills. I hope that the three skills above can help you, chasing girls you like.

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