After derailment, why women will not be frank with her husband?Three women said the heart

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Some people say that love begins with acquaintance, marriage based on love, no love marriage is like a piece of shared sand, can't afford any wind and rain.

However, in real life, many people's partners are not the most loved one for themselves. Two people are together, and the purpose is also to take a time.

In fact, this marriage is not guaranteed.

In marriage, the most often happened is a marriage, but after the woman has a marriage, there is basically a few women who are willing to deal with their husbands. What is the reason? Let's listen to the three ladies say.

1, the heart is confident, after all, this thing is your fault

I believe that for most women, after marriage, I will have a sense of great embarrassment for my husband.

Ms. Lin is also like this.

Ms. Lin is still very good, but the feelings between husband and wife have gradually intensified, and later, the contradiction between husband and wife has gradually intensified, and the feelings between husband and wife are gradually The thus is exhausted.

After this, the husband and wife have been in a long time, that is, during this period, Ms. Lin has a marriage.

Ms. Lin had after marriage, she did not take the initiative to inform her husband, because in her heart, there is still a sense of loss for her husband, what she can do is, in subsequent life, try to compensate he.

2, afraid of affecting the feelings between husband

For Ms. Li, this matter is obviously not known to be known by her husband, because once she is known, the feelings between husband and wife will be affected.

Ms. Li has experienced some problems with her husband. The mood of each other is very low. After returning home, it is the endless contradiction between husband and wife.

Based on this, there is a later thing.

In fact, in the heart of Ms. Li, I have some feelings for my husband, and I understand her husband's understanding. Once I frank with him, then the last result is that the feelings between husband and wife are affected, it is possible to finally Take a divorce.

This is also a big reason for Ms. Li's delayed man.

3, the husband is wrong

"If you are not a mistake, how can I do so?" Ms. Zhao said.

For a while, Ms. Zhao found that her husband's whereabouts became secret. After the detailed investigation, Ms. Zhao found her husband to contact some women with other women.

Ms. Zhao, who found the truth was very angry, but she knew that her husband's personality did not immediately dismantle her husband, and decided to treat his people in his people, so, Ms. Zhao had a marriage.

After marriage, Ms. Zhao did not think about it with her husband, because this thing itself is a husband's fault. If the husband does not take the initiative to frank with himself, Ms. Zhao will only mention this.

Conclusion: In fact, it is a mistake.

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