A man has no "desire" for you, this "detail" will tell you

"I just met the true love, what should I do?"

Teacher is good, saying that you may not believe! My feelings are really more dog blood than the dog's blood drama!

My boyfriend is aware of my friends. I didn't like him. I didn't like him. Because he was 34 years old, I have never talked about love, although I read a doctor, but I always feel that he is strange. , Emotional business is very low.

However, at that time, my parents rushed through the day, I didn't go home for the New Year, so I promised him to pretend to be his girlfriend to return to his family.

Afterwards, his parents gave me a 2W red envelope, I received it, because the New Year, I am also in his home for half a month.

In fact, his family is really good. His father is an engineer. His mother is the director of the hospital departments. There are 3 sets of houses at home. Relatives are also very recognized, so, I am inexplicably let us have a true!

But truly get along, the problem is yet another outbreak.

Although his family conditions are very good, he is a bad point.

For example, he is very deducted, and it is not willing to pay, and the calculation is very clear, and the emotional business is very low, so I started to hesitate.

At this time, my parents know that I am particularly angry in order to avoid them, they are particularly angry. I started to bomb me all day, I have to be mad.

So I got dusk between the mind, in order to pay the home, I went to find a boyfriend, I have a card, and I realized that the license was less than 3 months.

As a result, after the end of the certificate, less than a month, I have encountered a boys who really like! I think he is my true love!

He is really good to me, very big and emotional, but he still don't know that I have already licensed, what should I do now? Ask your teacher to help me!

Miyan teacher replied:

Dear, hello! Why do you feel that your case is blood? I think it is not a blood, and it is clear that the first half of the "romantic house" + the second half "Meteor Garden".

This is the plot of the public!

Dog blood is not talking, but the problem is one.

If our subconscious stays in the tone of the TV series, then life will eventually give a big success, but will become a big problem.

Just like you are now, how can I solve this wool group?

I can understand that when we are still a little girl, there is a rights decision, there is a right to choose a mistake, but we can't "always younger, you will always be embarrassed, always eat ice forever, forever, do you forever hear".

So Mia today will share with all your sisters today, how should we distinguish between fantasies and reality?

Do the true mature choice after recognizing yourself.

1. distinguish between social standards and self-demand

I don't know if you have considered such a question: I am clear that your boyfriend just wants to "rent a girlfriend to go home for the New Year".

From your description, we can only see your satisfaction with the family conditions of boyfriend.

And for this person, you are hesitant, and he is hesitant, but you didn't think about it: What is this?

In fact, each of us will have some "from the psychology". For example, most people will feel that the object is very good, the house is very good, his father is a doctor, his mother is a doctor, this is excellent!

However, what we don't know is, what is the price behind these "good"?

If you use a lifetime of happiness to change his home's 3 stores + his parents pension, you agree?

This is a cost-effective? Is these social standards exchanged? Is you really needed?

Therefore, the must have a step by step by mature, to see more: I have seen the ocean, I don't know the Yangtze River; I have seen the Yangtze River, I don't blemar.

Then, in order to interfere with the measurement of self-judgment in universal social standards.

2. Divide others and self

There is also a very common phenomenon in your case: every hateful girl has a pair of anxious parents.

Especially when parents have a long time habitually put their inner anxiety to the child, it is difficult to distinguish this is the anxiety of parents or because "It's not good enough, so I can't meet my parents' expectations"?

So, this anxiety has become a constant power in my heart, and the relationship that can be touched, even if it is not suitable, I can lock it first!

I am afraid to miss it, I can't find it.

However, you are not only hard to find a person who matches your own value, but it is difficult to really attract people who appreciate you.

Therefore, the girls must be awake in front of the marriage, which is the distinguishing part of the truly, which is the desire of others.

3. Differentiate idealization and reality

For example, our girls, usually watch movies and watch TV dramas, see the romance novels. Often it will be very embarrassed, feeling like a play.

This feeling is ideal.

Similarly, if we don't have the idealization state, you will feel: the spicy! How do I encounter this boy is perfect, he is my favorite! The mountain is no ride! Heaven and earth! Did you dare to join!

The feeling of being ignited is very beautiful, maybe your intuition is correct, but we still need to go to the reality, first judge whether this boult is right in real life, how to judge? Judging from the experience problem.

For example, when you first face a question is: the certificate, first try to explain it clearly, see if he is willing to accompany you to face and solve this problem!

Many girls have come to the age of marriage, but they are still a child at the psychological level.

In the emotional world, he hit a lot of time, and he was a lot of injuries, but still didn't know what kind of boys who could find them, what kind of boys were suitable for.

At this time, you need to find our professional consultant, which is discussed, which to know the problem ~

Many idol dramas are rendering the beauty of love, and we have a true love standard in our hearts.

But the key to the problem is that these idol dramas have not told us "how to be loved", "How to find true love."

It's like many people tell me what is the real rich man, but I didn't tell me how to "money".

Some people say, "If a man loves you, he will pay for you." This kind of "stupid and sweet" said that there are a lot of girls.

Is there a "permanent motion" in this world? have. Where is there, there is a sweet pet, and there is no!

You want to get the love of each other, you must pay some, just pay, you have to pay, you can get what you want.

So let men fall in love with you and have a long-lasting most important principle, it is the "Principle of Scorpion".

Very simple, you go to the hospital, see a young little doctor, very good to you; then see an old doctor, drink six, do you want to see?

Generally is the old doctor.

why? Because you think, he is so big, the temper is so bad, indicating that his qualifications are old, I came to the hospital to see a doctor, and the disease is the most important, others can bear, this is "scarce".

In the feelings, the more people don't have a sense of security, the more security, this is the general humanity.

Therefore, for women, you must constantly create your scarcity, let men think that you can't get more, miss you, there is no better woman!

We prepare for you ["Scarce" woman must use the words + skill, let the man don't have a sense of security, more and more afraid of you], manufacturing and developing its own "scarce", making men more addictive, more Waiting for more or not!

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