There is a room with a car, and the Spring Festival is rejected 5 times: I can't accept the first condition.

Our encounter is a dust in the sea, but a dust refractive sun is the most dazzling. I hope you can talk to you, and I will listen to your voice as the best listener. Ok, here is Jiajia's emotions, I am Jiajia

Going home in the Spring Festival, unmarried men and women's most headache, I am afraid it is still a marriage of my father and my mother, and I will follow it.

Tell a matter of my friend to go to the blind date. She went home during the Spring Festival. She didn't sit in her home. Her mother told her that she had arranged a blind date tomorrow, or I saw one in the afternoon.

She is very cried, this is not a monkey appreciated in the zoo, how can I see two men at the same time. But it's just that the mother's persistence, she is still slightly added to the clothes.

See the first man, people are divorced, although there is a car, but the age is 11 years old, no play; the second man is actually her middle school classmate, the two meet, there is no endure, all Laughter. Frankly said that he was forced to come to blind date, who did not care about the people who care about it.

The two meet very speculative, did not meet for more than ten years, they did not think that there would be a little tacit understanding again, one is not married, one is not married, this is the head. Friends and her classmates can smoothize the marriage and return to the end, when they are in blind, and later, they have no conditions for the other party.

My friend is getting married, there is no color gift, nor does it require it to buy a wedding room. Her husband has no request to her. The character of the two is very followed, and the views of marriage are also very similar, so they can be together, surrounded People feel very natural.

However, some people are very rugged on this road, in addition to objective reasons, the biggest blocking tiger, I am afraid that he (she) the conditions you have made, these conditions are like a disorder, Also able to block people who have loved their hearts.

Xiao Zheng is a reader, she said that she is a 37-year-old older woman. She is not married because she has a car with the other half of the future with her request, but it has not found it to promise these conditions. man.

Xiao Zheng is very capable, fighting in the city for more than ten years, with his own shop and house, saving six digits, but it is the marriage and has not been resolved.

The 37-year-old Xiaozheng is a family in the family. My brother and my sisters have already married and born. She still has a stomach, her parents say this. But Xiao Zheng is a stubborn person, she is insisting on her own principle and refused.

The objects that are general relatives and friends will introduce, Xiaozi will go to meet people, but they will not have it. This year's Spring Festival, Xiao Zheng returned to his parents' home, seeing her side of her son, and her parents came up.

This Spring Festival, Xiao Zheng was arranged 5 blinds in his hometown, all were rejected by the blind date. There is no exception of the reasons for rejection, they can't accept the first condition of Xiao Zheng.

First come first and Xiao Zheng's first man. The man is very happy, the eyebrows are big, the age and Xiao Zheng are the same age, and the parents and Xiao Zheng parents at home are the same township. When the two start, they will talk about their hometown together, and the scene is very hot.

But, Xiao Zheng told the other party, there is a car that has been bought in the city, nothing is lacking, if the man is not good, it will come directly. If you want to get married, she hopes that the other half of the future can promise two conditions. Although it is not very good to mention it, it is not very good, but Xiao Zheng feels, some things are still in the mortification, so that the other side is ready to be prepared.

The first condition, Xiao Zheng hopes that during the Spring Festival in the future, the man will go to the female family in the New Year. She will not go to her mother-in-law after marriage; the second condition, Xiao Zheng said that she is married, even when I go My mother-in-law, I will not do any housework. She has never done it from a small to the big, and she will not do it.

After listening to Xiao Zheng, the first blind date was so dark. He also told Xiao Zheng, the second condition is still there, there is no big problem, his family is not much more than these, but the first condition is a bit harsh, where is the reason after marriage, the wife does not follow the man's back to the mother-in-law?

Indeed, in the hometown of Xiao Zheng, all the women who followed the men in the New Year after marriage, and the daughter returned to the New Year. But Xiao Zheng feels, I am me, I have a day to see it, I don't give others, why do you have to be like someone else?

She and the blind date men's lips have a sword, and the two are so embarrassed, who can't convince anyone. Finally, Xiao Zheng took the initiative to say: Since you don't agree, then we still count, it is barely, everyone will take a bar. I can't change my conditions.

In this way, it seems that it seems that there is a possibility that it is not happy.

The second blind man is 2 years older than Xiao Zheng, and there is also a room with a car, and the temper is still hot. After Xiao Zheng put forward the first condition, did not say anything, got up and stand up, the last bill is still Xiao Zhengjun.

The three blind members and the first one is similar, and Xiao Zheng is in a whimsical day. It doesn't have any big deals in the New Year, but this is about the men's face. Even one of the blind borders said to Xiao Zheng when they were, if you finally refused by others, change my idea, you can contact me at any time. Xiao Zheng said: It was rejected 5 times. In fact, they did not agree with my first condition. I really don't understand why men will see the New Year so important? Do you really go to the man's home?

After marriage, men and women will go to the New Year, it is really not so important. But Xiao Zheng itself puts this problem before making men make a choice before marriage. If you do it, it is me, it may also feel that Xiao Zheng's request is a bit strong.

The marriage is equal, and who is going to celebrate the New Year, it is not a person to say that this thing is a condition for marriage, it seems really overbearing. However, Xiao Zheng has insisted that it is 37 years old, and it may also have her reason. She believes that men who can't compromise in this matter are actually more love or herself. Women marry men, not only need a sense of security, but also need to be cared.

The friend I mentioned earlier, after marriage, I have never had a dispute because of who is going to have a surprise in the New Year, and sometimes, they don't say hello, directly from the far door to the foreign tour, wait until the aunt When you call, the couple have been far away.

After marriage, who is not allowed, all things are random change, maybe you have been married, maybe it will change it for it? At that time, you will find that you will go to the New Year, it may be just a small mining shadow of marriage life, and it is impossible to fully define your marriage quality.

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